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Sep 22, 2019

Joined: Sep 22, 2019
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idaeasthesia · Author · Aug 15, 2020

Exams. I honestly Give up. Hiatus on all works until i get my life back in two pieces

idaeasthesia · Author · May 9, 2020

<The Suicide of 2954> ...

Is currently undergoing maintainance! Future chapters have been drafted, but problems regarding speech clarity are currently being reworked.

I hope you would patiently wait as I wish not to sacrifice quality to a schedule i cannot keep up with!

idaeasthesia · Author · Mar 2, 2020

Holy F*cking shit my comp is finnaly fixed

After 2 and a half months, finnaly got my rust bucket working again. Yes, it may sound like an aeroplane now because I switched out to a big as internal fan, but as long as it works I cant care much.

Expect all projects to restart again as of this post. ill do whatever i can to redo 2 and a half months of publications.

idaeasthesia · Author · Jan 28, 2020

Idaeasthesia will go on indefinite hiatus for the meantime. 

I have so many problems to sort out, including all my problems with hardware, problems with coarse writing, and generally not having the mood to continue writing in general. As much as i dont like it, i'd value quality over quantity, even if it takes another year to finish my current series. I am currently sharpening up my writing skills as i am highly dissatisfied at the current quality of my current works.

I hope you understand this.

idaeasthesia · Author · Jan 7, 2020

Schooling season has started up again. This also means ANOTHER DAMN DELAY.

Honestly, i dont know how to appologize anymore. For this reason, I have decided to start on writting the basic idea for a new story. I plan to work on it after i have finished the current project.

Keep tuned in, maybe i will decide not to be a lazy prick.

idaeasthesia · Author · Dec 31, 2019

If the delay wasn't bad enough already, my computer got toasted too. That would add an additional 7-10 days of delay.

I will forget about digitalisation for now and I will continue with rough writing regardless.

idaeasthesia · Author · Dec 26, 2019

I will be taking part in a journalism event this Saturday. As i need to prepare for interviews, i will not be active for the meanwhile until 30 December of 2019.

I hope you can understand this.

idaeasthesia · Author · Dec 26, 2019

( re-Serious, Dec 24 2019 )

The imminent threat to my original usage facebook account has been negated. I still have a lot to do, but i have restarted writing the original texts from rough writing into a word file.

So yeah, you can expect a new chapter in the next few days. Re-vetting the previous chapters for mistakes and grammatical errors has also begun. I have written a basic summary of the edits in the comments of the chapters.

idaeasthesia · Author · Dec 26, 2019

Here is the original cover photo for the series "Under the Yellow Lights". This time it isnt butchered to fit pixel size constraints. Feel free to go check it out!


idaeasthesia · Author · Dec 23, 2019


Due to threats of termination of my normal, daily use Facebook account, i will not be posting any more chapters as of now. I need time to sort things out before i can continue writing.

Not so much cheers.
( I went into more detail in a temporary chapter in the series Under the Yellow Lights. )

idaeasthesia · Author · Dec 23, 2019

Hey Hey again

An official Facebook group has been set up, mainly for additional updates related to writing, and not actually about the story itself; for example, which chapter have i written until (rough writting), other misc stuff that is not that important and generally posts for funsies.

Go check it out:

idaeasthesia · Author · Dec 23, 2019

Hey Hey

A DeviantArt page has been set up, which i plan to include certain pieces of lore about "Under the Yellow Lights" in. I will also exclusively update my proses and poetic pieces there. Go check it out!


idaeasthesia · Author · Dec 22, 2019

(Under The Yellow Lights)

For the new updated picture, I went out to the streets outside my house to take it, just that i went around 1 in the fricking morning.

I took about 100+ pictures of the streets, which were quite leisurely considering there were no cars at that point of the night. So yeah, my inner madlad went through all that effort to get that one photo that i still had to butcher to fit the 250 x 350 limit, so you're welcome.

idaeasthesia · Author · Dec 16, 2019

(Under The Yellow Lights)

Picture for the story determined, though it looks really shitty and i would like to retake another one. Well, theres the placeholder for now

idaeasthesia · Author · Dec 12, 2019

(Under The Yellow Lights)

Do you think the text color for the character Mazaka is a bit to similar to the color black? It seems barely noticeable to me, which could be a problem in the future. Scribble hub tunes the text colors differently than in word, so i might seek to tune the text colors in Scribble hub to be more similar to the original.

What are your thoughts?

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