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Nov 5, 2023

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An idiot that likes fantasy and video games
I would like for you to give reviews on my novel (I don't know how to draw)

EpicgamerLOL · Author · Dec 4, 2023

I am incredibly sorry that I didn't upload a chapter and sadly I don't think I will get the time to upload a chapter soon so I will go into hiatus I will come back some day but just not too soon sorryclear.pngclear.png

EpicgamerLOL · Author · Nov 30, 2023

Hi sorry for so many delays on my novel I will try to get a new chapter out in 3 days or less

EpicgamerLOL · Author · Nov 24, 2023

Umm hi it has been some time... Ummm over the last couple of days a lot happened so to start my other eye became red so my dad took me to the hospital turns out I had a virus nothing too serious but I had to take eye drop and other stuff.... I have gotten Alot better tho and i hope by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I can start working on my novel again

Am eating instant noodles rn.

Am done eating noodles.

EpicgamerLOL · Author · Nov 20, 2023

Man my luck is zero. my throat hurts af and my right eye is red and barely opens. Once I get better I will try to post a new chapter 

EpicgamerLOL · Author · Nov 17, 2023

Man am sick af. I don't know if I can deliver a new chapter on time

EpicgamerLOL · Author · Nov 14, 2023

Man I don't have any progress on the new chapter. But I will try to get it out in the next 4 or 5 days

EpicgamerLOL · Author · Nov 11, 2023

Chapter 4: pure? is now out baby I would like to see what you think about it clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

EpicgamerLOL · Author · Nov 10, 2023

Man time flies...  And I have been lazy again I will try my best to get another chapter out by tomorrow sorry for my lazyness clear.pngclear.png

EpicgamerLOL · Author · Nov 9, 2023

Hey ummm you might think that this next chapter is almost out by how long I haven't posted but tbh I was just lazy and playing video games I already know what I want it to be but still need to work on itclear.png

EpicgamerLOL · Author · Nov 8, 2023

Chapter 3 is finally out I hope I can see what you think of it

EpicgamerLOL · Author · Nov 7, 2023

I can't really say anything but chapter 3 is developing quite fast and good in my opinion also I changed narration styles and I think this one suits it more but you will have to tell me when it comes outclear.png

EpicgamerLOL · Author · Nov 6, 2023

I just published my 2nd chapter and my mind is mush feel free to point out any mistakes in it.... It absolutely distroyed my mindclear.png

EpicgamerLOL · Author · Nov 5, 2023

Also I don't know how long to make a chapter so yeah you guys will have to teach me that

EpicgamerLOL · Author · Nov 5, 2023

I just released my first chapter for my novel I don't know how to draw so it doesn't have a picture but I would like to see what you think of it (note English isn't my first language so if you find a typo tell me)

Edit I don't know what tags to place on my novel so yeah clear.png I don't really understand tags

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    An idiot that likes fantasy and video games
    I would like for you to give reviews on my novel (I don't know how to draw)

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