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Aug 2, 2023

Joined: Aug 2, 2023
Followers: 7
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Comments: 378
Johnwolfie435 · Jan 27, 2024

You good C-wolf?

CosmicWolf_21 · Author · Feb 24, 2024

Yeah just been busy is all. 

Johnwolfie435 · Dec 17, 2023

Hellooooooo C-wolf!

CosmicWolf_21 · Author · Dec 17, 2023


Johnwolfie435 · Dec 17, 2023

....I strongly dislike insomnia.

Anywayyyy, I wanted to ask know...that delicious ST fic is still kicking in that mind of yours?clear.png

CosmicWolf_21 · Author · Dec 17, 2023

It’s not dead I promise. Still rampaging in my head. Lol 

Johnwolfie435 · Nov 11, 2023

Life kicking you in your imagination?

CosmicWolf_21 · Author · Nov 11, 2023

Yeah. Deleted the next chap like 5 times. It’ll get there eventually. 

Johnwolfie435 · Nov 1, 2023

Ya know, I just started playing ST: Online recently. It's a fairly good game, all things considered.clear.png

Any way, just wanted to pop by and say, Happy Halloween! 👻 clear.png

CosmicWolf_21 · Author · Nov 1, 2023

Yeah I play it once in a blue moon. I enjoy it and happy Halloween as well! 

Johnwolfie435 · Oct 19, 2023

Thanks for the follow!clear.png

(Alsooo,when's the next chapter dropping?clear.png)

CosmicWolf_21 · Author · Oct 19, 2023

Of course! I saw that Skyrim story on the front page and was like, “ I know that name!” Haha. It’s getting there. I’m actually writing something else atm to help me get back to Let’s Fly. ADHD making it difficult to focus when another idea pops in my head lol. 

Johnwolfie435 · Oct 19, 2023

Ooh, well, can't wait to see what your cooking up next! And yeah,I get that, so many ideas flitting about inside your head....yet so very hard to capture them in blackest ink.....

Anyway,what did ya think of my little project?

CosmicWolf_21 · Author · Oct 19, 2023

Exactly! And I’m loving the intro to the Vampire one. Can’t wait to see how you play around in that world. Also saw a Grimm story. Def checking that out later. 👀

KingIssa · Oct 11, 2023

Thanks for reading my story. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. 

Major2501 · Oct 9, 2023

Thanks for checking out Coven! :)

Johnwolfie435 · Oct 9, 2023

*gives you the hungry reader look*

CosmicWolf_21 · Author · Oct 10, 2023

I know I know ! Bad author. This one is just being a pain in the ass. clear.png

Johnwolfie435 · Oct 10, 2023

Put your back into it and enjoy the ride~😂

(But yeah,I get it,writers block and listlessness suuuckclear.png)

CosmicWolf_21 · Author · Oct 2, 2023

Just a quick update, I haven’t been able to write chapter four till now because I got really sick last week and my fever finally broke yesterday. Just now been able to think straight so hopefully will have it out by Wednesday. 

Johnwolfie435 · Oct 2, 2023

Damn,summer fever hit you hard,huh? Been there C.Wolf,couldn't get out of bed,throwing chunks,muscle cramps,throbbing migraine? That shit suuuuucks.clear.png

Well,I'm happy your starting to feel better!

CosmicWolf_21 · Author · Oct 3, 2023

Legit all that. Still getting cramps but I’m doing way better. Thanks! clear.png

Johnwolfie435 · Sep 24, 2023

What's the update schedule looking like?if you don't mind me asking?

CosmicWolf_21 · Author · Sep 24, 2023

Thanks for asking! I’m writing chapter 3 right now. I’ll be either posting this afternoon or tomorrow. I’m not going to have a set schedule tho. But can hopefully expect one to two chapters a week. 

Johnwolfie435 · Sep 24, 2023


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