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Well-Known Author
Mar 12, 2023

Well-Known Author
Joined: Mar 12, 2023
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Grahambogini · Aug 15, 2023

You posted ch 99 for 'I won a bet'

Jack_simth · Author · Aug 15, 2023

Whups! Thanks 

Grahambogini · Jul 11, 2023

So what was the bet for your story 'I "won" a bet'?

Jack_simth · Author · Jul 11, 2023

Currently unspecified. He doesn't talk about it much, partly because he literally can't say the being's name.

Grahambogini · Jun 9, 2023

When are u going to update u'r story 'I should be more specific'? It is really good and I can't wait for it to update.

Jack_simth · Author · Jul 5, 2023

I'm considering that one "complete".  In Pathfinder 1 or D&D 3.5, 9th level Cleric, Wizard, or Druid spells at will is basically the realm of deities... and the MC has all three sets at will.  With the MC having that, the dagger that can kill basically anything on her side, and the major organization that can and will make up things to oppose the MC effectively dead, it'd be limited to slice-of-life only.  It would end up as a very, very different story.

Overdrive2800 · May 18, 2023

Why didn't you put a picture for your new book?

Jack_simth · Author · May 18, 2023

Mostly because I have been having trouble getting Stable Diffusion to spit out anything particularly satisfying to me for the story. Just submitted something that works well enough.

Overdrive2800 · Apr 23, 2023

Was carl the only one of the group that got GB?

Jack_simth · Author · Apr 24, 2023

Bob was not previously a hermaphrodite.

Adam: Male -》VERY male.

Bob: Male -》 Herm

Carl: Male -》VERY female

However, Carl drops Shapechange on folks, so pretty much any of Carl's close friends can be whatever they feel like at that moment.

Overdrive2800 · Apr 23, 2023

You know you should start adding tags to your story. So people could get an insight on what they are reading.

Overdrive2800 · Apr 23, 2023

Male to female, game system, transgender,

Jack_simth · Author · Apr 24, 2023

Added; thanks.

Overdrive2800 · Apr 24, 2023

Modern Fantasy, Urban, Magical Technology

Jack_simth · Author · Apr 24, 2023

Urban isn't on the valid list, but I've added the other two.

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