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Dec 24, 2018

Well-Known Author
Joined: Dec 24, 2018
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What is there to write about me? I'm a writer and I write... that about sums everything up. ;)

mrsimple · Author · Oct 15, 2019
I'm starting to wonder if it is wrong of me to try fixing up some of my stories. That it would be better to just bring them over here as is. They will have problems, but the former creativity that I had will still be there. Not to imply I don't have any anymore, but I enjoyed that insane passion I had before this struggle I'm going through now.

Even if the stories have issues, should I bring them over as they are? O_o?
mrsimple · Author · Oct 15, 2019
Will do. :D
TLCsDestiny · Oct 15, 2019
Stories are always in edit stage and unfinished.
As we grow in person we see changes , we mature, we see other flaws.
To a strange degree i believe a story can not be written just by one person because of all the characters personalities in it.
A good story may turn into a show or movie then ten years later is added onto with another.
Don't panic and just do as you please as at least you can say that you left something behind...that a part of you resides in the stories you made.
TLCsDestiny · Oct 15, 2019
Holy crap! Reckon I'll get famous and someone will quote me one day?
mrsimple · Author · Oct 15, 2019
Possible-possible. :)
mrsimple · Author · Oct 14, 2019
Cranked out another Lost chapter. I plan on working myself back into the writing better before I scratch out a SSSC V oneshot. I might be cutting it close to the deadline though...

Once I've worked on Lost enough that I feel ready, I'll work on Bullied some more, and at the same time, roll out the three R's I've been asked to complete. :)
TLCsDestiny · Oct 15, 2019
Do as you feel comfortable with hey. The writing contest may have a deadline but it doesn't mean you can't do it afterwards. If you don't do it in time but still had fun doing it, i see it as a bonus. I may even attempt the contests that i hadn't done earlier and just write in that it wasn't a part of the real contest.
Take your time and get what you want done :)
mrsimple · Author · Oct 15, 2019
A good point, and, yep, I always have fun writing. :)
TLCsDestiny · Oct 15, 2019
Ah, that's good. And I know! I'm the best hahaha!!
mrsimple · Author · Oct 15, 2019
Yep, totally. ;)
mrsimple · Author · Oct 9, 2019
Just a heads up. I did publish the second chapter of Lost. Not sure when it will show up, but it does exist, and will reveal itself when Tony deems it noteworthy. :)
mrsimple · Author · Oct 6, 2019
I'm sorry and apologize. I'll be trying to write for the SSSC V here, then attempt to get my noggin' back in on some working gear.
LadyYuki · Oct 6, 2019
Welcome back.
RabbitHorn · Oct 6, 2019
Glad to see you back :D I'm really excited to see what you write for this SSSC.
PrincessBubblegum · Oct 7, 2019
Waiting for risk & roots chapters ❤️Haven’t given up waiting lol
TLCsDestiny · Oct 7, 2019
Presses the invisible 'like' button
LadyYuki · Oct 5, 2019
Thank you for the follow Simple.
mrsimple · Author · Oct 6, 2019
You are welcome. Please keep having fun reading and writing.
LadyYuki · Oct 6, 2019
The same to you. I hope you can return soon. You have been sorely missed.
mrsimple · Author · Jul 26, 2019
After this weekend, I hope to write more frequently again. I apologize for being really quiet, and I would like to keep silent on what is going on with me.
PrincessBubblegum · Jul 29, 2019
It’s okay, whatever you have going on. I hope you are well. Glad to know you’ll be back to writing. I know you intend to finish Bullied but I’ll wait for updates on risk and roots. It’s worth waiting for when they are such good stories ❤️
mrsimple · Author · Jul 29, 2019
Thank ya, Princess. I appreciate being given the chance and told what I've been doing is worth it. :)
mrsimple · Author · Jul 31, 2019
I did do some writing. The Forgotten Childhood arc of Bullied is coming along, but I need to do some fixes first and mend a few broken points before I do any uploading. I hope to get the chapters up here this weekend.
Kysil · Jun 28, 2019
Don't mind me. Just waiting Updates on Stray, roots, Reset, And Risk.
mrsimple · Author · Jun 28, 2019
I will mark that down. Thank ya! :D
PrincessBubblegum · Jun 25, 2019
Hi, I’m loving the story Roots. I hope you don’t drop the story and continue writing it. I’m so hooked ❤️
mrsimple · Author · Jun 26, 2019
Hehe, I'm glad to see ya like it. :D

