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Dec 24, 2018

Famous Author
Joined: Dec 24, 2018
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What is there to write about me? I'm a writer and I write... that about sums everything up. ;)

Kittsune · Jan 3, 2020

Thanks for sharing your stories to us. Hope you managed to see a bit of the new year and fulfill a small portion of what you could in the end.

RockimPark · Dec 29, 2019

Thank you for spending your time with us, I really appreciate you for telling and sharing your story with us... And just thank you very very much

Taxouck · Dec 12, 2019

See you in hell, friend. We both know it's a much better place to be than heaven <3

Rellawing · Dec 12, 2019

*hugs* clear.png

hiroruby · Dec 12, 2019

I don't know what can rightfully be said, I just want you to know I enjoy and appreciate everything you gave to us.  Thank you and I pray you find peace and comfort.  I'm so sorry.

HappyVainGlory · Dec 12, 2019

That... You have nothing to apologize for. I won't waste your time with empty platitudes or words, so I'll only say that I hope there's another story waiting for you beyond this one's end, and a better one at that.

mrsimple · Author · Dec 11, 2019

I am moving in to a hospice.  I'm sorry I couldn't finish my stories before my own.  Goodbye.

Suikeina · Dec 12, 2019

My condolences. I pray things go as well as possible for you. clear.png

Yorda · Dec 12, 2019

I consider you my friend and I will be praying for you.

TLCsDestiny · Dec 12, 2019

As much as you are one of my favs here, I hope the hospice does what it's intended...Keep it simple mate.

LadyYuki · Apr 9, 2020

I'm sad to hear this and I feel worse that I found it so late after the fact. All I can say is that I wish you the best. I hope hospice can help you get well.

mrsimple · Author · Nov 11, 2019

As for Risk, it will get a chapter in once I manage to remember where it was supposed to go. That series... I initially had only planned it out towards the end of the party, but I was requested to continue it and followed it up with the morning after. I've got an idea what was supposed to happen, so there is that and I'll pinch what fluff I can from that cloudy idea. XD

PrincessBubblegum · Nov 12, 2019

Wooooh, finally I can read risk 😆

mrsimple · Author · Nov 12, 2019


mrsimple · Author · Nov 11, 2019

On another note: I'll write up a secondary draft for the next chapter to Roots and get us closer to that party we've all been waiting to experience. Reset and Stray have their next chapter mapped out and I'll see if Shandy is up for doing a proofreading whenever I offer the opportunity. >.>

mrsimple · Author · Nov 11, 2019

Today and tomorrow, I will be silent. I just lost half my hearing, which is new among the other things over this year. Anyways, on Wednesday, I'll upload the next chapter of Bullied with a partial chapter of Seed -- I seriously made Seed's chapters far too long. By the way, if ya remember reading over Bullied and just started on Seed, I'd like to toss a secret: ya might notice something similar between the two protagonists in those novels. ;)

mrsimple · Author · Nov 2, 2019

A little update on that oneshot, Following: Trismegistus Shandy helped me and edited the story. There shouldn't be any more mistakes and the confusing stuff should be fixed. Sorry about that. I'm really trying to still make sense.

TLCsDestiny · Nov 2, 2019

I get that too. You're not the only one so don't worry.

mrsimple · Author · Nov 2, 2019

Thank ya. :)

mrsimple · Author · Oct 31, 2019

Submitted the onshot for the SSSC V. It is Halloween themed, and it does follow the first prompt. We'll wait and see if it gets approved or not.

mrsimple · Author · Oct 15, 2019

I'm starting to wonder if it is wrong of me to try fixing up some of my stories. That it would be better to just bring them over here as is. They will have problems, but the former creativity that I had will still be there. Not to imply I don't have any anymore, but I enjoyed that insane passion I had before this struggle I'm going through now.

Even if the stories have issues, should I bring them over as they are? O_o?

mrsimple · Author · Oct 15, 2019

Will do. :D

TLCsDestiny · Oct 15, 2019

Stories are always in edit stage and unfinished.
As we grow in person we see changes , we mature, we see other flaws.
To a strange degree i believe a story can not be written just by one person because of all the characters personalities in it.
A good story may turn into a show or movie then ten years later is added onto with another.
Don't panic and just do as you please as at least you can say that you left something behind...that a part of you resides in the stories you made.

TLCsDestiny · Oct 15, 2019

Holy crap! Reckon I'll get famous and someone will quote me one day?

mrsimple · Author · Oct 15, 2019

Possible-possible. :)

mrsimple · Author · Oct 14, 2019

Cranked out another Lost chapter. I plan on working myself back into the writing better before I scratch out a SSSC V oneshot. I might be cutting it close to the deadline though...

Once I've worked on Lost enough that I feel ready, I'll work on Bullied some more, and at the same time, roll out the three R's I've been asked to complete. :)

TLCsDestiny · Oct 15, 2019

Ah, that's good. And I know! I'm the best hahaha!!

mrsimple · Author · Oct 15, 2019

Yep, totally. ;)

PrincessBubblegum · Oct 27, 2019

Yaaay, can’t wait for when when roots and risk to be updated 😊

mrsimple · Author · Oct 27, 2019

Out of the three R's, I concentrate on Roots first. Then I'll get to Risk, and finally Reset.

Little trivia: Technically Roots had been completed, but went on to be extended into what it is today. Same for Risk, Reset, and Stray had been completed, but got rewritten and extended from specific points in their storylines.

mrsimple · Author · Oct 9, 2019

Just a heads up. I did publish the second chapter of Lost. Not sure when it will show up, but it does exist, and will reveal itself when Tony deems it noteworthy. :)

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    What is there to write about me? I'm a writer and I write... that about sums everything up. ;)

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