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Well-Known Author
Sep 10, 2019

Well-Known Author
Joined: Sep 10, 2019
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Only the Dao of OPness is Supreme...

TheKerberos · Feb 6, 2023

I guess he really dead, damn...

Tsuru · Mar 18, 2022

Gift to fellow "fans of CNs" :

Tsuru · Mar 16, 2022

Shoutout to my favorite authors that i found a really interesting R18 jp novel of a more comedy/wholesome genre:

I posted it, translating with only google translate. I share it so people can have a good laugh.
SorrowGrim · Oct 31, 2021

I think my man is dead

Tsuru · Mar 16, 2022

Corona maybe.

Why is it always the talented people that die first ??? His novel is crazy good and got anti-cliches.

Tsuru · Sep 12, 2021

Author. Did i miss it or did you forget to write about the female phoenix change the form "of her looking meh with the first changing looks pill", into a slightly better one ?

Because the fact this people said she looks ugly with the looks pill and no mention of taking a 2nd pill for changing looks, it breaks my immersion.

Because she makes sweet actions but my brain still remember she got the form she first chose with the pill.

Tsuru · Sep 13, 2021

Looks like there are other comments that said they didn't see too the moment where she changed again her form to be not so ugly.

Please edit a early chapter so there is a moment where she change it the 2nd time. You could just simply write that during a random day or during buying food she changed her form, with just 4-5 sentences.

Thegyptian · May 3, 2021

LazyBoi is everything ok?

TheKerberos · Aug 25, 2020

Lazy where r u Boi and r u also baisiwa?

BobBob · Jun 21, 2020

Hey dude just read void overload and its great but can you bring his master to the upper realms and visit the "God Dragon"

TypeFantasyHeart · Nov 4, 2019

SUP LazyBoi. I recommend you read the article on this link, it helps a lot and will definitely improve and maybe make you notice mistakes you didn't know you have committed or improvement you hadnt thought of, but know that its just a guide, no a rule on how to write.

Give it a read, its not long. Im sure you will be surprised

LazyBoi · Author · Nov 5, 2019

Thanks @Treyon , it will be helpful a lot !

Paxloria · Oct 3, 2019

Hey can you help me with something?
I thought I'd give a new story a chance, it was called UNDERMIND, and I added it to my reading list & read the first 2 chapters. However I realized That I didn't like it, It was well written & all, just not my taste.
So I want to remove it from my reading list.
The System won't let me.
No matter how many times I check the box & click delete, it still stubbornly stays on my reading list.
Can you please tell me what to do to get rid of it?

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    Only the Dao of OPness is Supreme...

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