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Aug 8, 2023

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Famous Author
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Joined: Aug 8, 2023
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Per Aspera Ad Astra

Kalliel · · Author · Nov 12, 2023

Hey, you.

You're reading this, aren't you?

Have a good day.


Shulox · Jan 26, 2024

Thanks a lot you beautiful, nice to meet you!

Ruti · Feb 9, 2024


SorrowGrim · May 27, 2024

Love the new thumbnail for the Mistress of evil forest

Wolfboy123r · May 28, 2024


earthydragonsly12 · Jun 6, 2024

do you have a discord server that post all character images

Liber8T · May 16, 2024

Is Archwizard K's harem members all female?clear.png

Kalliel · Author · May 16, 2024


Liber8T · May 16, 2024

Nice, a fellow cultured hoomanclear.pngclear.png

Starsign · May 10, 2024

Hey there, am an aspiring writer and i wanted to ask if it is a good thing if your writing feels chaotic, as if you don't know what's going to happen next in your own story? Or if there is too much to process for a reader?

Kalliel · Author · Apr 28, 2024


LaFuta · Mar 31, 2024

Hey author, i like your Local Netizen Elf Life story. I like how you write through normal female perspective having futa harem. It is a request but can you write a story through a normal male perspective having a futa harem not sissy male not femboy but normal male. I have encountered only 2 stories in my years of searching the internet 1. Isekai Futanari Monster girls on Webnovel website & 2. The Futanari Diaries by Ultimate Sin on Literotica. These might give some ideas. I would love it

Ruti · Mar 20, 2024

Archwizard K is in 1st trendingclear.png

Kalliel · Author · Mar 20, 2024


Ravena_Lochlin · Feb 19, 2024

I read your location and actually started looking around. Cookie clear.png.

Kalliel · Author · Feb 19, 2024



Mikan_Citrus · Feb 5, 2024

Good job getting on trending! I hope the stuff over at RR for your book works out, their staff really are just the worst and ruin everybody else's fun.

Kalliel · Author · Feb 6, 2024


Ruti · Jan 24, 2024

Did you know that you read this comment

Kalliel · Author · Jan 24, 2024

I forgot it.

aidan_lo · Jan 10, 2024

loving mistress of the evil forest! hope to see more development of taking over the rest of the forest, and then developing it into a super-monstrosity.

Kalliel · Author · Jan 10, 2024


Lyrack · Dec 24, 2023

Great novel, I am really loving it.

Are you gonna do some what if storys, like that time wher Sylvia said that she would have gone to the dragons if she didn't had her finances?
Kalliel · Author · Dec 24, 2023

I do plan to eventually write non-canon chapters.

It's just that they would most likely be all R-18, which I probably wrote too much for this story recently, so not anytime soon.

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