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Jun 29, 2019

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Fighterman481 · Author · Dec 1, 2023

Administrator's Assistant is now up! You can check it out here:

Morrowind · Nov 4, 2023

Will Swarming Sovereignty get any more chapters 

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 4, 2023

Eventually, yes. Since I wish to keep it as casual as possible, I only write chapters for it when I'm up to it and don't put myself on a schedule. I'm not sure I'll have much time in the next couple of months for it, since I'm moving, but there will be a holiday special.

And Administrator's Assistant also features Amelia fairly heavily and, to a lesser extent, Lia/Rose/Connie as well, so consider giving that a look when it drops, though it's quite different from SS.

Morrowind · Nov 4, 2023

Thks for the confirmation on that and don't rush or stress yourself for anything I'm excited to be able to read a new book by you as is the thought just popped into my head and had to ask ( have cookies🍪 🍪🍪)

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 4, 2023

Announcement time! It's long, so take a pastebin link:

TL;DR breaks on the 26th, Dec 3rd (probably), Jan 7th, Administrator's Assistant public release Dec 1. AA will release the weeks The Outland doesn't after 13-14 days of daily chapters.

aidan_lo · Aug 28, 2023

you still alive? checking in on a favorite author of mine.

Fighterman481 · Author · Aug 28, 2023

Still kicking, things are mostly happening on Patreon right now as I'm focusing on getting Administrator's Assistant out, but I've been working on The Outlands in my spare time and we should be seeing a return to chapters relatively soon. Thanks for checking!

aidan_lo · Aug 28, 2023

nice nice. 

Nyxhawthorne · Aug 15, 2023

When is the next chapter of The Outlands? It's been a while since you've written more of it. 

Fighterman481 · Author · Aug 15, 2023

I can't be sure but hopefully soon, before the year is out for sure. Now that I'm off my Swarming Sovereignty kick, I'm looking to build up 3 chapters of backlog before I go back to scheduled chapters. I don't know when that'll be, I've been having writer's block lately, but I have been thinking about it a fair bit lately.

Fighterman481 · Author · Jul 23, 2023

Chapter 1 of Administrator's Assistant is now live on Patreon!

The result of the poll was that the majority was either for the use of AI art or ambivalent, so I went ahead with it. For those of you who are interested, here's a link to a public post that has the art:

Fighterman481 · Author · Jul 23, 2023

Yup, it's Lilith!

Uncreative · Jul 23, 2023

I have to say I'm extremely disappointed that a creative has decided to turn to a tool trained on stolen art on a massive scale, devaluing the work of uncountable numbers of artists who didn't consent to their work being used this way. It's one thing to unknowingly steal art, but the fact the poll exists says you knew of the ethical concern and then just kind of went ahead with it anyway?

Asha314 · Jul 23, 2023

I’d somehow managed to forget that Lilith had black hair, so I was a bit unsure at first

Fighterman481 · Author · Jul 23, 2023

@Uncreative Here's a pastebin link to my response, since there's no way it was fitting in 500 characters.

Fighterman481 · Author · Jul 21, 2023

Hey folks, sorry for the radio silence, I've been working on Administrator's Assistant the past few weeks, and I'm happy to say that I have a decent backlog built up, and will be putting out the first chapter on Patreon this Sunday, after which it will be at least weekly until we get to 25 or so chapters. By at least weekly, I mean that we'll be getting at least one per week for sure, but if I happen to finish more in that time I'll post them as they come. (1/4)

Fighterman481 · Author · Jul 21, 2023

Once we hit 25 I'll reassess the situation and determine if weekly still works, I'm going through some life changes at the moment and I'm not totally sure how things will look come that time In the intervening time, however, I have a question for you all. I've been thinking about the cover, and I want to try and branch out from the "random scenery" aesthetic my other covers have. Normally I wouldn't bother you all with something like that, but specifically I was thinking about AI art. (2/4)

Fighterman481 · Author · Jul 21, 2023

I'm not exactly in a place where I can justify doing a commission for a cover, so I thought AI art would be a good place to turn to get relatively good, customized artwork for the series. However, I understand that this is a rather contentious topic, so I wanted to get a feel for how everyone feels about it before I make any commitments. (3/4)

Fighterman481 · Author · Jul 21, 2023

As such, I'm putting up a poll asking what people think. If the response is positive, ambivalent, or I don't get enough responses, I'll be proceeding with AI art, otherwise I'll make the cover look somewhat similar to what my other series have. Here's the link to the poll, I'll check the responses after two days and determine where to go from there:

Overdrive2800 · May 8, 2023

When is the next update for the Outlands?

