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Jan 15, 2020

Joined: Jan 15, 2020
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I write for fun, but also to sharpen and hone my skills. I haven't really written anything longer than short stories yet, but I'll jump that hurdle as I learn.

iAmApiano · Author · Jul 25, 2020

It's been far too long!

Check out "Fairy Broken", my new short story! I hope I can get into the habit of writing more often, even with all the new busy-ness in my life right now.

iAmApiano · Author · Jul 2, 2020

Hello again! I'm not dead, I've only been putting off writing for the past few months because, y'know, the world. Even though I haven't been writing, I've been developing the story of The First Paladin, and prep work on the next chapter is done!

I burned out hard in February, and it might be more difficult to find time to write now that I have a new full-time job, but I hope to be back in the swing of things soon!

Thanks for reading my stuff, and I'm looking forward to the future!

KatuWarriorPrincess · Jul 17, 2020

Looking forward to reading more in the future. :)

iAmApiano · Author · Feb 28, 2020

Chapter 3 is up! Sorry for the long wait. It's a longer chapter; hopefully that makes up for it!

iAmApiano · Author · Feb 28, 2020

Worry not! Chapter 3 will be up on the morning of the 28th!

KatuWarriorPrincess · Feb 28, 2020

iAmApiano is back on board! clear.png

iAmApiano · Author · Feb 21, 2020

It's coming along slowly, but surely. Chapter 3 should be out sometime this weekend if time allows!

KatuWarriorPrincess · Feb 22, 2020


iAmApiano · Author · Feb 12, 2020

I know it's really small, but I made one small change to the end of Ch. 2 of The Last Paladin; instead of "tomorrow after you finish your work", it's now "tonight after you finish supper". The next chapter will take place immediately afterwards, not the next day :P

KatuWarriorPrincess · Feb 12, 2020


iAmApiano · Author · Feb 8, 2020

Chapter 2 of The First Paladin is up! Read it while it's hot!

EssenceOverlord · Feb 1, 2020

Do you listen to South African music?

iAmApiano · Author · Feb 1, 2020

No, I do not. Why do you ask?

EssenceOverlord · Feb 2, 2020

Your pen name is a whole genre of music, that's why?

iAmApiano · Author · Jan 31, 2020

With the posting of "The Bounty", I've now officially posted all my stories from my backlog! Unfortunately, I won't be posting as frequently anymore (semi-daily is a pretty tough act to follow), but rest assured, I will still be writing occasionally. In fact, I started a new story yesterday! It's more of a reboot of one of my short stories, so look forward to the first chapter sometime in the coming days.

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    I write for fun, but also to sharpen and hone my skills. I haven't really written anything longer than short stories yet, but I'll jump that hurdle as I learn.

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