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Dec 25, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Dec 25, 2019
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I read too much and write too little.

CCmei · Author · Sep 12, 2022

The only way I can make more stories is to give up on editing. *throws trash out into the void*

C.Sunlight · Sep 12, 2022


Good luck Mei, you can do it!

Grizzly18 · Sep 17, 2022

You can always edit a bad page. You can't edit a blank page.

Jodi Picoult
Grizzly18 · Sep 3, 2022

It’s officially been over a year since you’ve posted a chapter pretty sure you should declare the hiatus and come back when life allows. Hope you do come back it’s a great story.

CCmei · Author · Sep 7, 2022

Has it been so long T_T

Thank you for checking up on my alive status all this time. 

Sasha29 · Aug 14, 2022


Still checking if this story have a new chapter. Really missing this story 'I was born the unloved twin' . clear.png

CCmei · Author · Sep 8, 2022

Thank you for being here and checking. It's not exactly new and I don't have a lot but I will be updating again soon. 

Grizzly18 · Aug 13, 2022

Hey CC just checking in been a couple months. Might want to post a hiatus chapter give the readers an update just ya know fyi

NerdQueen046 · Jul 15, 2022

Hey I'm newish here and just read up to the latest chapter of UT and I wanted to ask- is the story cancelled? The last update was almost a whole year ago and all so I'm worried.

Life is rough tho 

Grizzly18 · Jul 16, 2022

It’s not cancelled according to the writer. They’re just busy with life and Covid certainly hasn’t helped.

RandomDuck · Jun 19, 2022


*waits for Author*

CCmei · Author · Jun 26, 2022


Catches me by surprise every time. Thank you for somehow finding my story. Bless. 

Grizzly18 · Mar 12, 2022

Hey CC just wanted to check in. Been another few months and when I tried the discord link it didn’t work so I don’t know if you’ve been active there. Everything going okay with school and the job? If you need time maybe post a hiatus chapter? Hear from ya when we hear from ya.

CCmei · Author · Apr 2, 2022

Thank you clear.png

MarkReadsBooks · Nov 1, 2022

Link from chapter 119 should work still-

CC advertises your discord more!! 

Grizzly18 · Dec 3, 2021

Hey everything alright it’s been three months it’s your longest break without posting or messaging. Little worried 😟 hope to see you soon :)

CCmei · Author · Dec 8, 2021

Bless, thank you for messaging. I'm still alive, though def. stretched thin from the real world. Yay work and school. Fingers crossed I get hired at this new job.

Thanks for the check in and reminder of you wonderful readers out there. clear.pngclear.png

C.Sunlight · Feb 17, 2021

Congrats again-again

CCmei · Author · Feb 17, 2021

O_O how is it doing that?!

But much thanks for it allclear.png

C.Sunlight · Feb 15, 2021

Congrats on getting Trending again~

CCmei · Author · Feb 15, 2021

clear.png Thank you much for the support all this time clear.png

CCmei · Author · Jan 9, 2021

Thanks for still reading after all this time, and even getting UT on the trending page again. Haven't seen that since we just got here. 

KatherineFtw · Jan 9, 2021

Unloved Twin is on the front page? Great~! I'm happy for you~

C.Sunlight · Jan 9, 2021


CCmei · Author · Nov 24, 2020

IDK why but I made a discord for my trash soup stories. Please be kind

minacia · Nov 24, 2020

Hmm I clicked on it but it didn't go anywhere, I think!

CCmei · Author · Nov 24, 2020

Temporary link?

KatherineFtw · Nov 24, 2020

That one worked. BTW, you can set the link duration so it doesn't clear.

C.Sunlight · Nov 24, 2020


C.Sunlight · Nov 21, 2020

Do you have a discord? clear.png

CCmei · Author · Nov 23, 2020

I do but I hardly use itclear.png

C.Sunlight · Nov 23, 2020

...Give me the link, pleasu? clear.png

CCmei · Author · Nov 16, 2020

Sometimes (ok a lot of times) I get oddly shy/feel bad about posting...anything? 

Which is odd because it's just the internet. And I already post my attempts at original stories. But there's this strange fear/feeling. That I'm making something (like the internet or this site) "dirty" by uploading my stuff, bc it's "trash". 

Idk where that unreasonable feeling comes from. It's just there. 

Anyways, posting to try updating again. 

Cloudwatcher · Nov 17, 2020

I get that. Ya know, the fact that you are sharing something that can be judged is daunting sometimes, and it's normal to feel that way. But that's also us just overthinking so we should let it go, and why should others opinions stop us?

Cloudwatcher · Nov 17, 2020

*clicks series to see what u write*

OOOOoooohhh nonononono- no. Your writing is not trash. Nope, naw, nada. Please don't feel that way, and pwease don't let that stop you from sharing your amazing workk noooooooooooooo!! Remember there're ppl like me!


CCmei · Author · Aug 6, 2020

I just found out there are readers on the world wide web that think my works are Chinese translated stuff. 

I can hear my old HS English teacher shaming me already.clear.png

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    I read too much and write too little.

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