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Jan 26, 2020

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Joined: Jan 26, 2020
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KatherineFtw · Apr 1, 2021

Is Twilight Nation coming back?

HeskethJemima · Author · Apr 3, 2021

Yes! I'm four chapters in and I will start updating today :D 

HeskethJemima · Author · Feb 23, 2021

Started releasing my new story Reincarnation Station today!  2020 was a tough year and I wrote this to cheer myself up. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it. ♥ (okay, submitted but not sure if its live yet!)

Novellover · Mar 16, 2021


IMakeFallenWorlds · Jan 28, 2020

About the title I think you should do you. If you think the new title is a better fit go for it. It's your story you write it best? I don't know something like that. You have probably noticed already but I wuv your book. Ok bye! 

HeskethJemima · Author · Jan 28, 2020

Then I will do it! With the next update I think... ah thank you, it means a lot that you like it! <3

IMakeFallenWorlds · Jan 28, 2020

My pleasure. 

CinnamonPie · Jan 27, 2020

 I think that the demon is a bit late in the story to be in the “details”. I would change it to: but then she discovered her brothers terrible secret, and has to learn to fight to stay out of his clutches. 

On a Unrelated note,

I found a good story that is almost completely undiscovered. Its prety dark, but i like it a lot. Its called: everyday normal violence.

HeskethJemima · Author · Jan 28, 2020

Yes, that is an excellent point. Mmm more blurb writing for me :D Thanks for the story recommendation, I will check it out 

IMakeFallenWorlds · Jan 27, 2020

Are you going to change the title on RoyalRoad as well?  

By the way this summary is more intense and eye-catching but the other one is my favourite for some weird reason 

HeskethJemima · Author · Jan 27, 2020

It's really interesting that you say that, because my friend wrote this one for me lol. Maybe it doesn't read like my voice.  Metal and Magic was always the working title, but I'm leery to change it at this point as I've never seen anyone else change there...  

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