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Jan 15, 2019

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gaylolis · Author · Jun 26, 2020

i think i will put my other projects on hold due to Adventum Contest

i will focus on Reincarnated as (Nonsense) Story until I wrote about 40k words. Hopefully it will be done before the deadline at August 17th.

SwirlyUnicorn · Jun 27, 2020

Yeah 40k is really a challenge. We can do this!

gaylolis · Author · Jun 27, 2020


gaylolis · Author · Jun 15, 2020

the release might get a bit slower.

i want to enjoy life a lot more, and only write, when i  come up with something i'm satisfied with.

thanks for everyone who stayed with me thus far! :D

gaylolis · Author · Mar 1, 2020

i might stop being lazy and post something here.

probably completed ones.

for ongoing ones, i guess i prefer to just laze around at Ao3.

gaylolis · Author · Sep 29, 2019

Phew, I finally got a nice ending for Cozy Girls. It felt really nice. All those perseverance really paid through.

Time to take a break for a while, and focus on the other projects.

gaylolis · Author · Sep 21, 2019

High Fantasy is just a shitpost.

There's no grand goal or so. The MC is just doing whatever he want.

Yorda · Sep 10, 2019

You had me at the "gaylolis" part. ヽ(^◇^*)/

gaylolis · Author · Sep 10, 2019


gaylolis · Author · Sep 3, 2019

while i already said, that the release schedules are irregular, I think I'll take it easy in the future.

I will only write and release them if I got something i wanna post, not because I have to post something within a time period.

that's about it.

gaylolis · Author · Aug 16, 2019

the more i tried writing the subconscious eye, the more it became a yuri novel.

it's hard.

mmm...maybe i'll relax a bit.

gaylolis · Author · Aug 7, 2019

i wonder if those god-tier comedians had too much free time.

every time i come to a music video on youtube, there's always someone who made me lol so hard.

gaylolis · Author · Aug 5, 2019

amazing band, unique sounds! :D

glad I came across their music.

gaylolis · Author · Aug 2, 2019



gaylolis · Author · Jul 28, 2019

After so many tries and attempts, I came to this new project, The Subconscious Eye.

The concept is simple. Just dump whatever nonsense in my mind and make a continuous story out of it. The result is a complete nonsense but well, I think it suits me.

I'm excited to see how it turns out. Whether or not it'd be well received, I don't care. I'm just happy finding something that works best with me, after so long.

Scribbler · Jul 29, 2019

I would imagine that's how most writers start out. I suppose there are all kinds.

gaylolis · Author · Jul 29, 2019

My early days at writing was quite rough. While I start similarly, I failed 'cuz I tried too hard to make sense of my stories in the middle, rather than committing with it to the end.

I just know that making sense isn't really my thing and I just want to write something that can do without it.

gaylolis · Author · Jul 26, 2019

My loli panda is no more ;_:

Mirai-chan will wear panda costume for today, I guess.

gaylolis · Author · Jul 19, 2019

I think I have a withdrawal symptom, each time I read the latest chapter of Daoist Gu.

Which means, time to do more Daoist Gu fanfics!

gaylolis · Author · Jul 12, 2019

On a second thought, I felt the project was a bit redundant...

So I moved the chapters into Random Drabbles.

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