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Dec 23, 2018

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Famous Author
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Joined: Dec 23, 2018
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CeoOfBread · Sep 22, 2021

Where is your page 

LynneSuzuran · Author · Sep 22, 2021

I'm sorry, can you explain what do you mean by my page? clear.png

CeoOfBread · Sep 23, 2021

Sorry non-native english speaker confusion.

I meant link because i think u menciond a online web thing i really can't remember the word but the thing is it a thing or is it your patreon? If u dont understand it doesent matter.

CeoOfBread · Sep 23, 2021

Also i like your storys both of them

LynneSuzuran · Author · Sep 23, 2021

Ah, I have both Patreon page and my own website. For my Patreon, you can check it under the 'tip' button. For website, the name is Convallaria's Library. You can browse it or the link is in my profile, under the 'Overview' section.

Glad to hear that you like my stories! clear.png

Tenmosu · Sep 16, 2021

 Taking Over the Villainess’ Body: 365 Days to Live As I Like! is second place in trending.

LynneSuzuran · Author · Sep 22, 2021

Oh my god!

I wouldn't have noticed it if it weren't for your comment. Thank you so much!

I hope you're enjoying the series clear.png

Tenmosu · Sep 24, 2021

I enjoy both of themclear.png. I was reading Lyra (Reinst second life) on your website went there was only 10 chapter but I switch to Scribble because the table of content was not updated very often I was finding it hard to remember at which chapter I was... clear.png 

On that note, I really want to read when Lyra find out the life that she save clear.png 




I have been waiting that moment since I read the first extra chapter in april 2018. 

MexKue · Sep 2, 2021

Do you draw your own cover images? clear.png

LynneSuzuran · Author · Sep 3, 2021

Nope, I used Picrew for the Villainess novel, and someone drew the cover for Forced Reincarnation novel ^^

MexKue · Sep 3, 2021

i see. thanksclear.png

Agentt · Jun 29, 2021


Bristlecone · Apr 25, 2021

Ohayou gozaimasu! ?, I am the author of the amateur novel “Level system vs Cultivation methods“ and I like your “Taking Over the Villainess’ Body: 365 Days to Live As I Like!“ story.

In the epilogue of my story next sunday, I plan to introduce a one-time side character called “Ann Suzuran“. It will be a bit difficult to find the secret meaning of this, but I wanted to tell you anyway.
LynneSuzuran · Author · Jun 11, 2021

Oh my god, I hadn't gotten any notifications for your message, I'm sorry T^T

Thank you so much for including a side character inspired from my novel >w< and congratulations on finishing your story!

Shirabe · Jan 29, 2021

will the villians in forced to reincarnate be show up again... like more plot development... 

LynneSuzuran · Author · Feb 4, 2021

Yes, of course they will :3 

Softserve · Jun 3, 2020

Been enjoying taking over the villanes lots of fun to read!


LynneSuzuran · Author · Jun 4, 2020

Aww, thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you will continue to enjoy the novel in the future too. Don't hesitate if you want to drop any comment clear.png

Thank you for reading and loving my work! clear.png

hibikirei · Feb 1, 2020

I'm really enjoying your story, I really didn't want to live .  It is really a good story and i like how you are writing it .   Great Job 

LynneSuzuran · Author · Feb 12, 2020

Thank you for your kind words! It really motivates me and makes me glad I decided to write!! :"D I hope you will continue to enjoy the story~!

Neko_Chiii231 · Apr 23, 2019

Ahhh!!! You're one of my favorite Author-sama! I just lovee your novel very much and I REALLY SUPPORT IT WITH ALL MY MIGHT! so fighting! Stay healthy and please.... never ever stop to write cause yo gave me a strength to smile everyday <3.

LynneSuzuran · Author · Apr 25, 2019

Aww that's so sweet of you! I'm glad to hear that ^^ Hearing that makes me glad I'm writing the novel~
Please continue looking forward to my novel from now on~!

oliverthms · Mar 1, 2019

Hi, I hope you still want to continue your story. It's been an amazing read already :). I hope you're well. Best wishes!

LynneSuzuran · Author · Mar 2, 2019

Hi and thank you for reading my story and for enjoying it QuQ
Don't worry, I'm still continuing it, I just had problems with my laptop (using an old one now because it's broken)... I'll be posting an update soon XD

Kuro_0ni · Dec 28, 2018

Welcome to Scribble Hub! Enjoy your Reading Experience~

Sabruness · Dec 24, 2018

Happy to see you on here.

LynneSuzuran · Author · Dec 24, 2018

OwO thank you~! I'm also glad I got invited here ^^

Skylark · Dec 24, 2018

First! ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧

LynneSuzuran · Author · Dec 24, 2018

Thanks, I guess? XD

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