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Dec 23, 2018

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Dec 23, 2018
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I am Iori Angel, Amateur author and Priestess of the Dark Mistress Hekate. Well ok I am joking, I will say more; I love to cook, write and read (a really avid reader). I suck at playing nice with people because I am too frank.

ioriangel · Author · Jan 16, 2020

Chapter 45 is online! Enjoy.

42Sins · Jan 16, 2020

YAY clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

ioriangel · Author · Dec 27, 2019

Yes! Number 9 on trending!

hibikirei · Dec 27, 2019

congrats hope we can help you getting that higher as i love your story 

Tsuru · Apr 30, 2019

Hi hi ! I am interested in your story because of the tag girl love/yuri ! But as i dislike drama/obstacles and stuff i wondered if you could tell me more about your story ? It's just that it's hard to guess the story as there is no chapter title.

ioriangel · Author · May 1, 2019

I don't plan to add chapter titles, they are too spoilerish. The story is a reverse Isekai where the heroine and her family get sent on a alternate earth with superheroes and she grows up not knowing who her family members are but she's aware that she's not from this planet.

Tsuru · May 1, 2019

Lots of drama or problems or it's low ?

ioriangel · Author · May 1, 2019

A lot of Drama, what is a novel without drama and obstacles to destroy?

ioriangel · Author · Apr 3, 2019

Chapter 10 is out!

ioriangel · Author · Mar 15, 2019

Tomorrow new chapter!

l_nimbus · Mar 15, 2019


ioriangel · Author · Mar 15, 2019

Haha, just wait bro. Chapter five is the end of what I call "the origin" Arc. Hope you find it awesome like I did.

Ice · Mar 14, 2019

Alright stop, collaborate and listen! Ice is back with a brand new invention!

Your profile is now under control of Squad Ice. What does this mean? It means you have been forcefully recruited into this nonexistent squad.

Ice · Mar 14, 2019

But most importantly, keep writing!

ioriangel · Author · Mar 15, 2019

Hi ice!! Huh I don't plan to stop, darling.

Ice · Mar 16, 2019

Ofc you won't, as a new member of Squad Ice you gotta do what you gotta do.

ioriangel · Author · Mar 10, 2019

Chapter 3 of Superhuman Princess monday 11, be prepared!

ioriangel · Author · Mar 8, 2019

hehehe, new chapter of Superhuman Princess tomorrow! Be prepared!

ioriangel · Author · Mar 4, 2019

Hi readers and friends! I wanted to tell you that I scheduled superhuman Princess to be released every two days, so there will be 3 chapters per week; The Prologue and Chapter 1 to 5 are the origin story of the female main character. I have Convergence of fates to write, now. Later!

BlackStarLine · Jan 31, 2019

Well... I wasn't expecting that...

ioriangel · Author · Jan 31, 2019

I found you, so it's easy.

ioriangel · Author · Jan 22, 2019

So Chapter 13 of COF set the tone of what will happen in Arc 2. Everything change.

Ice · Jan 23, 2019


ioriangel · Author · Jan 23, 2019

Let's not get carried away lol

Ice · Jan 24, 2019

I speak only the truth and nothing but the truth!

ioriangel · Author · Jan 18, 2019

I don't feel so good lately.

ohko · Jan 18, 2019

Aww :( I hope you feel better! Tbh I’ve been kinda down myself.

Justderpin · Jan 18, 2019

New baby?!

Hope you two feel better

ioriangel · Author · Jan 19, 2019

I don't think it's a new baby... pearl, I will do a check at the doctor I guess. Thanks Otoko.

ioriangel · Author · Jan 10, 2019

As I am late I gave you another double chapter. Chapter 9 and 10! Enjoy.

ioriangel · Author · Jan 2, 2019

Posted chapter 6 and 7, double chapter baby! Enjoy.

Skullie · Dec 31, 2018


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    I am Iori Angel, Amateur author and Priestess of the Dark Mistress Hekate. Well ok I am joking, I will say more; I love to cook, write and read (a really avid reader). I suck at playing nice with people because I am too frank.

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