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Well-Known Author
Mar 21, 2020

Well-Known Author
Joined: Mar 21, 2020
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Mmee123 · Jul 4, 2022

Just wanted to say that I hope you're doing well and that your life is improving boss

Galen · Author · Jul 4, 2022

I'm here, just surviving.

Mmee123 · Jul 6, 2022

I'm glad you're hanging in there 

Ciliaen · Jul 2, 2022

Hope you are doing fine after these past few months with the stuff you have been dealing with.

ProjectHorton · Jun 19, 2022

Hi Galen, for the 

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Liacster · Jun 20, 2022

Where’s this?

Liacster · Jun 20, 2022

Also do you have a discord or anything Galen?

Galen · Author · Jun 20, 2022

I don't have a discord channel for the novel. If you wish to get a hold of me, using my profile page or private messenger on the site is one of the best ways to do so. 

King.J.Elias · Jun 4, 2022

You gotta be real proud of yourself dropping that bombshell on us and leaving us hanging like this?! Poor lizzy clear.png

Galen · Author · Jun 4, 2022


Ruiso · Jun 4, 2022

Yusssss, though I'll read it tomorrow as I am half asleep and I want to enjoy itclear.png

KermitAku · Jun 4, 2022


Kurumi69 · Jun 4, 2022


Galen · Author · Jun 3, 2022

Update: The story is NOT on hiatus. I am still writing it. I'm just dealing with stuff. I am actively writing 141 now. Just have to do it in pieces. 

I've noticed that if I am dealing with things, or in a certain mood. It tends to color the perception of the writing. I hyper focus on aspects of the story that don't need to be focused on because it's what is effecting my life currently. That isn't fair to you, the readers. It's not fair to the story. So I'm doing it pieces.  

Ditz · Jun 3, 2022

Thank you. For being You? For caring? Both. I really enjoy reading what you write. May you find a balance in the Force. clear.png, and more power to ya!

GonZ555 · Jun 3, 2022

Take your time. We all love your story, if you give it more love, we as the reader will love it too~

Ruiso · Jun 3, 2022

Thanks for the update, glad to hear from you.clear.png

Liacster · Jun 5, 2022

All good, you know how to write your story best.

CobraQuantum · May 31, 2022

Sire, please reward our patience

Ditz · Jun 2, 2022

Hmm… I would like another chapter… BUT, maybe Galen could just not post anything for this month? Like, keep writing a backlog on their own time, but only start posting again starting next month? Less stress all around. We can anticipate their return, and they might enjoy writing with a more relaxed deadline. 

I believe their story is worth waiting for.

Eternal_Night · May 28, 2022

Galen-sama bless us with a new chapter 😢😢

Eternal_Night · May 26, 2022

Next chapter please😢😢

Tinytim · May 26, 2022

We can’t rush greatness 

Galen · Author · May 25, 2022

Happy Birthday to me! clear.png

Goldaer · May 26, 2022

Better late than never, happy b-day Galen

Ruiso · May 28, 2022

Holy shit I am late... Happy birthdate Galen, Sorry I failed youclear.png

Liacster · May 28, 2022

Merry belated birthday to you

Mmee123 · May 30, 2022

Happy late birthday boss

Liacster · May 22, 2022

Did you know there are two Galens in Star Wars?

* Galen marek/star killer from the force unleashed 

*and Galen Walton Erso a human male scientist and leading galactic authority on crystallography and energy enrichment. Erso was drafted into the Republic Futures Program, and reluctantly, in the development of the DS-1 Death Star Mobile Battle Station. Erso managed to subtly sabotage its design. Also he was the father of jyn from rogue one

CobraQuantum · May 20, 2022

Hey man you doing alright?

Galen · Author · May 20, 2022

I am... Just life. Bit of good news. The next chapter should be ready in a few days. 

CobraQuantum · May 22, 2022

That's great, hope it turns out for the better man, life sucks sometimes

KermitAku · May 18, 2022

Hey Galen, are you still active on discord by chance?

Galen · Author · May 18, 2022

I do use Discord. Not every day, but yes.

KermitAku · May 20, 2022

Was trying to find ya in my friend list, but failed to do so.clear.png

Liacster · May 11, 2022

Hey Galen so I’ve got a question? How do you keep al the stuff that you use in the story. Powers, characters, characters powers, locations, resources, locations, etc, straight? Do you use a mind map or some really extensive notes or what?

Liacster · May 13, 2022

If I was writing on a computer, I’d have a couple word documents open

one for his skills

one for characters: with a quick bio relevant info and their skills  (can further subcategory to which reality)

one for locations: important ones, ones you might use, important info eg. the hosts are xenophobes, rare metals, etc

And items of interest:

Liacster · May 13, 2022

And when something pops in my head that I might wanna use or comes up in the story (a place or person that might again) I’d note it down, so that if I want to introduce a new twist I can look through my interesting items 

Liacster · May 13, 2022

Though I admit that sounds more like work even with adhd and hyper focus

Liacster · May 13, 2022

Although since your world is based on dc , you can draw from (fictional) reality, although you use your own characters a lot, which is impressive considering how many people write dc or marvel or whatever so they don’t have to

Donny_Manga · May 9, 2022

It'll be worth the wait XD

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