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Dec 23, 2018

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Joined: Dec 23, 2018
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I am Iori Angel, Amateur author and Priestess of the Dark Mistress Hekate. Well ok I am joking, I will say more; I love to cook, write and read (a really avid reader). I suck at playing nice with people because I am too frank.

ioriangel · Author · Jan 10, 2021

Writing Balanced Bladework for QQ and Superhuman Princess for SH, back to back! Hold on everyone it's coming!

ioriangel · Author · Dec 15, 2020

Chapter 14 part 2 of Raptor is out! Hope you'll have fun reading it guys!

SunnyShim · Dec 15, 2020


DoctorWhoFan · Dec 15, 2020


ioriangel · Author · Dec 11, 2020

So I received a lot of PM about some guy or girl who read my story and they asked me why my MC are all evil? Do you think Elissa and Jean are evil people?

Alipss98 · Dec 11, 2020

I personally don't know how Elissa is. But I think Jean is good girl clear.png

haydendlinder · Dec 12, 2020

I think that person is suffering from the Hollywood delusion that "Good guys" fight fair. In reality the only thing you owe your enemy is defeat. Jean's job is to make sure that as many of the people on her side of the line as possible, are still standing at the end of the fight.

ioriangel · Author · Dec 13, 2020

Thanks for your feedback guys, needed to hear it. I don’t like goody two shoes mc, I do my best to make characters real and eccentric lol.

AllendiaFarcrest · Dec 13, 2020

Goodie two shoes / white knight characters have their place but are often very very boring and dull. :3

You're welcome, Iori. ^_^

ioriangel · Author · Dec 7, 2020

Raptor of life chapter 14.4 (32k words) is out on Patreon! So, I will all do you a solid and Tuesday the 15th I will make the second part of of chapter 14 be available for you Non-Patrons.

It's going to be the last chapter for a while, as I am switching back to SHP, I will of course release some Interludes of Raptor to tide you over and do some world building until I switch back.

Have a good night guys! clear.png

ioriangel · Author · Dec 5, 2020

Chapter 14.4 is done for Patron, so I will post it after the editors had their way with it.  Chapter 14 part  2 will be available publicly the 11th or 15th. So wait for it. Now I can go back to SHP! Finally it took time lol.

SunnyShim · Dec 5, 2020

Looking forward to the chapter!

Alipss98 · Dec 5, 2020

Finally after waiting for over a month of marinating. I am excited for this Christmas meal.

ioriangel · Author · Dec 3, 2020

Almost finished the chapter for Raptor, minimum a week for release on Patron. Things get hot for Jeanie.

SHP is next, then Balanced Bladework and Amazon from the star my new fanfics that I will post soon here when I find artist for the covers!

ioriangel · Author · Nov 15, 2020

Hehe, so guys, I'm gonna give you the news, Chapter 14 part 2 is going to be long, might have to divide it for a part 3. I can't give a word count as I am not fucking done yet, the chapter keep elongating...

I have like 6k of SHP in my notepads. I can't wait to go back to it, I want more magic!

By the way I hope you are having a good day.

Alipss98 · Nov 16, 2020

more chapters!! Counts me in babyclear.png

ioriangel · Author · Nov 6, 2020

Today is my birthday, no writing! But you can still go look at the part of raptor on Patron. Almost done, need another 20k words.

For shp I still need to get on this!

I have other side projects I might release on SH, like Amazon from Stars, which is semi-self insert and a crossover between Dragon Ball and DC comics (New 52+Justice League Unlimited)

So many things to write... so little time, lol. What do you think you want to read the most? clear.png

Flavia15 · Nov 7, 2020

Happy birthday Iori

Alipss98 · Nov 7, 2020

Happy birthday clear.pngclear.png

Sabruness · Nov 14, 2020

Happy birthday! Still waiting on some more sweet SHP chapters.

Rexsaur · Nov 15, 2020

Happy birthday also my older twin sisters have the same birthday as you

ioriangel · Author · Nov 1, 2020

What a shifty week... but seriously, torrential rains, lockdown back and Sean Connery dead and its gonna get worst.

Though I have good news for you! Raptor chapter 14 part 2 is almost done, I wrote like 20k of it, I need another 10k words then edit it, I will post it in parts on patreon though.

ioriangel · Author · Oct 23, 2020

Raptor 14 part 2 is 15k words already; so that means I need another 15k ^^

ioriangel · Author · Oct 20, 2020

Raptor Chapter 14 part 1 was released!

I had a feeling it was big lol... but 39k words is a lot. so it means that with chances, part 2 could bring it to 70k words wow.

ioriangel · Author · Oct 19, 2020

So, now that I have your attention, I want to tell you that I will post Raptor 14 part 1 tomorrow ^^

Nysta · Oct 19, 2020

Hurray! :)clear.png

ioriangel · Author · Oct 19, 2020

Raptor 14.3 is 10422 words, but it need to be 30k words! I hope you can wait for it, the complete chapter 14 will be available  in two part on SH I decided. Because yeah there's going to be chance that it's 60k words, so I divide it!

SHP though, I started a bit of it, Chapter 47.3, it's barely 2k words.

ioriangel · Author · Oct 19, 2020

Glad you do! I release them in parts on Patreon, that's why they are so big lol.

AllendiaFarcrest · Oct 19, 2020

Awesome to hear, Iori.  =)  Congratulations once again, by the way. ^_^

QQundeadwolfQQ · Oct 19, 2020

there are very few other authors that have long chapter lengths like yours i can only think of Fastest Man Alive and Lets Explore and Enjoy off the top of my head

AllendiaFarcrest · Oct 19, 2020

Agreed, its why i adore SHP so much. I get to spend a wonderfully long time immersing into each chapter.

prothy · Oct 10, 2020

Congratulations!! 🎉 👶 

ioriangel · Author · Oct 10, 2020

So I decided to desert RoyalRoad, too much bullshit going on there and I don't like the community there.

Alisa-Hutako · Oct 10, 2020

Well~ I hope things will get better here for you unlike in that place~! Blessings for a brighter future~!

ioriangel · Author · Oct 10, 2020

@Don426 chapter 14.3 on patreon won't be there after a while. I am currently at the maternity and my daughter, Diana take my attention.  So it's going to be slow coming. But I won't stop writing.

@WntrDrgn my friend I should have done that months ago, they are horrible there.

@Alisa-Hutako thanks I will post on SH mainly and Questionable Questing

Don426 · Oct 10, 2020

Cograts and wish her a long and happy lifeclear.pngclear.png

AllendiaFarcrest · Oct 10, 2020

!!! Omgggg C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S   I O R I !!!

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    I am Iori Angel, Amateur author and Priestess of the Dark Mistress Hekate. Well ok I am joking, I will say more; I love to cook, write and read (a really avid reader). I suck at playing nice with people because I am too frank.

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