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Feb 18, 2020

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Joined: Feb 18, 2020
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ForestDweller · Author · Jun 12, 2022

By the way, I have a new artwork involving the Greenwood Family. You can find it before the very first chapter.

Nako · Jun 12, 2022

W artwork

Kurodarkwing · May 2, 2022

Tengo una duda, la historia  tiene incesto? E visto algo de insinuación sobre eso pero la verdad no se, parece que habrá entre la hermana o quizá la mamá, esa impresión de dio los primeros capítulos 

ForestDweller · Author · May 2, 2022

No incest so far in the story. I do plan to have incest later on with the sister though.

ForestDweller · Author · Apr 29, 2022

I've decided to add another tier to my Patreon. I want more money for artwork commissions, you see. clear.png

So far there's only one exclusive chapter for that tier though so no need to rush for it.

Riil · Apr 30, 2022

Does this mean that there will be no new free chapters until the 3rd tier is filled?clear.png

ForestDweller · Author · Apr 30, 2022

I dunno. Depends on my mood, I guess.

Riil · Apr 30, 2022

Then let's hope for your good mood.

ForestDweller · Author · Mar 29, 2022

Finally decided to open a Discord.

Seems to be a better place for my ramblings instead of here.

ForestDweller · Author · Mar 28, 2022

I wonder if writing a female perving on a male on first person POV makes you a little gay... clear.pngclear.png

But seriously, I enjoy writing Felicia and Sherry appreciating Hugo's body. I'm into carnivorous women for sure. Just not the tall, super-muscle type.

ForestDweller · Author · Mar 6, 2022

Well, this is the first. A reader on another site just commented that he would rather not have sex scenes in the story because he doesn't want it to be a hentai.

Too bad I already wrote one. Not that long or sensual like a proper hentai but it's there. And there would be more in the future.

Also wishing for more male characters. Well, I'm bringing back Anton so there's that. I don't have any other idea for male supporting characters though.
loshi1505 · Mar 6, 2022

that's amusing. especially considering there's already been detailed foreplay sex acts. personally i think more sex related scenes would be fine. but that said i don't have access to the 'frist time sex' chapters yet. so maybe i'm speaking too soon.

loshi1505 · Mar 6, 2022

as for ideas for male friends, how about going with a master roshi trope? a gramps who hugo meets in his travels takes to hugo's personality/life style. maybe finding one of hugo's followers worthy of training in his specialty? and someone hugo can confide in and de-stress with.

ForestDweller · Author · Mar 6, 2022

Nah. I'm not bringing around an old man with Hugo.

ForestDweller · Author · Mar 3, 2022

Still, pretty jelly that other stories have "this story is so good/well-written/heartwarming" as their top reviews. clear.png

ForestDweller · Author · Mar 3, 2022

Just realized I got four one-star reviews as the most upvoted ones.  No wonder my story can't get into trending anymore. clear.png

The logical thing to do is to just abandon it and start over with a new story but I still have the desire to write for this story. At least for now.

ForestDweller · Author · Feb 28, 2022

The commission for Renee is finished! You can see it on the very first chapter! clear.png

loshi1505 · Feb 28, 2022

wow, she really has that office worker vibe. didn't think she'd looked like that at all. especially with the way she acts day to day.

ForestDweller · Author · Feb 28, 2022

I don't see the "office worker" vibe you're talking about.

loshi1505 · Feb 28, 2022

odd, her looks and dress style exudes it. all she's missing is a suit for some presentations to get the upper-management look. but for everyday on the job wear, those clothes + face makes her look like a low level office employee. maybe even at a law firm.

ForestDweller · Author · Feb 26, 2022

I suddenly have an urge to write a mecha series. Boy meets girl with lots of suffering.

But unlike some series out there, I won't kill either of them at the finale. They deserve their happiness, goddamnit.clear.png

loshi1505 · Feb 26, 2022

heh, someone just watched the darling in the franxx. my condolences.

ForestDweller · Author · Feb 22, 2022

When the MC got a kid you know there's at least 50% chance they die at the end of the story.

loshi1505 · Feb 22, 2022

sounds like a good story to me, no one lives forever. (with limited power fantasy exceptions)

like ash from pokemon for example, forever a 10yo.

loshi1505 · Feb 21, 2022

how it going IRL FD? last you mentioned you were gonna try and convince your job to let you work from home. did that pan out or nah?

ForestDweller · Author · Feb 21, 2022

Only for now, thanks to COVID spreading.

loshi1505 · Feb 21, 2022

heh, that's convenient. lol

speaking of that, isn't it pretty funny how the least covid 'vaccinated' countries are the ones with the lowest covid cases?

ForestDweller · Author · Feb 19, 2022

Damn, some of the ecchi scenes in the MT anime are really good. It's a lot lewder compared to when written in text.

ForestDweller · Author · Feb 2, 2022

I just put a new illustration on Vol 1 Chapter 12.

loshi1505 · Feb 2, 2022

hmm, speaking of height any idea where all the character will end up at? i'm picturing hugo would stop at around 5'8" or so. just because he might've stunted his own growth a little by working out too much with sword training with alan and later with fiora.

marina at 5'10"

felicia at 6'1'' (because for some reason she's tall AF despite her malnutrition-ed childhood)

fiora at 5'4"

sherry at 4'11" or maybe 5'

erika at... idk yet.

ForestDweller · Author · Feb 2, 2022

Upcoming cover would show how their heights compare. Though I have Hugo be the tallest.

loshi1505 · Feb 2, 2022

hmm, that's a shame. i was kinda hoping at least felicia would remain taller than him. just to add to the older lady vibe.

still imagining sherry and fiora to be the shortest ones. picturing those two with their demeanors just fit soo well imo. clear.png

ForestDweller · Author · Feb 2, 2022

Fiora would be taller than Sherry for sure.

loshi1505 · Feb 2, 2022

new chapter soon?

ForestDweller · Author · Feb 2, 2022

No. Still 2k words.

loshi1505 · Feb 2, 2022


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