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Rising Author
Jan 8, 2019

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jan 8, 2019
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LUZMINSUK · Jun 29, 2023

Amigo se le extraña. Espero leerle nuevamente. Acabo de volver a las páginas y posiblemente inicie a escribir algo

kira · Author · Aug 3, 2023

@LUZMINSUK Sorry I don't write on Scribble Hub anymore I have a blog at kira's webnovels where I write Dangerous CEO and The CEO and His Little Bunny. The CEO is missing the first chapters but after 100 they are there I hope you come read and leave me a message! I totally remember you my friend!😊 hope you are well and happy! ❤

Thorkell_40k · Mar 17, 2022

awwclear.png thank you for following!!!clear.png

Xeno_King · Aug 27, 2021

Hi you still updating

kira · Author · Aug 27, 2021

Hi @Xeno_King

 I have a WordPress site. 

kira's webnovels

I could update here if it is more convenient. I'm glad you are reading my story!clear.png

Xeno_King · Aug 27, 2021


kira · Author · Jun 17, 2021

clear.png@LUZMINSUK Im so happy you still like my story! I also have it on my website  kira's webnovels.

LUZMINSUK · Jun 17, 2021

Estoy feliz leí toda la novela del conejito en 2 dias.... espero actualización jejejeje 😅

kira · Author · Oct 6, 2020

@3mb3r93 Thanks alot! I had a mini meltdown today but I vented I'm good! hahah..I think my new one will be fun I love the cover the artist created! clear.png Thanks sooo much for being my loyal reader! ❤

3mb3r93 · Oct 6, 2020

Ah it’s always good to vent out frustrations! Yeah, I just read the first chapter and I’m already hooked! 

LUZMINSUK · Jun 11, 2021

Hola espero estés bien he regresado... espero leer tus novelas.... @kira... vuelvo a leer desde el principio jijiji

kira · Author · Oct 5, 2020

Why..just why are some people surrounded by unhealthy for the ❤ Smile and enjoy the day..whatever day it is..oh right it's Monday..haha

3mb3r93 · Oct 6, 2020

Hope your Monday is going well. Saw the cover for the new story and I just love it ?!!

Patchadams50 · Jul 22, 2020

Don’t sweat it miss Kira don’t rush goodness ? please take time to relax and think how Rui is getting along without his woman 

kira · Author · Jul 23, 2020

@Patchadams50 Thanks! I'm just feeling the crazy pandemic blues haha..writing I enjoy to distract chapters coming soon! Check out my site I moved Dangerous CEO there..clear.png

kira · Author · Jul 22, 2020

Wednesday ?? 7/??/2020..I don't even know what day it is anymore...I felt so confident on what was it? Monday?? Now...I stare at my laptop sighing..

Patchadams50 · Jun 6, 2020

Ahhh, Miss Kira... will it help to know we love ❤️ your. Stories 

kira · Author · Jun 6, 2020

Thanks! I am quite a romantic...clear.png that's why I ❤ Rui x LiMei...

kira · Author · Jun 5, 2020

Star light..Star I wish for ❤ tonight..clear.png haha..

3mb3r93 · May 9, 2020

@kira Anytime! I’m truly enjoying your work and looking forward to the coming chapters ?

3mb3r93 · May 7, 2020

@kira ??? WTF?! My mind is blown and I’m so excited to see how that develops!!

kira · Author · May 8, 2020

@3mb3r93 ..haha..working on Cambodia arc now..clear.png thanks for all your comments! I get encouraged from interacting with my readers!clear.png

3mb3r93 · May 7, 2020

Random question, but will we see LiMei confront her father?

kira · Author · May 7, 2020



not for a long time.. Surnamed Qin is not really her father Dr. Woo is do you recall Dr. Woo at clinic and lunch in Thai Restaurant  when he thought LiMei reminded him of someone?

Panman · Oct 20, 2020

called it

kira · Author · May 5, 2020

@Patchadams50 thanks for all your comments as I looked at the chapters I got a laugh LiMei does attract trouble! It is fun to write her story!clear.png 

Jasmine · May 3, 2020

Thanks for writing I love each  and everyone  of your story.  So juicy  and romantic ??

kira · Author · May 4, 2020

Thanks ! I am enjoying writing again  ! clear.png

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