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Jun 29, 2019

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Joined: Jun 29, 2019
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Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 6, 2019

The New Chimera chapter 40 is up on Patreon right now, so the first tier has its full benefits up!

I'm going to TRY to do at least two chapters a week the next few weeks to get that backlog built up, but we'll see how it goes.

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 7, 2019

And the first chapter of my new story is up too, but it's only up for $5 patrons. It'll be coming to the other patron tiers eventually, and once I have the next 5 chapters made I'll make the first one free as a teaser.

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 2, 2019

So, hey everyone, it's me with something a little different.
I just launched a Patreon, and I'll talk about it a little more in depth next release, but rest assured that it won't affect releases here in any way. I'm not going to be in-your-face about it either, since this is just a hobby and not something that's funding my life. It's a bit bare at the moment but I'm working on getting it all filled up.

Fighterman481 · Author · Nov 2, 2019

In other news, I have officially decided that I'm going to start work on a new series. Keyword start. Like the rewrite, this is going to be stuff done in my "off" time and won't be affecting The New Chimera's releases in any way.

Syth_Dracous · Aug 2, 2019

Just a few youtube links on Nyralathotep, sorry the being is something of a personal totem to me but just a few vid's for a cribnote version.

Fighterman481 · Author · Aug 2, 2019

Hey, thanks a bunch! I'll be sure to give them a watch!

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