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Feb 18, 2020

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Well-Known Author
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ForestDweller · Author · Nov 26, 2021

I've begun commissioning a cover for the story. I've uploaded the sketch at Patreon.

ForestDweller · Author · Nov 20, 2021

I suddenly got a muse to write about how Mira and Ilmyhhra met.

Might be nice worldbuilding the past world a little.

I can even make it its own story here. A prequel one-shot. Might be nice to attract readers who've abandoned this story. clear.png

ForestDweller · Author · Nov 16, 2021

Just read the first chapter of the Girl's Side Shield Hero manga. Gives me flashback to Roxy's manga.

I know you guys don't like suffering but unfortunately, Erika is going to get that in the next arc. 

I guess I'm a sadist who likes suffering little girls.

loshi1505 · Nov 18, 2021

> I guess I'm a sadist who likes suffering little girls.

i mean, not real ones right? fiction doesn't/shouldn't (i hate SJWs) matter one bit in the grand scheme of things.

also it actually kinda makes some sense that erika would experience some strife considering she's down two parents and a sibling in her life. she's only got her grandfather (who i still wonder how close she's grown to) and her sister, both of whom are very busy people.

ForestDweller · Author · Nov 19, 2021

Oh, you gotta read my Patreon chapters.

loshi1505 · Nov 19, 2021

sounds like i need a sugar momma then.

ForestDweller · Author · Nov 4, 2021

Finally. I can write Hugo and Sherry interacting again. It's been so long.

ForestDweller · Author · Nov 4, 2021

And it's fun writing Hugo being lovestruck by her older appearance. clear.png

That artwork I commissioned for her really exemplifies how beautiful she is now.

FailerQt · Nov 4, 2021

Nice, I am looking forward to the interactions :)

ForestDweller · Author · Oct 29, 2021

This music is perfect for my story.

loshi1505 · Oct 29, 2021

kinda reminds me of

not sure why though.clear.png

ForestDweller · Author · Oct 12, 2021

Wow, first time I got a positive comment on Roland.

All this time, people just hate him because of his perversion. clear.png

ForestDweller · Author · Oct 7, 2021

Alright. I'm back in the business for the Legend tier. Fifty bucks for a 3k-4k word non canon chapter of your own.

If I don't like your idea, I'll refund the money. Or you can contact me before you sub to the tier on Patreon.

It's only open for one chapter now so better get going if you want to waste your money! clear.png

ForestDweller · Author · Oct 2, 2021

Welp, recent story developments on Patreon seem to be not that popular, judging by the drop on my sub.

I saw this coming, of course. But at this point, I don't even care taming my story for it to be popular.

Expect slower release though. I've picked other writing projects currently and that would take time out of my schedule.

ForestDweller · Author · Sep 19, 2021

lol I just realized I have two character with the name Rina. clear.png

FailerQt · Sep 19, 2021

Easy fix. Kill one of them.

ForestDweller · Author · Sep 19, 2021

That's what I just did.

FailerQt · Sep 19, 2021


ForestDweller · Author · Sep 13, 2021

So, this story just got compared to The Wandering Inn and Beginning After The End.

I haven't read either so I don't know what the similarities are. I know the latter is also a reincarnation isekai but I don't think the former is.
FailerQt · Sep 13, 2021

The Wandering inn is a transmigration story, I'd say it is comparable to the best web novel I've ever read and that is metaworld chronicles.

ForestDweller · Author · Sep 13, 2021

Ooh boy, I've pulled the trigger on Marina.

She just can't catch a break. clear.png

loshi1505 · Sep 14, 2021

if she was really smart about it, she'd have taken a different noble's servant or something along with her to verify it as a border skirmish too. if she cared to play the political game a small bit.

ForestDweller · Author · Sep 14, 2021

Yeah, but that's not really her style, is it? clear.png

loshi1505 · Sep 14, 2021

true, i just wish she implemented more diplomacy than might makes right logic. mainly because as is, it makes marina closer to pre-hugo fiora than i'm comfortable with.

loshi1505 · Sep 14, 2021

i can appreciate how the theme for the volume is the struggles with that though. just wish marina was on the low end of this struggle rather than high end.

ForestDweller · Author · Sep 6, 2021

I've added a little to the most recent chapter by the way. Thanks to the request of someone over at Questionable Questing.

loshi1505 · Sep 6, 2021

clear.png what part? because the only part that sticks out to me is hugo breaking down a bit more. but i only skim read looking for it. >_>

ForestDweller · Author · Sep 13, 2021

The part with the question mark person.

loshi1505 · Sep 14, 2021

ah, the dungeon master's pov got it. must've been tired when i went to skim/re-read, because it doubled in size or so. LOL

ForestDweller · Author · Aug 30, 2021

I've added a Vol 1 recap at the end of Volume 1 if anyone's interested. Written by a future historian about Hugo.

Also, I've added some little things and here to that volume that helps foreshadow the upcoming plot revelation. Nothing really that significant that you should bother going back for though.

loshi1505 · Aug 31, 2021


how come you didn't choose to leave a hint at who the biographer is at the end of the recap? like *insert initials or parody off their real name*?


btw i'm guessing

Some time after that, his little sister was born. Erika Greenwood. Her story would be little in this chapter, but rest assured, she would be one of the key figures in Hugo Greenwood’s life.

Click to expand...

is the foreshadowing you were mentioning?


ForestDweller · Author · Aug 31, 2021

No, that's on the other, already existing chapters.

The name of the biographer can come at the end of the story.

loshi1505 · Aug 31, 2021

ah! so you edited in some foreshadowing in the volume 1 arc, not the recap. how typical of me! lol

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