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Rising Author
Jan 15, 2019

Rising Author
Joined: Jan 15, 2019
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· Aug 23, 2021

GaYlOliS... interesting name

gaylolis · Author · Aug 23, 2021


blackrockshooter · Mar 22, 2021

Do you like anime, and if you do, do you watch any?

gaylolis · Author · Mar 23, 2021

i prefer stuff like yuru yuri and gochiusa. they're light, comedic, and has interesting and likable characters to me.

strawberry panis had too much drama for my liking, i only stick with it since it's one of my first yuri anime. valkyrie drive's characters just didn't stick with me, it just felt bland.

blackrockshooter · Mar 23, 2021

How was it bland?

gaylolis · Author · Mar 23, 2021

i just don't get attached to them, not my personal taste. end of story.

blackrockshooter · Mar 23, 2021


blackrockshooter · Feb 10, 2021

So i read what there was of All you can isekai on Ao3, and enjoyed reading it. And found other stuff on there that i'll like reading in the future.

gaylolis · Author · Feb 12, 2021

i don't think the novel is for me, since it reads like a western novel.

i kind of dislike the writing style since i prefer things to go straight to the point.

for me, if it's not important or impressive, i won't describe every single detail. having something uninteresting being described in few paragraphs just bored me.

though yeah, it's normal. i have pretty strict standards when it comes to stories and i'm quite impatient.

blackrockshooter · Feb 12, 2021

Just out of curiosity, what are your standards?

gaylolis · Author · Feb 12, 2021

actually not that much. i prefer the writing to be like your average translated webnovels. I can even handle MTL if the story is interesting.

I prefer it like someone directly telling me the story. better if they keep the big words as low as possible.

i prefer if they just describe the general idea and let my imagination fill the rest. that's why i dislike western novels so much, they just describe every single trifling thing rather than trying to focus on interesting parts.

Novellover · Mar 10, 2021

clear.png Joiinn Uuuusss

blackrockshooter · Jan 22, 2021

Hello gaylolis.

gaylolis · Author · Jan 22, 2021

hello clear.png

blackrockshooter · Jan 22, 2021

Will you be writing anything new?

gaylolis · Author · Jan 23, 2021

@blackrockshooter wrote new things on Ao3.

blackrockshooter · Jan 23, 2021


gaylolis · Author · Nov 2, 2020

I decided to finish up the part of Cozy Girls after the last arc settled down. I might write a continuation later, but after I finished my pending projects.

For now I'll just write something I'm in the mood with.

gaylolis · Author · Oct 31, 2020

i will write the continuation for Weird Isekai Skit and the Magic Tower on Ao3 later.

i can't seem to continue the stories without it going too lewd, and I'm really uncomfortable posting it here.

In the meantime, I might start working on Cozy Girls again.

Ah, I really couldn't restrain myself when it came to lewd things.

Hamelin · Nov 7, 2020

Can you put a link to your profile in Aoe?

gaylolis · Author · Nov 8, 2020

@Hamelin it's Gaylolis on Ao3, written on the left side of my profile :D

gaylolis · Author · Oct 1, 2020

so yeah, I had some serious issue in real life, and it made me unable to get in the mood for writing.

i hope i can resolve this as soon as possible, so i can finally able to focus on writing for fun.

but until then, don't expect any updates from me. feel free to remove my stories from your reading list, if you don't feel like waiting.

gaylolis · Author · Sep 10, 2020

for now, i guess i'll try to focus on the other projects like weird isekai skit and cozy girls.

i think i won't write the continuation to magic tower in here, since it'd be too lewd. after i finished with the rest, i might release it on Ao3.

Zavha0mnic · Aug 23, 2020

I find it weird to find somebody so “outside the mold” of a normal top-shelf writer named

“gaylolis” person you are perfect in every way except Being easy to understand.

I’m so confused.


gaylolis · Author · Aug 23, 2020

don't worry, there's nothing to understandclear.png

gaylolis · Author · Jun 26, 2020

i think i will put my other projects on hold due to Adventum Contest

i will focus on Reincarnated as (Nonsense) Story until I wrote about 40k words. Hopefully it will be done before the deadline at August 17th.

SwirlyUnicorn · Jun 27, 2020

Yeah 40k is really a challenge. We can do this!

gaylolis · Author · Jun 27, 2020


gaylolis · Author · Jun 15, 2020

the release might get a bit slower.

i want to enjoy life a lot more, and only write, when i  come up with something i'm satisfied with.

thanks for everyone who stayed with me thus far! :D

gaylolis · Author · Mar 1, 2020

i might stop being lazy and post something here.

probably completed ones.

for ongoing ones, i guess i prefer to just laze around at Ao3.

gaylolis · Author · Sep 29, 2019

Phew, I finally got a nice ending for Cozy Girls. It felt really nice. All those perseverance really paid through.

Time to take a break for a while, and focus on the other projects.

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