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Well-Known Author
Jan 18, 2020

Well-Known Author
Joined: Jan 18, 2020
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SwordZero · Nov 11, 2022

That's alright. I do hope that you get back to writing death march again considering how many chapters you have already written.

Tek · Author · Nov 11, 2022

Yeah. I hope so as well, some day. It is a difficult book to read lol. I'm also waiting for the light novels to finish, so I can combine the two -- I like some of the changes.

SwordZero · Nov 10, 2022

I wanted to ask a question. Have you dropped any of the novels that have not been updated for a year?

Tek · Author · Nov 10, 2022

For now they are dropped, but I might change my mind and go back to them. It's only if I delete them will a book be completely dropped.

Dahak · Sep 22, 2022

I like what you did with Death March and Slave Harem as while the original stories had potential I didn't like the personalities of the original characters.clear.png

Tek · Author · Sep 22, 2022


Yeah, I have noticed that a lot of Asian (Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) stories have great potential, but horrible personalities and characters -- which is why I enjoy (rewriting) them.

Sanss · Jul 3, 2022

You did add Karina right because I forgot

Tek · Author · Jul 3, 2022

Yeah I did.
Though I did change her personality slightly. 

Sanss · Jul 3, 2022

Death March

Tek · Author · Jul 3, 2022

I will try to finish it some day. It is painful trying to read the original clear.png

Tek · Author · Jun 19, 2022


I read through the book, and the wiki...

Judging from what I have read -- I will be unable to do an overhaul, I apologize. 

There is a reason why I usually stick to Japanese books -- the MCs can be fixed with effort.

Xanxia MCs...are self-righteous hypocrites.

Tek · Author · Jun 12, 2022

Don't celebrate too's a Xanxia (which is originally very difficult and takes time to fix (the chinese MC's are the worst kinds of hypocrites (surpassing even the religious (especially TV Preachers) clear.png )).

So I won't be able to put up chapters until I finish reading all 1,700 (ish?) translated chapters, deleting 45  - 50% of them because they are filler...and then trying to make any of the characters even slightly salvageable.

It will be a month or two before I can post anything lol.

alucard1456 · Jun 13, 2022

yes but i cant wait to see what you can do to itclear.pngclear.png

alucard1456 · Jun 11, 2022

i really like your work and i hope you start writing agen soon and i even have a challenge for you  the lords empire complete over hall id even give money for your work your that goodclear.pngclear.png

Tek · Author · Jun 12, 2022

I hope to start writing again soon as well. I start, and then find my attention wandering lol.

I will see what The Lord's Empire is, and if it's one that grabs my interest (no need for money though :P )

Mynamejeff · Feb 13, 2022

Are you still writing?

Tek · Author · Feb 13, 2022

Not at the moment. Though I am not stopping forever

celestialbeing90 · Nov 28, 2021

tek done withe exams yet? ur readers have turned into skeltons waiting!

Tek · Author · Nov 30, 2021

I have, but I am trying to find motivation to write.

Sorry about that.

celestialbeing90 · Sep 26, 2021


Tek · Author · Sep 26, 2021


Tek · Author · Aug 25, 2021

My apologies to my readers, but for the next few weeks, it is likely that I won't be getting much of a chance to write. clear.png

Bladedante · Nov 25, 2021

Any idea on when you will be writing again 

Tek · Author · Nov 25, 2021

No, sorry.

Gacha · Jun 17, 2021

Your doing a Fix on Slave Harem In A Labyrinth Of Another World!!! clear.png clear.png

I have checked for fanfic's on that one, and found none clear.png That novel is alot like Black March imo,  has alot going for it and good potential, but a few glaring problems which just brings it down hard!

Super excited to have another of your Fix novels to read. Thanks for your great work Tek!

Tek · Author · Jun 17, 2021


And You're welcome.

Yeah, strangely there are very few fanfics for some books, ones with potential but terrible execution.

Lunaressence · Jun 4, 2021

Why delete the story?

Tek · Author · Jun 4, 2021

Because I am doing a complete rewrite, so leaving it up  on hiatus felt wrong.

Lunaressence · Jun 4, 2021

Okay I guess?

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