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Jun 29, 2019

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Fighterman481 · Author · Dec 20, 2020

Hey everyone, just wanting to let y'all know that there won't be a chapter next week, I'm taking this one off for Christmas. Have a happy holiday and stay safe out there!

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 15, 2020

Hey folks, I've been pretty sick all week (most likely nothing serious, my roommate just got tested for Covid and he's clean, so probably just a cold then. I'm testing on Monday but I don't imagine I'll have it either) and, as such, haven't been able to get a chapter done. Sorry for the trouble, I'll definitely have one done next week!

Indream · Nov 15, 2020

I hope you will get well soon. clear.png

Fighterman481 · Author · Aug 26, 2020

Uh, hey guys, it's me again. I've decided I'm going to need to take a break this week; I just moved out into a new apartment yesterday and we've been having some teething troubles getting everything in working order. Furthermore, that's on top of school starting this week too. As a result, progress has been slow and I've been much more stressed than I would really like to be, and I just don't think I put out a chapter that's of a quality I'm happy with. Sorry!

QQundeadwolfQQ · Aug 26, 2020

Keep it up and if there is an issue that is stressing you just take a deep breath and go through it as slow as you can methodically. etc. etc. more words of encouragement, motivational quotes etc....  

Fighterman481 · Author · May 30, 2020

Hey all, I was planning to write all day today but a sudden family event was sprung on me and I haven't had time. I'm definitely going to have to postpone to next week, sorry!

Fighterman481 · Author · May 30, 2020

Hey all, I have a really long announcement concerning the upload schedule. Long enough that I had to make a pastebin for it, it is.

The TL;DR is that after this arc The New Chimera is going on a sort of hiatus for a while, but I highly recommend reading the paste for more information because it's not as cut and dry as a simple hiatus.

DemonLordShadowheart · May 30, 2020

You do what you gotta do. Your personal well being is what keeps the story good and keeps us coming back for more. Lookin' forward to what's to come.clear.png

Syth_Dracous · May 30, 2020

Know a guy that can't handle a weekend solo at a con due to how reliant he is on routine so I somewhat get where you're coming from. Take the time you need to get yourself right.

mogust · May 30, 2020

Do what is best for you :) We know what it is like.

Fighterman481 · Author · May 24, 2020

Hey, tomorrow's chapter is being pushed back to Monday. Between starting my new internship and spending some more time with my friend group this week, I haven't had nearly as much time to write as I would like. I don't need a full week break this time, the extra day should be plenty. Sorry, and thanks for your understanding!

Fighterman481 · Author · May 18, 2020

I was thinking of updating The New Chimera's cover, so I took ten minutes and whipped something up in Adobe Spark (as opposed to finding a free photo from a website and using paint, which is what I did for the current cover).

Here it is, what are your opinions?

DemonLordShadowheart · May 18, 2020

I think it looks nice.

I_Eat_Goldfish · May 18, 2020

I feel the text font and color could be different and it would be nice

Fighterman481 · Author · May 13, 2020

Alright, question for y'all:

I've got another series in the works, another GB/GL series with a heavier focus on the LitRPG side of things. I'll be delving into some light spoilers for the first chapter (which is up on Patreon for free), and the second chapter (2-8 are in the 1$ tier, 9 and 10 are 3$, 11 and 12 are 5$. The series will come to SH around the time this arc of The New Chimera ends, more on that later), as it's necessary to understand the question fully (1/3)

Fighterman481 · Author · May 13, 2020

The general outline of our MC is that they have the worst stats possible, with the exception of Luck, which, due to a blessing from the Goddess of Fortune, is irrelevant and instead they will always get the best result possible in any situation Luck would be used. And, as what Skill is obtained when Skills are obtained is largely based on Luck (and other things, the system isn’t the same as The New Chimera’s), the idea is that our MC will eventually be strong through synergy of Skills (2/3)

Fighterman481 · Author · May 13, 2020

That being said, our MC will get a decent amount of Skills relatively close together during their training, and I’ve been debating how to handle that. So, what do you all think you would find most enjoyable to read (actual Skills acquired will not change at all)?

1: All Skills are shown when they are obtained
2: Skills are shown when they are relevant

3: Passing mention is made of what Skills are obtained, then as 2

4: As above, with full Skills in spoilers in the AN
5: Something else

DemonLordShadowheart · May 13, 2020

I prefer option 1.

