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Mar 10, 2023

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Famous Author
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Joined: Mar 10, 2023
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Comments: 67
Talmus · Jun 7, 2024

Hope you are well, have a good summer.

schere-r-ki · May 26, 2024

You are currently roughly 40 chapters ahead on RR. When will you catch up and upload on here? You always seem to wait for a good moment in the story to upload your mini arcs. 

Talmus · May 19, 2024

Lost to the void perhaps or overcome by the dreaded monster Writers block?

Mornn · Author · May 21, 2024

I've had quite a few issues, but I'm still alright; I'll take the time to upload the newest chapters here soon, perhaps today.clear.png

Talmus · May 21, 2024

Thank you for the response, take care and make time to enjoy life a little. Summer is nearly here perhaps a vacation is in order?

Talmus · May 17, 2024

It has been two months since your last post I hope everything is going well.

Have a nice weekend and hope to see more of "The Saintess Summons Skeletons".

Take care and do not let life completely take over.

greasho · May 17, 2024

I miss you...

schere-r-ki · Mar 14, 2024

When will you update on here again?

Mornn · Author · Mar 15, 2024

As soon as I can, hopefully...

Suikeina · Feb 27, 2024

I see that SSS has finally made it to the 'zon. As promised I will be buying two copies immediately. Congratulations on the launch!

Scregg5757 · Feb 20, 2024

SSS got stubbed?

Mornn · Author · Feb 21, 2024

I've yet to make a proper announcement here, but yes. clear.png

VeryConcernedSigh · Oct 30, 2023

YOOOOO new cover!

I approve

{+1 headpat} clear.png

Mornn · Author · Oct 30, 2023


francesco · Aug 22, 2023

hello, this story is very beautiful and interesting.

Shirokuma · Aug 5, 2023

Are you alright?

Reborn_kun · May 26, 2023

Congratulations for Trending #1! clear.png

Mornn · Author · May 26, 2023


Potatome · Mar 26, 2023

Hi, let's be friends

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