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Jan 8, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 8, 2019
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blackrockshooter · Jan 14, 2021

Hello zombie like person.

DKnight · Jun 24, 2020

Just found you on Amazon. Wanted to know if you were ever going to just create a combo book for people to just pull a netflix and binge the entire series?

corpsedead · Author · Jun 25, 2020

I will when it's finished.

lucifer18100 · Dec 19, 2019

Keep up the good work.You are an excellent author.

corpsedead · Author · Dec 19, 2019

Oh my, thank you very much for the praise and appreciation. clear.png

BlackStarLine · Jan 31, 2019

Go away >.>

corpsedead · Author · Jan 31, 2019

*gasps* XD

TheSwicky · Jan 24, 2019


DaoistNinefaps · Jan 24, 2019

Error , too much fap. Server can't carry the ... load....

corpsedead · Author · Jan 29, 2019

What should I say to this? XD *shakes head*

corpsedead · Author · Jan 24, 2019

Scribble says I can't post chapters longer than 150 000 characters, but my second chapter seems to be more... how sad! I had to split the chapter into two parts XD

Erlon · Feb 5, 2019

I really enjoy your novel from my heart. Just so u know. Thanks for make it longer chapter, i can enjoy it better -that i didnt notice i just read just some ch

corpsedead · Author · Feb 5, 2019

As I keep saying it, thanks for reading! :D

I started writing 2 years ago because I had all those ideas in my mind... and I started this novel a few months ago. Although I've been attacked a few times and my novels were also criticized, both in a nice way and harshly, they also helped me in becoming a better author and a better person. I've learned how to separate the bad-bad and the good-bad and how to handle them.

corpsedead · Author · Feb 5, 2019

And most importantly, I've had the chance to write for a bunch of people who are enjoying my stuff. It feels really nice, so thanks for all the kind words!

Alverost · Jan 8, 2019

Welcome to Scribbly!

corpsedead · Author · Jan 8, 2019

Thanks ^.^
I'll release my novels here as well soon. :P

Alverost · Jan 8, 2019

That's good news. If you haven't I recommend joining the forum and discord link. Discord link can be found in the Lounge in the droplist next to your name.

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