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Apr 2, 2023

Famous Author
Joined: Apr 2, 2023
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darien · May 18, 2024

thanks for the update on MD. love the story. characters and development. didnt really expect that twist on Russels father.. and what really stand out for this novel is that there is an explanation why there are more girls than boys.. keep up the good work..

AlrightVibes · May 18, 2024

Any MD chapters today?

Dasart · Author · May 18, 2024

uploading them now

Dasart · Author · May 13, 2024

Currently revisiting a couple passion projects of mine. My first stories I came up with about 20 years ago. The first is a post-apocalyptic super hero story. The other is the fantasy short story I have called Dreamworld. Hopefully more to come from one of them. 

Dtraveler · May 13, 2024

Damn, i had a story back in highschool with the same title 22 years ago. Never finished tho. Curious what yours is like. Looking forward to it. Love ur style.

Ash_born · May 13, 2024

I don't have any complain or request for you ( as I know you will make it fun ) expect one, that is : if you can plz don't write Yuri or avoid writing it as much as you can. 

I know my request won't be fulfilled but it doesn't hurt to try right?

Gradon120 · May 13, 2024

my favorite is Moral Degeneration, and I'm stoked that author is uploading new chapters for it. I finished reading the last chapter today and boy was that a good read. What about you guys, what's your favorite story ? (Author Dasart is awesome 👌, can't wait to see more)

darien · May 15, 2024

MD is my fave.. i think it is much better than CF and TSOBS..  

Ash_born · May 4, 2024

You know, I was waiting for your update on CF today. I guess I forget that you paused it.

Scarecro · May 4, 2024

Damn. I didn't know about that. I was busy and just started reading last weeks chapters a few days ago. Now I only have 4 left. I thought it was a lot more. 😥

Dasart · Author · May 13, 2024

These 2 would probably be no smut. Just straight story. But we will see. 

Dasart · Author · Apr 26, 2024

I’ll be submitting about 17 chapters later to wrap up the current arc for Canon Fodder. This will be the last submittal I do for CF for a while. I’m going to take a break from it. Currently writing new Moral Degen chapters and looking into TSOBS too. I’ll update more with the release. 

Adamsbankai · Apr 26, 2024

Nice! Keep up the good work. Cant wait for TSOBS chapters!!!

DarkenRah1 · Apr 26, 2024


Ash_born · Apr 27, 2024

I like CF more though. Oh well, it's not like my opinion will matter. 

Just don't stop updating CF please!

AlrightVibes · Apr 19, 2024

How many chapters you dropping today?

Dasart · Author · Apr 19, 2024

Only 10

Dasart · Author · Apr 13, 2024

Dang 1,000,000 words for Canon Fodder. 

saadido · Apr 13, 2024

Congrats man! I'd still recommend diversifying where your story is with sites like QQ and maybe even RR. Although at this point it would be an endeavor 

Scarecro · Apr 14, 2024

I just came on to say congrats then noticed this post 😁

Scarecro · Apr 14, 2024

@saadido RR seem kinda prudish from what I've heard, so they might have objections to certain chapters. QQ and the others annoy me because they make it so hard to browse, read and follow stuff. They just haven't kept up with the modern internet. I'd build sites for free if it meant I could enjoy finding more great stories to read easily. So many good stories are lost on those sites that I'll never find to read. 

Verequis · Apr 19, 2024

Love it 👍

Ash_born · Apr 13, 2024

Aren't you a bit late today?

AlrightVibes · Apr 12, 2024

any plans on continuing S.O.B system? 

Dasart · Author · Apr 13, 2024

There are plans, problem is it's written in a different POV. It's hard to switch between the 2, so I haven't had time to really look at it sorry. 

Ash_born · Apr 12, 2024

How many chapters should we expect today?

Dasart · Author · Apr 12, 2024

16 I think. Trying to bring it back to Marvel because I focus on it for a while. 

Bubblehead650 · Apr 8, 2024

I sooo want more of the AWS or SOBS!!!

Loozer · Apr 6, 2024

Still no ETA for the SOB system or Awesome System series?

Dasart · Author · Apr 13, 2024

Awesome System is done. I stopped TSOBS where they intersect, though it is a very short intersection, then plan to follow TAS's protagonist in book 4 of TSOBS. But no, I don't have a date for it. Sorry.  

Loozer · Apr 14, 2024

Thx for replying. 

saadido · Apr 5, 2024

Just wanted to say that I love your work

Dasart · Author · Apr 6, 2024

Thanks man. Glad you like it. 

Dasart · Author · Apr 5, 2024

I’ll be releasing about 15 chapters for Canon Fodder later. 

Feel pretty good now that things have calmed down at work. So I’ve been able to start writing again. Currently writing a lot in the Marvel World. 

BOOKW0RM · Apr 5, 2024

Ooh Marvel (and DC) comics is INSANE! And with mutants and Inhumans if he is one his power could be literally anything you choose with how wild some of them can be. Wonder if he could traverse a multiverse in a world... What if he made it past the Source Wall or the God Quarry...

Adamsbankai · Apr 12, 2024

Keep up the good work. Still missing the SOB system. Is there a chance you spill the number of chapters between 2 series? 8 for SOB and 8 for CF?

Dasart · Author · Apr 13, 2024

@Adamsbankai, sorry man. I've found its nearly impossible to write both at the same time because CF is written in First Person and TSOBS is in third person. 

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