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Apr 27, 2023

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Joined: Apr 27, 2023
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Trying to translate novels which I want to read so requesting is not to be entertained right now,

Serafin_Translations · · Author · May 26, 2023

Kinda shameless but any support will do. 

Serafin_Translations · Author · Jun 5, 2024

Im considering just translating Healer cause I cant quite understand the current translation (not bashing). I'll just translate it just enough for me to understand it. I might not post it in NU or here but depends.

Serafin_Translations · Author · Jun 5, 2024

So I have fully english work of Prominence (Which is by the way not the real title. Its Hongyeom) the original raw vol. 1,2&5 and spanish raw vol. 1-4. In total, I already translated the 5 volumes ( I will finish the original raw since its accurate and has all the scenes. Still need to translate 3&4).

I cant tell how giddy I am reading the last volume ❤️

A spoiler: there's a modern AU and although its oneshot, its very good❤️

Serafin_Translations · Author · Jun 4, 2024

So for those who are too eager to read it, if you can wait for a little while after I translate everything from the korean raw, I can share it but not here. Although I will inform you all here. 

Of course, the little while is not soon. I am always slow when translating the smut scenes cause of the sfx and terms to use. 

Although I already translated the volume 1 using the original raw and already halfway through the volume 2, my laptop unfortunately is not with me :/

Serafin_Translations · Author · Jun 4, 2024

I still have the spanish raw translated version of Prominence but only upto the 4th volume. And although, I am totally eager to share it even though its not edited, there are many things that are wrong compared to the original one. I am not too keen to share things where there are not following the original. 

Serafin_Translations · Author · Jun 2, 2024

Ahhhh. So almost the entire novel of Prominence I translated is wrong :/

Later, I will take down the novel. So sorry

Mik · Jun 3, 2024

Can you please give me the link I can read the raw version I'm dying to read this story so please give me the Korean name or link

Serafin_Translations · Author · Jun 2, 2024

Just realized. Since Prominence novel is available online and is purchasable and under the korean law, the translated novel is in danger of being completely erased to avoid legal issues. Now, I am contemplating whether to continue this or not

Serafin_Translations · Author · Jun 1, 2024


Serafin_Translations · Author · May 30, 2024

Now that Im rereading prominence, it ignites my excitement and makes me wanna just mass release this lovely(not) novel 😍

Hyunsoo96 · May 31, 2024

Yes pelase 😍😍😍

Serafin_Translations · Author · May 26, 2024

My laptop got damaged and now, my files are gone -_-

XieYun · May 26, 2024

So .. new Ch also gone 🥲???

XieYun · May 11, 2024

Thank u clear.png anyway that novels is my favorite meat hahahahaa, i will wait for more ch 

XieYun · May 7, 2024

Hello.. Will novel " Prominence " continue Ch ??? ♥ 

Serafin_Translations · Author · May 11, 2024

Yes. But Im pretty busy this month. Im processing my graduation requirements so I might or might not update one or two chapters this month. 

Serafin_Translations · Author · Apr 29, 2024

Updates will be delayed. I have to take care of something personal. Stay safe y'all ~

XieYun · Apr 16, 2024

Can i ask u to translate BL smutty novel?? 😶 

Serafin_Translations · Author · Apr 17, 2024

I might try but Im not articulated in smut words lol

 I do get lots of ideas on the books i read so I might. And prominence novel is heavy on smut so you might want to read it after I upload the entire thing here ☺️ 

Serafin_Translations · Author · Apr 9, 2024

Next update will be this weekend. Both for the regular update and the bonus for the donator! 

Serafin_Translations · Author · Apr 8, 2024

Hi again. As you know, the early chapters are translated as shit because this is the first novel I translated. There are a lot of mistakes and inconsistencies which made sense as I translate new chapters. Please give me a chance to rectify it after Im finished with this novel. I will immediately go back to edit/retranslate it. thank you for your understanding.

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    Trying to translate novels which I want to read so requesting is not to be entertained right now,

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