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Dec 25, 2019

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Rising Author
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I read too much and write too little.

CCmei · Author · Apr 25, 2020

Yo I like reading just about anything well written with strong/well written characters (that's not to say they have to be physically strong. Strong as in how well their characters are written) . Stuff that makes me think. Epic (action film) romances that make my heart beat. Period drama soap opera tragedies. 

But you hit the nail on the head how I prefer realistic fiction and some mid fantasy. Also very down for a combo of magical realism. 

Anyways I am always up for reading recommendations. 

mcarandang2 · Jun 30, 2020

Will try my best,

kingdom building:

joy of life | kingdom's bloodline | World of Deiteis!

split into 3 parts because of the 500 character limit

mcarandang2 · Jun 30, 2020

romantic novels (all but marigold can be found on NUF):
4:48 | starting over by vgperson | The Satisfaction of 100 Lifetimes: Marigold’s Reincarnation
Kenkyo, kenjitsu o motto ni ikitie orimasu! - slice of life/comedy
About the Reckless Girl Who Kept Challenging a Reborn Man Like Me
Manuscript Screening Boy and Manuscript Submitting Girl
Christmas comes not for us - have not read

mcarandang2 · Jun 30, 2020

Favorites overall:
God of storytelling
I wish I had more fluffy webnovels, but that's all I can think about
Are you interested in korean webnovels...cause thats a whole nother rabbit hole
law of webnovels

I have a few more, but romantic ones especially chinese ones are not my forte.
If you're that bored (one's I'd recommend to any reader):
omniscient reader | godfather of champions | rewrite (RRL and Scribble) |king's avatar

CCmei · Author · Mar 8, 2020

Yo- recommend me your fav stories. I need a break from writing my own T_T. I'm also bad at just picking things to read. 

HIBAi · Apr 24, 2020

What type of stories do you like? Fantasy, Realistic Fiction? I love your stories lots, but you need breaks too!

Just realized I'm like a month late.clear.png

CCmei · Author · Jan 9, 2020

What if I posted another story rn (or soon)- what if (there's not a lot of chapters and I'm still pretty not confident about it but yolo)

Lady_.NibbleNibble · Jan 9, 2020

Dude, pleaseeeee do this. I love your series so much, like the writing is absolutely amazing and I would be thrilled to read another series by youclear.png

joary · Jan 9, 2020

oo! is it gonna be castaway?

CCmei · Author · Jan 2, 2020

clear.pngUnloved Twin made the trending list for the first time, thanks for checking out it out everyone.clear.png 

Shaiyamine · Jan 4, 2020

It's a nice read! I was watching it since it came out on the new series list (aka waiting for a few chapters before binge reading) it deserves to make it on trending <3

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    I read too much and write too little.

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