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Jun 29, 2019

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Joined: Jun 29, 2019
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Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 22, 2022

Hey folks, realized I totally spaced out and forgot to mention: I am out of town all this week visiting family for the holidays and will be away from my computer, so I won't be able to write. As such, the chapter will come out next week instead of this week. I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving has a happy and safe holiday, take care!

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 5, 2022

Update on things mentioned last week: I'm stilling pushing through this, but things are getting better. However, I started new medication in Wednesday after going in to a psychiatrist, and one of the side-effects for the first week or two is brain fog. This has mostly manifested in forgetfulness, but even just casual messages to my friends have shown that my writing skills are...incredibly lacking at the moment  (1/3)

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 5, 2022

... at least in terms of grammar, word choice, and flat out forgetting important things, and that almost certainly translates to "actual" writing, so I'll be taking this week off too. I'll try and write in bits and pieces next week when I'm feeling the most cognizant, but be aware that, for you patreon folk (and five chapters later for you not patreon folk) (2/3)

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 5, 2022

there's a good chance this next chapter will probably have slightly more mistakes than usual. I'm going to try my best, but I can't guarantee anything. Thanks for your patience! (3/3)

gothicshark · Nov 5, 2022

take your time. Brain fog is no laughing matter. One of my meds did that to me, and I've yet to recover fully. Fortunately, the new med doesn't have that side effect, and it's getting better, but 10 years of brain fog due to one med will take me a while to recover from. 

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 11, 2022

Thank you for the kind words! I know this is a rather late reply, but I haven't been super online this past week and everything has sort of piled up lol.

On the bright side, the last couple of days I've felt notably better in terms of brain fog, so I'm pretty confident I'll be at full capacity around when they estimated I would be. This week's chapter is mostly written, too, so...yeah, things are looking up!

Fighterman481 · Author · Oct 28, 2022

Um, so...sorry to do this, but I'm pushing this week's chapter back to next week for mental health reasons. Things have gotten very stressful at work and I can't bring myself to write anything of a remotely acceptable quality. We might have to go back a week more too, depending on how things are this next week, but we'll see then

Asatur · Oct 28, 2022

No problem, health comes first!

Fighterman481 · Author · Sep 30, 2022

Hey folks, I've decided to take today off and not do any writing since it's my birthday, so this week's chapter will be coming out on Monday the 3rd instead of Sunday the 2nd. Thanks for your patience!

Irlina · Sep 30, 2022

Well happy birthday then! Take your time and enjoy your day to the best of your abilities!

Asatur · Sep 30, 2022

Happy Bday, may you be blessed with health and happiness!

Fighterman481 · Author · Sep 12, 2022

It was just brought to my attention that The Outlands was being pirated and sold on Amazon as another title. If you have read any of my works anywhere other than here, RoyalRoad, or Patreon, please let me know, because they have been stolen! 

Theredscare77 · Sep 12, 2022

Holy that sucks. Best of luck taking care of that. 

Fighterman481 · Author · Sep 14, 2022

As a quick update, the problem has been dealt with and the pirated copy has been taken down. The process was far less painful than expected, I basically just submitted all the evidence to Amazon and they took it down pretty quickly.

Fighterman481 · Author · Jun 27, 2022

After some deliberation on my end, I've decided to take a 2-month break, during which time I will not be putting out any content. Now, I won't be ceasing entirely, if I do end up writing stuff (or coding) over the break, I'm essentially going to save it up for use as a backlog. Uh...well, unless it's Swarming Sovereignty, in which case it'll be posted all at once as soon as my break is over. Don't hold your breath, though. (1/2)

Fighterman481 · Author · Jun 27, 2022

That being said, I'll be coming back the first Sunday in September, so I'll see you all then, thanks for your understanding! (2/2)

Irlina · Jun 27, 2022

Good luck and hope it goes well for you!

Missivist · Jul 4, 2022

I imagine it might be hard to write the next chapter of The New Chimera: the story seems to have reached a natural conclusion.  If you just added a  bit of "happily ever after" and marked it Completed, I would call that fair.  Move on, and no worries!  It's a big multiverse, anyway...

