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Sep 15, 2019

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Rising Author
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Joined: Sep 15, 2019
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Just a writer trying to improve.

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Ozefen · Author · Apr 29, 2020

Howdy guys. I have a new short story posted. For some reason it isn't on the "new" section or the "recently updated" section. However, if you guys wanted to take a look, here it is!

Ozefen · Author · Apr 22, 2020

Shoutout to all the new followers. You guys rock. Feel free to introduce yourselves! We also have a discord to join if you guys wanted to keep up to date and even catch some glimpses at the next line of books! Also, expect a new shortstory soon!

Ozefen · Author · Feb 15, 2020

With Eve's story done, the next story will be Charlie's. Please look forward to it!

Ozefen · Author · Jan 25, 2020

Volume 2 is out! Check out: "Zeroth Knight re: Dawn" to follow Eve to the end of her journey.

Ozefen · Author · Oct 24, 2019

Well guys, that does it for the first arc of, "Zeroth Knight!" Arc two will be coming within the next month or two so please check it out when it does come. I'll also have an entire synopsis for arc one, to go along with the beginning of arc two.

Ozefen · Author · Sep 16, 2019

Read, heart, follow, comment, and share, "Zeroth Knight."

Also follow me over at

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    Just a writer trying to improve.

    Follow me at:

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