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Feb 25, 2020

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Feb 25, 2020
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ByzFan · Author · Aug 20, 2021


Thank you for reading my stories.  Honestly never expected them to be read.  Just wanted to get them "out there" in a more permanent state.  Rather than just live and die on my hard drive.  The problem is that I've run into an issue.

When I go back to the earlier pages they just don't read right to me anymore.  So I've been editing them again and doing some rewrites.  Wanted to display it without being too obvious or disruptive so what I've settled on is "V1P13A."

ByzFan · Author · Aug 20, 2021

In the top right of the chapter is the volume and part number.  If there is a letter at the end then its been edited.  The higher the letter, the later the edit.  Of course if there is nothing in the upper right its not part of the latest round of edits yet.

I'm not changing anything in the story.  Well, maybe little bits here and there.  Better definition.  More fluff.  Its mostly just my edititus rearing its ugly head in hopefully a way that makes it a better read afterwards.

ByzFan · Author · Aug 20, 2021

Also want to apologize for my lack of updates to Scifi Isekai.  The issue is that I want the next chapter to be a lore chapter.  But it reveals a lot about the end and after of A Father's Wrath.  So I've been stalling, sort of.  I will get back to it at some point.

Gisber · Aug 21, 2021

Don't worry clear.png,  just be sure you resolve your IRL issues before trying anything else, they could be worse if one left them be...clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Pheonix099 · Aug 1, 2021

Thanks for the updates I find your work compelling even with the smut tag, most just do wish fulfillment but yours is a well written with a great story.... that just so happens to have great well written sex scenes.

Hazelltron · Oct 23, 2020

Is a fathers wrath over now?

ByzFan · Author · Oct 24, 2020

Possibly.  I have just not found a way to continue that reads write to me yet.  Ran into blocks twice with this story but this is the toughest one yet.  I've even started another story with Jon as the main character.  Maybe working on that will shake loose the block on AFW.

Jaredman92 · Nov 22, 2020

I find it an interesting change. 

Though, his ultimate turn to darkness, while understandable, kinda turned me off to the original story.

I hope you manage to get past your writer’s block. You’re really great at your craft.

Sakka · Jul 21, 2020

found it fitting for John, maybe when cleaing up pedo priests? or/and have to cleand lot of souls ?

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