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Famous Author
Jul 2, 2023

Famous Author
Joined: Jul 2, 2023
Followers: 116
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Comments: 147
Haoxes · Jan 15, 2024


Haoxes · Jan 15, 2024

This book is similar to the work of corruption... is it worth reading or not, or is there no special drama in this book

Regnus · Nov 20, 2023

When will the new chapter of HP The Witch of the Red be released?

Because she was cool :)
ZinKo · Nov 25, 2023


DaoistDumbledore · Author · Nov 28, 2023

Not anytime soon. As much as I want to continue writing, I just don't have enough time thanks to work.

I will update it once I get time. Maybe I'll rewrite it?

Grahambogini · Nov 1, 2023

It has been 50 days since there was any news on your novel 'Harry Potter: The Witch of the Red' any idea when you will update it?

Endovior · Oct 3, 2023

I got a notification for the release of Chapter 36, but when I try to follow it, I get an error message saying that the chapter doesn't exist?

DaoistDumbledore · Author · Oct 4, 2023

Um that is my fault. I had accidentally posted the chapter instead of scheduling it. So I went back and changed it.

I'm sorry. The chapter is out now though. You can can go read it here:

arsh2000 · Sep 19, 2023

Any plans for making a Patreon account? Cause I really love your work, and if a Patreon might help to not drop novels then I'll be a member 100%. Please keep writing! Love your stuffclear.png

DaoistDumbledore · Author · Sep 19, 2023

Unlikely. I write purely because I want to write. It's my hobby and my pleasure. Opening a patreon will turn it into an obligation. So for now there will be no patreon.

Perhaps in the future if I decide to write more seriously, I will make a patreon.

Grahambogini · Sep 9, 2023

Is your Harry Potter fanfic going to update soon? It has been 4 weeks since it’s last update.

DaoistDumbledore · Author · Sep 11, 2023

I've kinda hit a block on that end. HP: The Witch of the Red was an idea that flashed through my head and I just started writing, without planning anything.

So, it will take a while longer to update. Maybe in a week or two.

SolaciaTheSorcerer · Sep 4, 2023

Quick question, on "HP: The Witch of the Red" is it bisexual bc ginny before straight now affected by the mtf soul has her sexuality changed?, or the reverse, with the mtf soul affected by the original ginny and now likes boys?

DaoistDumbledore · Author · Sep 11, 2023

It doesn't exactly work like that in this fic. But you can just assume that it was the Soul that was affected by the body.

YourLocalChairCultist · Aug 27, 2023

Hello. Office Chair, Folding chair, Wooden Chair, Lawn Chair, or Gaming Chair?

DaoistDumbledore · Author · Aug 28, 2023

Gaming chair.

aidan_lo · Aug 17, 2023

just read ur story about the witch in red! loving it so far! keep up the great work!

DaoistDumbledore · Author · Aug 27, 2023

Thank you!

Zogsalken · Aug 13, 2023

you know what? have a follow.

DaoistDumbledore · Author · Aug 27, 2023

Hehe, thank you!

Shruichan · Aug 11, 2023

Any shot you take jade beauty off hiatus 

*Cough* get back to the writing mines you slave author and provide me more content I crave *cough* 

Ahem, I mean, don't overwork yourself if 2 series is too much but I'm loving both your ho fic and jade beauty

DaoistDumbledore · Author · Aug 11, 2023

*screams in fear, "I-I-I-I'm s-s-sorry m-m'lord, I-I'll get to work!" and scrambles away.*

*and then proceeds to slack off anyway*

Ahem, anyways. Jade Beauty will take a while; Junior Sister Hong is taking too long a bath. As usual. Can't do anything about that.

Joecool1051 · Aug 3, 2023

You said your hp fic wont be updated “for a while” could we get a bit more specific on that? even if its just “couple weeks” or smth

DaoistDumbledore · Author · Aug 11, 2023

I updated it. Also, it's unlikely that I won't update for more than two weeks at a time.

DaoistDumbledore · Author · Jul 22, 2023

"Reincarnated as a Jade Beauty?!" will be on hiatus for a while

Miami · Jul 30, 2023

AH! Its so good, please don't drop it. clear.png

DaoistDumbledore · Author · Aug 11, 2023

I won't drop. But it will be on hiatus for a while.

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