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Dec 23, 2018

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Famous Author
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Joined: Dec 23, 2018
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I am Iori Angel, Amateur author and Priestess of the Dark Mistress Hekate. Well ok I am joking, I will say more; I love to cook, write and read (a really avid reader). I suck at playing nice with people because I am too frank.

Tiamat021 · Nov 8, 2022

clear.pngпривет когда выйдет новая глава хищник жизни

ioriangel · Author · Nov 8, 2022

Raptor 22 won't  be out at least till next year lol. I am kind of focusing on Komand'r at the moment you see.

ioriangel · Author · Nov 3, 2022

So I got the first two part of Komand'r Interlude 3 on Patreon, they are 10k words each. Working on part 3 right now, I will be posting part 1 on SH and other websites like QQ after finishing part 3.

ioriangel · Author · Oct 28, 2022

Okay guys and gals, I'm going to release Komand'r 16 part 2, today. Gotta do some editing pass first on it though, stay tuned!

Foxxy · Oct 28, 2022


ZinKo · Oct 29, 2022


ioriangel · Author · Oct 19, 2022

So guys, you want KoD chapter 16 part 1 right now?

Blinky876 · Oct 19, 2022

Yes please!

ZinKo · Oct 19, 2022

Yes please🙏. 

Foxxy · Oct 19, 2022


ioriangel · Author · Sep 26, 2022

Komand'r on Deck 16 and 17 are coming soon! clear.pngclear.png

sinker_91 · Sep 26, 2022


Foxxy · Sep 26, 2022


ZinKo · Sep 26, 2022


Nibbles · Sep 26, 2022

Wonderful news ...... Cannot be too soon for me.

ZinKo · Sep 12, 2022

Please, update "Komand’r On Deck".

ioriangel · Author · Sep 12, 2022

I'm writing chapter 16, 17, and 18 already lol

ioriangel · Author · Sep 3, 2022

Yo, going to release chapter 21.2 of Raptor of life tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Kayden · Sep 4, 2022

At this point I don't even remember what happened in the previous chapter because they are too far apart, and I don't want to spend the whole day to re-read it

Baconbit1911 · Aug 29, 2022

I really like like your stories and hope to see more komand’r on deck and raptor of life at some point

Foxxy · Jun 28, 2022

discord link is invalid

ioriangel · Author · Jun 29, 2022

Here's the link:

Donny_Manga · Jun 27, 2022

Noice XD Thank you very much!!clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

ioriangel · Author · Jun 27, 2022

I will release the new raptor chapter soon, this Wednesday actually, stay tuned.

Foxxy · Jun 12, 2022

did i accidently leave the discord server or was it deleted?

ioriangel · Author · Jun 12, 2022

Yep it was deleted, here is the link to the new one:

I had given a warning about it being deleted.

Foxxy · Jun 15, 2022

invalid invite

ioriangel · Author · Jun 1, 2022

Phew! I recovered  my discord account! Thanks to Discord support they reacted fast and now everything is okay.

I have news by the way, Komand’r 15 part 2 is 7k words, I am almost done!

ioriangel · Author · Jun 1, 2022

You like to decide things for over Nibbles.

Nibbles · Jun 1, 2022

Sorry for telling it how I see it but the number of different stories your trying to juggle is rather unrealistic IMHO. Would it not be possible to make notes of ideas on the newer stories to further expand upon later while you concentrate on just one ................ or maybe two of them instead of spreading yourself so thin on half a dozen all at once?

ioriangel · Author · Jun 1, 2022


Lord.Drakath · Jun 10, 2022

Now it's time for you to have 2FA.

ioriangel · Author · May 25, 2022

My discord account was hacked, if you receive any dm with a link with a magical rabbit game, block the user.

sinker_91 · May 26, 2022

Thank you for the information

Tylerghost · May 16, 2022

Waiting patiently for the next chapters of Raptor of life and Komand'r. But I'm  mainly hoping ur doing well and everything is going good for you.

ioriangel · Author · May 16, 2022

Aww thanks, I am doing well, just busy taking care of my new daughter. I am writing chapter 21 of raptor and 15 of Komand’r right now, it's going to be available soon.

Tylerghost · May 16, 2022

Congratulations. Glad to hear that your doing well. 

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    I am Iori Angel, Amateur author and Priestess of the Dark Mistress Hekate. Well ok I am joking, I will say more; I love to cook, write and read (a really avid reader). I suck at playing nice with people because I am too frank.

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