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Dec 25, 2019

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Rising Author
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Joined: Dec 25, 2019
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I read too much and write too little.

Grizzly18 Dec 3, 2021

Hey everything alright it鈥檚 been three months it鈥檚 your longest break without posting or messaging. Little worried 馃槦 hope to see you soon :)

C.Sunlight Feb 17, 2021

Congrats again-again

CCmei Author Feb 17, 2021

O_O how is it doing that?!

But much thanks for it allclear.png

C.Sunlight Feb 15, 2021

Congrats on getting Trending again~

CCmei Author Feb 15, 2021

clear.png聽Thank you much for the support all this time聽clear.png

CCmei Author Jan 9, 2021

Thanks for still reading after all this time, and even getting UT on the trending page again. Haven't seen that since we just got here.聽

KatherineFtw Jan 9, 2021

Unloved Twin is on the front page? Great~! I'm happy for you~

C.Sunlight Jan 9, 2021


CCmei Author Nov 24, 2020

IDK why but I made a discord for my trash soup stories. Please be kind聽

minacia Nov 24, 2020

Hmm I clicked on it but it didn't go anywhere, I think!

CCmei Author Nov 24, 2020

Temporary link?

KatherineFtw Nov 24, 2020

That one worked. BTW, you can set the link duration so it doesn't clear.

C.Sunlight Nov 24, 2020


C.Sunlight Nov 21, 2020

Do you have a discord? clear.png

CCmei Author Nov 23, 2020

I do but I hardly use itclear.png

C.Sunlight Nov 23, 2020

...Give me the link, pleasu? clear.png

CCmei Author Nov 16, 2020

Sometimes (ok a lot of times) I get oddly shy/feel bad about posting...anything?聽

Which is odd because it's just the internet. And I already post my attempts at original stories. But there's this strange fear/feeling. That I'm making something (like the internet or this site) "dirty" by uploading my stuff, bc it's "trash".聽

Idk where that unreasonable feeling comes from. It's just there.聽

Anyways, posting to try updating again.聽

Cloudwatcher Nov 17, 2020

I get that. Ya know, the fact that you are sharing something that can be judged is daunting sometimes, and it's normal to feel that way. But that's also us just overthinking so we should let it go, and why should others opinions stop us?

Cloudwatcher Nov 17, 2020

*clicks series to see what u write*

OOOOoooohhh nonononono- no. Your writing is not trash. Nope, naw, nada. Please don't feel that way, and pwease don't let that stop you from sharing your amazing workk noooooooooooooo!! Remember there're ppl like me!


CCmei Author Aug 6, 2020

I just found out there are readers on the world wide web that think my works are Chinese translated stuff.聽

I can hear my old HS English teacher shaming me already.clear.png

CCmei Author Aug 4, 2020

I see a forum post asking "How do you all write so much???" and I'm like 'saaaaaame'聽clear.png

Sorry to any readers of mine following my snail paced stories.聽

CCmei Author Apr 25, 2020

Yo I like reading just about anything well written with strong/well written characters (that's not to say they have to be physically strong. Strong as in how well their characters are written) . Stuff that makes me think. Epic (action film) romances that make my heart beat. Period drama soap opera tragedies.聽

But you hit the nail on the head how I prefer realistic fiction and some mid fantasy. Also very down for a combo of magical realism.聽

Anyways I am always up for reading recommendations.聽

mcarandang2 Jun 30, 2020

Will try my best,

kingdom building:

joy of life | kingdom's bloodline | World of Deiteis!

split into 3 parts because of the 500 character limit

mcarandang2 Jun 30, 2020

romantic novels (all but marigold can be found on NUF):
4:48 | starting over by vgperson | The Satisfaction of 100 Lifetimes: Marigold鈥檚 Reincarnation
Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikitie orimasu! - slice of life/comedy
About the Reckless Girl Who Kept Challenging a Reborn Man Like Me
Manuscript Screening Boy and Manuscript Submitting Girl
Christmas comes not for us - have not read

mcarandang2 Jun 30, 2020

Favorites overall:
God of storytelling
I wish I had more fluffy webnovels, but that's all I can think about
Are you interested in korean webnovels...cause thats a whole nother rabbit hole
law of webnovels

I have a few more, but romantic ones especially chinese ones are not my forte.
If you're that bored (one's I'd recommend to any reader):
omniscient reader | godfather of champions | rewrite (RRL and Scribble) |king's avatar

CCmei Author Mar 8, 2020

Yo- recommend me your fav stories. I need a break from writing my own T_T. I'm also bad at just picking things to read.聽

HIBAi Apr 24, 2020

What type of stories do you like? Fantasy, Realistic Fiction? I love your stories lots, but you need breaks too!

Just realized I'm like a month late.clear.png

RhiaReader Jul 28, 2021

Action, adventure, comedy, well written characters and plot. It's mc is a quirky professional summoned hero.聽

CCmei Author Jan 9, 2020

What if I posted another story rn (or soon)- what if (there's not a lot of chapters and I'm still pretty not confident about it but yolo)

Lady_.NibbleNibble Jan 9, 2020

Dude, pleaseeeee do this. I love your series so much, like the writing is absolutely amazing and I would be thrilled to read another series by youclear.png

joary Jan 9, 2020

oo! is it gonna be castaway?

CCmei Author Jan 2, 2020

clear.pngUnloved Twin made the trending list for the first time, thanks for checking out it out everyone.clear.png

Shaiyamine Jan 4, 2020

It's a nice read! I was watching it since it came out on the new series list (aka waiting for a few chapters before binge reading) it deserves to make it on trending <3

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    I read too much and write too little.

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