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Oct 17, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Oct 17, 2019
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Karista · Apr 20, 2021

Waiting on more virus and bdh

blackrockshooter · Mar 22, 2021

How are you doing today?

blackrockshooter · Mar 4, 2021

How are you doing today?

Kathryn · Author · Mar 8, 2021

I'm tired...  But I'm doing okay.  Work is progressing on Birthrights, and I'm feeling a bit better mentally too

blackrockshooter · Mar 8, 2021

That's really great to know. I'm happy for you.

blackrockshooter · Feb 15, 2021

I have a question for you.

blackrockshooter · Feb 12, 2021

How's life going for you?

blackrockshooter · Feb 14, 2021

Should i be in my email?

Kathryn · Author · Feb 14, 2021

Maybe it would be best if I got your email and wrote you if you'd like to talk more.  If you leave your email here, I'll write you, okay?

blackrockshooter · Feb 14, 2021

All i needed to know is if i was suppose to go to my email.

blackrockshooter · Feb 14, 2021

Ok, i sent you an email.

Siyanax · Jan 24, 2021

Can't wait for the sequel to Valkerie. Hope you get to it soon

CL · Jan 8, 2021

I'm now following you.  clear.png

blackrockshooter · Nov 25, 2020

Ok, thanks.

blackrockshooter · Nov 24, 2020

What would the next book after The Valkerie be in the series?

Kathryn · Author · Nov 25, 2020

I haven't written it yet, sorry!  My other books are from other series.  Tales of Empire City, the Virus is set in the same setting as Valkyrie, just across the bay from the city where Ms. Stendhal settled.  It might have something to interest you.

Croma · Oct 2, 2020

You bring light to the dark with your stories.  so take a little of it for yourself

Kathryn · Author · Oct 2, 2020

Thank you so much!

adityakr7531 · Sep 20, 2020

No worries.

Stay Strong.

adityakr7531 · Sep 20, 2020

Hey you safe out there.

If yes when you continue you stories.

Kathryn · Author · Sep 20, 2020

I'm having some problems with mental health (I have schizophrenia and PTSD) but when I get back to feeling better I will be continuing my stories.  I've been trying to feel better - but sometimes its hard.

Kathryn · Author · Jul 4, 2020

Some new author came in and wrote a dozen really crappy homophobic and transphobic stories, told the rest of the authors they were weird sex perverts and spammed a ton of stuff.  The moderator wouldn't do anything about it, so dozens if not many many dozens of authors are flooding away from the site like rats off a sinking ship and coming here and to RR and Big Closet.  The moderator is a hypocrite and if he wont moderate the site, then why go there?

Megamink · Jul 4, 2020

oof.  That is not good.  Bye bye TG Storytime.  never really went there honestly didn't like the format of the place always had trouble reading things there

gothicshark · Jul 5, 2020

Really upsets me that happened. Big Closet is nearly impossible to search, while I have to use manual bookmarks with TGST, it was supposed to be a safe place for us. But alas it really wasn't. :/ at least this place has built-in bookmarks, easy searches, and a policy against hate. 

Kathryn · Author · Jul 4, 2020

I'm Migrating all my stories from TGST and RR to Scribblehub - and in the future I'll only be posting here and RR.  I just couldn't deal with the dumpster fire of TGST anymore.  Hi everyone!

Megamink · Jul 4, 2020

what happened on TGST?

DizzyMiget · Aug 1, 2020

Would it be possible to link those on your scribble hub profile i have been struggling to find them. 

Kathryn · Author · Aug 1, 2020

That's a good idea!  I'm still getting used to the interface here so I'll do that as soon as I figure it out.  It's really hard to find stories on this site!

Elerya · Jan 2, 2020

About Birthright and Dreamers, is the order to reading each series important?

Kathryn · Author · Jan 2, 2020

No, each series can be read independently. 

Elerya · Jan 2, 2020

Alright good to know. 

xRoymustang · Jan 5, 2020

Dreamers early in the timeline from what i can tell, but all the does is gives you some dirt on a side character bad early days and a big Blank and how crappy man become kool by birthright like 30years plus. I say 30 years but it could be more because the side character is like 20ish in dreamers and a old man in birthright, but hell he could just share the name??.

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