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Dec 23, 2018

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Dec 23, 2018
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I am Iori Angel, Amateur author and Priestess of the Dark Mistress Hekate. Well ok I am joking, I will say more; I love to cook, write and read (a really avid reader). I suck at playing nice with people because I am too frank.

ioriangel · Author · Aug 1, 2020

Chapter 12 part 1 and 2 of Raptor of life are available on Patreon. Writing Part 3 right now.

Why part? Well because I write a lot lately... and it affect the number of words in my chapter that jump at 20-30k words.

Bear with me!clear.png

ioriangel · Author · Jul 3, 2020

Good news! Chapter 11 part 1 is available on Patreon!

Already writing part 2 as we speak.

Kayden · Aug 1, 2020

Waiting to see what is going to happen on the New arcclear.pngclear.png

ioriangel · Author · Jul 1, 2020

Chapter 10 of Raptor of life was released on my Patreon :

Now writing chapter 11! Chapter 10 will be released on scribble hub when I am done with 11.

ioriangel · Author · May 28, 2020

Chapter 8 of Raptor of Life is was just released here.

ioriangel · Author · May 23, 2020

Raptor chapter 8 is on my Patreon. I will release it in one week on SH. Chapter 9.1 is complete, waiting for the editor, I am currently on 9.2, then I go back on Superhuman Princess chapter 47.3

ioriangel · Author · May 22, 2020

Chapter 9 of raptor is still on the writing board, barely at 5k words it's still coming along well. Though I might have to divide it as the number of scene in it might make it longer than 12k words.

ioriangel · Author · May 17, 2020

Chapter 8 of Raptor of life is complete, now it's in the hand of the editor. It's 14k words!

ioriangel · Author · May 13, 2020

Heya, updating here!

Chapter 47 Part 2 of Superhuman Princess is on Patreon, I will post it after I am finished with part 3. But it's not going to be now, because right now I am writing Raptor Chapter 8 which is already 5k words and I hope to finish it by this weekend to next monday tops; then I will go back on SHP 47 part 3 that will be the last of the Svartalfheim Arc.

Yes baby we are going gurren lagann right now. Meanwhile I plan to write Multifarious Solution, this is SHP spinoff!

AllendiaFarcrest · May 13, 2020




ioriangel · Author · May 17, 2020

Chapter 8 of Raptor is 11k word or so and I am almost done with it.

ioriangel · Author · May 9, 2020

Okay, chapter 47 part 2 of Superhuman Princess is going to soon be released on my Patreon.

Now I can focus on Raptor chapter 8, it's been a while lol.

ranaltor · May 1, 2020

Just wanted to know when you were going to update rapter of life?

ioriangel · Author · May 1, 2020

When I am done with the current chapter, because it's a bitch to write with all the politicking in it

ranaltor · May 1, 2020

Thanks for the info

ioriangel · Author · Apr 13, 2020

Hey guys! I have a discord, if you want updates for my stories or just have fun just come to The Den of Iniquity :

ioriangel · Author · Mar 7, 2020

Chapter 46 is out!

42Sins · Mar 7, 2020


Alisa-Hutako · Mar 1, 2020

Hey ho iori~! Just a reader and another writer here~ I am very much loving your work on Super Human Princess~ please do keep up the good work~ I still writing chapter 3 as of this moment but would you kindly take a look at my work of When Reality Changes chapter 2 if your read the earlier ones~ I would love to hear your opinions about that chapter as a fellow writer~

ioriangel · Author · Mar 1, 2020

I will take a look. clear.png

ioriangel · Author · Mar 7, 2020

Come join me on discord

ioriangel · Author · Mar 1, 2020

Heya guys! Releasing chapter 46 next Saturday. clear.png

Alisa-Hutako · Mar 1, 2020

Blessings from the goddesses~! Looking forward to next week now~!clear.png

AllendiaFarcrest · Mar 1, 2020





Praise Hekate it shall arrive!

But seriously, can't wait! :3 So happy!

Sushiaddict · Mar 5, 2020

Praise Hekate! <3 Every chapter just feels so satisfying due to how long they are. It's odd to me because most series hold me better with shorter chapters, but I think the sheer quality of SHP more than makes up for my usual ADD.

Sabruness · Feb 24, 2020

Just wondering... any news on the next SHP chapter? im having withdrawal cravings XD

ioriangel · Author · Feb 24, 2020

Chapter 46 is 15k words at the moment, I am almost finished with it, and will be writing 47 just after.

ioriangel · Author · Mar 1, 2020

Chapter 46 is on my Patreon, writing Chapter 47 now.

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    I am Iori Angel, Amateur author and Priestess of the Dark Mistress Hekate. Well ok I am joking, I will say more; I love to cook, write and read (a really avid reader). I suck at playing nice with people because I am too frank.

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