Fighterman481 · Author · Jun 4, 2022

I know it's only been like a month, but I'm going to need to delay this week's chapter to next week. And...probably not have a chapter the week after that, unlike last time. As some may have guessed from the relative frequency of delays or breaks, I'm going through burnout at the moment, and I've been having a rough time getting things written down. (1/2)

Fighterman481 · Author · Jun 4, 2022

I've been trying to work through it, but it's not exactly working out like I would have hoped. I've been considering taking a more extended break, and I'll let everyone know before next month what I decide. Thanks for your patience! (2/2)

Serkadion · Jun 6, 2022

Just relax and let it come as it does.   Rather than taking an 'extended break', which usually means "don't go anywhere near writing", just write whatever.  Grab a journal, write down everything you see around you in a park, etc.   It only has to have meaning to you. 

Thanks for your gifts to us!

Fighterman481 · Author · May 10, 2022

Hey, so, I mentioned in Discord a while back that I had another project I was working on that I didn't want to announce yet. Well, I finally got to the point where I felt...okay enough announcing it,'s the announcement post:

Fighterman481 · Author · Apr 22, 2022

Hey folks, due to issues stemming from graduation in a couple of weeks, I've had to move this week's chapter to next week. Chapters the week after will be unaffected, so you'll see chapters two weeks in a row coming up. Unscheduled chapters (SS and TNC) are unaffected, and depending on how things go, another chapter of SS might be out soonish. Hard to say.

Fighterman481 · Author · Mar 14, 2022

I ended up needing a little extra time, so today's chapters will be delayed to tomorrow, sorry!

Foxxy · Mar 14, 2022


Fighterman481 · Author · Feb 27, 2022

TL;DR statement on scheduling because SH word count is tiny: No Outlands tomorrow, we'll have it next week when there wouldn't normally be one instead. Chapter the week after that is unaffected, TNC chapters are likewise unaffected

Xeno_King · Feb 27, 2022


Fighterman481 · Author · Feb 7, 2022

Hey folks, another update regarding upload scheduling: I have decided that, going forward, I'll be returning to one chapter per week rather than the sort chapter one week two the next deal I was going back to. The TL;DR reason is that weeks in which I'm putting out two chapters end up completely consuming my free time, and I'd rather be a bit more balanced in my hobbies (IE: have time to do other things without getting stressed)

Xeno_King · Feb 7, 2022

Take care of yourself

TreblaNiak · Jan 23, 2022

what a load of crap

DemeanCosmos · Jan 23, 2022

Maybe, or maybe not, doesn't hurt not be rude. What if true, then you would just be just another ass, instead of encouraging them, may effect in negative ways. I think you would be hurt if it was true and someone just said "what a load of crap" to their problem. As they say treat others way you want be treated. And fighterman481. Hope you het better and cant wait for another chapter, you can do it.clear.pngclear.png

TreblaNiak · Jan 25, 2022

comment wasn't about his problems was about the crappy story

DemeanCosmos · Jan 25, 2022

Then just read something else if you don't injoy it or have ideas for story to improve or not but regardless its authors story is it bad or just not your cup of tea, their is a difference.

Fighterman481 · Author · Jan 23, 2022

Hey guys, sorry to do this two weeks in a row, but lingering dizziness has left me unable to get a scheduled chapter out this week. I've  been making too many mistakes when writing, and the chapter would be too low quality for comfort. I have a chapter of SS on deck that I'll post tomorrow, but it's going to contain more errors than usual (though that's 5 chapters out for SH). I caught several while writing, but that just means there are almost certainly more that I didn't catch

Wondering00 · Jan 15, 2022

Be strong manclear.png even I don't know you.

Fighterman481 · Author · Jan 15, 2022

Thanks for the words of encouragement! I'm feeling better than I was yesterday, so I'm taking that as a good sign. Hopefully it should just pass like any other sickness, but until then I'm just resting and taking it easy in hopes that'll speed my recovery.

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