I have no plans to drop any story. What the deal is, once I complete Bullied, I intend to go back to my other novels and complete them too. Then I'll come out with some new stuff. XD

I've asked which novels I should work on and was told Roots, Risk, and Reset. So those will be first on my list to complete. :)
Macronomicon · Jun 8, 2019
How do you get such awesome buttons on your forum posts? Is there a link or something you could point me at?
mrsimple · Author · Jun 5, 2019
Obviously I'm still alive, and I have no excuse (that I am willing to disclose) for not updating ANYTHING. So I apologize for the huge delay between when I last threw a chapter of something up and the next couple of days.
RabbitHorn · Jun 5, 2019
Take as long as you need!
I love your Novels and they're worth waiting, no matter how long :D
mrsimple · Author · Jun 5, 2019
Thank ya, but I do hope to get something up sooner than later. XD
RabbitHorn · Jun 5, 2019
Of course :D I just don't want you to feel pressured
mrsimple · Author · Jun 5, 2019
Hehe, I appreciate it. :)
Kysil · May 12, 2019
I'mma wait for updates on Roots, Reset and Risk.
mrsimple · Author · May 12, 2019
R, R, and R. Got it. ;)
Kysil · May 12, 2019
mrsimple · Author · May 9, 2019
Having difficulty writing chapter 25 of Bullied. -_-
mrsimple · Author · May 10, 2019
I won't give up! :D

Yep, simple, lol XD

It's not writers block, but rather that I have so many ideas in my head that I can't focus on the one I should be working on. So it's more like writers interruption? O_o?

And I'll definitely give ya a DM, DaoFox. I might need some outside input on this. o_o
TLCsDestiny · May 10, 2019
I know about ideas. I could daydream 2 hours a day to ideas!! Maybe step into the set and see what ur characters would do??
mrsimple · Author · May 10, 2019
That's a pretty cool idea. I'll give it a shot. :D
TLCsDestiny · May 10, 2019
Good stuff!!
mrsimple · Author · May 1, 2019
Just curious, whenever I complete Bullied, which of my ongoing stories should I focus on until finished? O_o?
DaoFox · May 1, 2019
Whichever is closest to completion I would pick. I like to try and follow up a completion with another when possible.
mrsimple · Author · May 1, 2019
Ah, good point. Hm... I'll have to figure out what is close or not. Probably Reset and Stray are the closest ones to being finished. XD
RabbitHorn · May 1, 2019
They're all great :D To be honest I don't care which one you complete first (since I love them all equal ♥‿♥ ) but I think what TLCsDestiny and DaoFox said is a great idea.
mrsimple · Author · May 1, 2019
Cool, and thank ya all very much. :)

Once Bullied is completed, I'll definitely take my pick on the next most deserving novel. :D
mrsimple · Author · Mar 30, 2019
I just took notice of Bullied's series number begins and ends with thirteen. o_o
TLCsDestiny · Mar 30, 2019
and currently you have 666 readers...
mrsimple · Author · Mar 30, 2019
TwilightForest · Mar 31, 2019
mrsimple · Author · Mar 17, 2019
A friend of mine is interested in reading Bullied, but wants to know what she's getting into. So she asked me to compare the novel with Roots, since she couldn't get through that series for obvious reasons.

For those who've read both, what are your opinions on the two stories? Is the content in Bullied just as bad, lighter, darker, worse, or what in comparison to Roots?
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    What is there to write about me? I'm a writer and I write... that about sums everything up. ;)

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