Fighterman481 · Author · May 8, 2023

Whenever I get off of this Swarming Sovereignty kick. I don't want to force myself to write a chapter when I really want to be writing something else, I think it'll dip the quality of both and I just don't want that.

Fighterman481 · Author · May 8, 2023

Something a little different - I mentioned on Discord that chapters are going to slow while I do a bunch of work preparing for the next arc of my D&D campaign, and got a bit of interest in it. It's not up online, if I put it up on Patreon, how many of you would be interested in looking it over/using it? More info on Discord, but here's a poll

Fighterman481 · Author · Apr 1, 2023

Hey folks, a quick update - I already mentioned this on discord, but I'm going on vacation out of state the next week, starting tomorrow, so don't expect chapters or long comments for a while - all I'll have is my phone and that's not great for typing anything long lol

Asha314 · Apr 1, 2023

Thanks for the heads up. I hope your vacation goes well

Asatur · Apr 1, 2023

Rest and relax, those are the better part of work. Recharge your creativity, we can wait.

Octocat · Apr 1, 2023

Have fun clear.png

Irlina · Apr 2, 2023

Good luck and have fun!

aidan_lo · Mar 14, 2023

top 5 in trending for swarming! congrats!

Fighterman481 · Author · Mar 12, 2023

Uh, so, I'm gonna guess some of you saw something like this coming, but I think I'm going to put The Outlands on a temporary hiatus. This is mostly because I've been having an unbelievable amount of fun writing Swarming Sovereignty and I want to keep the pace up. (1/2)

Indream · Mar 12, 2023

Have fun! Swarm is great.

Asatur · Mar 12, 2023

Don't worry, do what you think is best for your worlds. I can wait for more Outlandish shenanigans, I like it to see the swarm grow!

S1nZ · Mar 12, 2023

I got no issues with that, really loving Swarm, but binge reading your other works while i wait for new chapters. Almost done with New Chimera

ElymMoon · Mar 15, 2023

All this Swarming has been great, I think it's my favourite of your books, though outlands is a very close second

aidan_lo · Feb 27, 2023

Loved the most recent chapter for swarming! I think you wrote out the fight scene pretty darn well, far better than even most light novels lol. 

Can't wait to see how the humans will react to the loss of their hero!

can't wait to see how the power balance changes among the gods, since the gods are already taking sides regarding the swarm!

And I can't wait for another chapter! Keep up the great work! Have a great day!

Fighterman481 · Author · Feb 27, 2023

Thank you for the kind words! It really makes my day when I see people invested in the stories I write, so stuff like this really means a lot to me, thanks!

Fighterman481 · Author · Feb 24, 2023

Hey folks, I'm pushing this week's chapter of The Outlands out to...either next week or the week after, depending on how fast I end up getting things done. As you may have noticed, I've been going hard at writing Swarming Sovereignty and writing it is basically all I want to do at the moment lol. (1/2)

Fighterman481 · Author · Feb 24, 2023

Between that and the fact that I want to get these next chapters out to everyone ASAP, I felt pushing the chapter back was better than forcing it. Sorry to those of you that were looking forward to it, I'll try not to make a habit of this. (2/2)

Asha314 · Feb 24, 2023

Do what you enjoy most. I’ve been enjoying the swarming sovereignty chaps lately so more of that is fine by me

Indream · Feb 24, 2023

Do what you enjoy. And Swarming Sovereignty is great. Really enjoying it.

Octocat · Feb 24, 2023

Swarming Sovereignity is nice so no complaints from my side 

Fighterman481 · Author · Dec 17, 2022

Hey folks, I know I said no delays, but at the end of the week I caught a cold that has left me feeling very fuzzy in the head. As such, I'm going to be pushing back this week's chapter at least 2 days, maybe more depending on how long I'm out of it. I'll update more on tuesday

Irlina · Dec 17, 2022

Good luck and hope you get better soon!

Octocat · Dec 17, 2022

I hope you're not feeling too bad. My situation isn't that different tho. It's the second time I've caught a cold in three weeks... Immune system is down 

K1Playz · Dec 18, 2022

I'm sick too

I feel your pain 

Asatur · Dec 18, 2022

That's OK, take your time, health first, the rest can come later.

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