Fighterman481 · Author · Apr 30, 2020

Hey all, hate to have to do this again, but it's been a bit of a rough week for me and I'm going to have to take a break again. Between finals and quarantine killing my creativity I've been unable to work on a new chapter without forcing things, and I don't want to overly stress myself and make quality suffer as a result. (1/2 because I talk too much)

Fighterman481 · Author · Apr 30, 2020

 I know this is the second time in just a monthish, but I hope that everyone can understand it's a bit of a rough time for me. Sorry about this, but hopefully once quarantine is lifted things will be back to normal and we won't be having any breaks for the foreseeable future!

mogust · Apr 30, 2020

No worries. Do what is best for you and keep well clear.png

DemonLordShadowheart · Apr 30, 2020

Indeed, finals are indeed a massive source of stress. You do what you gotta do.

Pachman312 · May 5, 2020

Health comes first take you time, we can waitclear.png

Fighterman481 · Author · Apr 2, 2020

So, as much as I hate to do this, I'm going to have to take a week off. The quarantine's absolutely killed my creativity, and I don't feel confident in being able to put out something that would be up to my usual quality. So, instead, I'm going to take some time, relax, and get those creative juices flowing again.

Thanks for your understanding :)

mogust · Apr 2, 2020

Fair enough. Looking after yourself is of up most importance.

Thanks for letting us know. clear.png

DemonLordShadowheart · Apr 2, 2020

Good luck. Thanks for letting us know. *insert non-existent "thumbs up" emoji here*

Aregulus · Apr 3, 2020


Fighterman481 · Author · Feb 7, 2020

(1/3 because I talk too much lol)

Well, looks like this time around it only took me around a week and a half, but we've got a full five chapter buffer on Patreon, so it should, finally, be completely up, with great timing to boot! If you pick that five dollar option, it is literally one chapter away from finishing the current arc, and I'm hoping to have that done by Sunday when I make a regular release here on SH

Fighterman481 · Author · Feb 7, 2020


There might be a slight delay on posting to Patreon (By a day or two) when compared to SH for the next week or two if you pick the 5 dollar tier, but I'm hoping to have the next chapter (that aforementioned last chapter in the arc) done in time for Sunday, at which point there would be no delay from there on out. I haven't actually started on it yet, but I'm in sort of a groove right now and I know exactly what's going to happen, so I don't foresee any difficulties.

Fighterman481 · Author · Feb 7, 2020


Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. I'll have a similar message up in the next chapter of The New Chimera, and then I'll stop shilling Patreon. Unless, people are like 'Hey I didn't know you had a patreon and would have pledged if I did, so I wish you said this earlier', in which, guess I could put in something at the start of my author's notes, but that's an edge case so...

Whatever. I'm rambling, hope you all have a great day!
Fighterman481 · Author · Feb 7, 2020

Update: The aforementioned 'hope I finish this' chapter is done, Patreon is now officially on a 'regular post every sunday' schedule for The New Chimera. Rewrite and other things come when they come.

Fighterman481 · Author · Jan 30, 2020

It only took like two months, but I've finally built up a three chapter buffer on Patreon, so second tier is good to go!

As of the time of writing this, I'm expecting to get up to five chapters of backlog finished soon(tm). I've got the general idea of what's to come in the next...3 to 5 chapters sketched out, depending on how long the events end up being in writing, so it'll just be a matter of getting them actually written.

Fighterman481 · Author · Dec 10, 2019

Just finished the glossary! It's a little rough around the edges, and I'm still not 100% sure I didn't miss someone, but go check it out, there's some fun-fact type info in there and also better appearances for everyone to help in visualization. 

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 6, 2019

The New Chimera chapter 40 is up on Patreon right now, so the first tier has its full benefits up!

I'm going to TRY to do at least two chapters a week the next few weeks to get that backlog built up, but we'll see how it goes.

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 7, 2019

And the first chapter of my new story is up too, but it's only up for $5 patrons. It'll be coming to the other patron tiers eventually, and once I have the next 5 chapters made I'll make the first one free as a teaser.

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 2, 2019

So, hey everyone, it's me with something a little different.
I just launched a Patreon, and I'll talk about it a little more in depth next release, but rest assured that it won't affect releases here in any way. I'm not going to be in-your-face about it either, since this is just a hobby and not something that's funding my life. It's a bit bare at the moment but I'm working on getting it all filled up.

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 2, 2019

In other news, I have officially decided that I'm going to start work on a new series. Keyword start. Like the rewrite, this is going to be stuff done in my "off" time and won't be affecting The New Chimera's releases in any way.

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