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Famous Author
Dec 24, 2018

Famous Author
Joined: Dec 24, 2018
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What is there to write about me? I'm a writer and I write... that about sums everything up. ;)

NaomiKaru · Jun 13, 2021

I read some of his stories back then and then forgot to check for more in my need to read all I could, and just now I found he's not even alive anymore, that feels so depressing.. I still loved all his stories and we're happily waiting to hear more from him.clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

BrieIsCheese · Aug 17, 2021

He passed away a while back unfortunately.

LadyViolu · Apr 30, 2021

He's dead. like actual real-life dead

Hollow_Man · Oct 16, 2021

I miss him. He was one of the best writers on this site.

A- · Sep 27, 2020

Just discovered your stories, loved them. Hope you're doing fine over there.

Mwpensword · Aug 1, 2020

Wow, here I am just a new author of OELN and looking at those ahead of me on the leaderboard and I come across this. Much respect to you sir, you did what you loved until the end.clear.png

Mihou · Jul 20, 2020

Even in pain, he still thought about his stories and fellow readers, what a man! I salute you, and thank you for sharing your stories for everyone to see and remember! See you in the other side, fellow author, goodbye.

Bluebery · Jul 20, 2020

Wait... I didn't know.... clear.png See you on the other side then. Good bye

Zoey · Jul 19, 2020

I know I'm a bit late but I'd still like to say good bye, maybe we'll see each other again. Anyway have fun in the afterlife for me.

Kittsune · Jan 3, 2020

Thanks for sharing your stories to us. Hope you managed to see a bit of the new year and fulfill a small portion of what you could in the end.

RockimPark · Dec 29, 2019

Thank you for spending your time with us, I really appreciate you for telling and sharing your story with us... And just thank you very very much

PrincessFelicie · Dec 12, 2019

See you in hell, friend. We both know it's a much better place to be than heaven <3

Rellawing · Dec 12, 2019

*hugs* clear.png

hiroruby · Dec 12, 2019

I don't know what can rightfully be said, I just want you to know I enjoy and appreciate everything you gave to us.  Thank you and I pray you find peace and comfort.  I'm so sorry.

HappyVainGlory · Dec 12, 2019

That... You have nothing to apologize for. I won't waste your time with empty platitudes or words, so I'll only say that I hope there's another story waiting for you beyond this one's end, and a better one at that.

mrsimple · Author · Dec 11, 2019

I am moving in to a hospice.  I'm sorry I couldn't finish my stories before my own.  Goodbye.

Suikeina · Dec 12, 2019

My condolences. I pray things go as well as possible for you. clear.png

Yorda · Dec 12, 2019

I consider you my friend and I will be praying for you.

TLCsDestiny · Dec 12, 2019

As much as you are one of my favs here, I hope the hospice does what it's intended...Keep it simple mate.

LadyYuki · Apr 9, 2020

I'm sad to hear this and I feel worse that I found it so late after the fact. All I can say is that I wish you the best. I hope hospice can help you get well.

mrsimple · Author · Nov 11, 2019

As for Risk, it will get a chapter in once I manage to remember where it was supposed to go. That series... I initially had only planned it out towards the end of the party, but I was requested to continue it and followed it up with the morning after. I've got an idea what was supposed to happen, so there is that and I'll pinch what fluff I can from that cloudy idea. XD

PrincessBubblegum · Nov 12, 2019

Wooooh, finally I can read risk ?

mrsimple · Author · Nov 12, 2019


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    What is there to write about me? I'm a writer and I write... that about sums everything up. ;)

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