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Famous Author
Mar 21, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: Mar 21, 2020
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Galen · Author · Jun 2, 2024

I'm up to chapter seven on my goofy silly story. When I hit ten, I'll start posting them. Again, I don't think this particular story will last very long. It's just meant to motivate me to get back to the Dream Engine. clear.png 

AmDumb · Jun 2, 2024

Nice to see you back in actionclear.png

CoffeeAficionado · Jun 2, 2024

No worries, we're a patient lot (most of us at least). Better for you to be happy with the work and continue versus caving to (unreasonable) demands and dropping it all together cause you can't recognize it. If you are still looking for motivations, find a local anime/D&D store near you. They typically have some gaming/discussion section where people bounce ideas around a lot.

Galen · Author · May 28, 2024

Question, when you post a story about Fan Fiction what Copy right type should I use? 

Goldaer · May 28, 2024

This one sounds complete, if a little stiff:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognisable characters, settings, etc. are the property of (their respective owners). The original characters and plot are the property of Galen. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any previously copyrighted material. No copyright infringement is intended.

Badwolf · May 28, 2024

Not sure but I don't think you can copyright fanfics. As the story tends to be based around an already existing work the likes and likenesses of said charecters are likely copyrighted unless they have entered the public domain then all you can do is copyright your own unique charecter

Galen · Author · May 25, 2024

So update on my little story, I'm up to three whole chapters. Each one is about 10k words, and I'm using the grammar online fixer thing to help edit. Now, the question is do I wait till I have 10 chapters then post. Or just post now? clear.png

Zaldiek · May 25, 2024

In my opinion you should wait until you have 10 then gives us a chapter every 5 to 6 days if that IS not enough then every week or bi-monthly until you have no more that should give you time to write more and give us a regular schedule for reading.

AmDumb · May 25, 2024

Either way, happy birthdayclear.png

Eternayz · May 25, 2024

everything at once, after all, eating little by little is distressing, so take everything at once to feel happy and ready to wait more.

Bazka · May 25, 2024

Fuck it we ball. Post that shit, hit us with hit

Galen · Author · May 18, 2024

Hello people! So I'm following the advice of some of my readers, and Authors. I've started to write a little fun story just to get my brain pumping. I'm going to get 10 chapters done and see how I feel. I don't think I'll actually finish this fun story as it's just meant to help me get back on track. But I plan to post it either way. 

Demain_csomic_winters · May 18, 2024

Glad to hear you having joy in your life, you brought a lot of joy to us, may you as well.  Here's a cookie clear.png

GonZ555 · May 18, 2024

Glad to have you back~

Take care of yourselfclear.png

Mmee123 · May 18, 2024

Glad to... hear? Read? Hear from you boss

Donny_Manga · May 19, 2024

Awesomesauce XD can't wait to see the new thing and I hope you do get those creative juices flowing again. clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

MrX · May 13, 2024


Galen · Author · May 13, 2024


King.J.Elias · May 8, 2024

Hey dude, I hope you are still kicking!

We miss yah! clear.png

Galen · Author · May 8, 2024

Still here... Can't get rid of this cough. But still here. 

MrX · Mar 21, 2024


Ale1985 · Mar 20, 2024

this novel is in hiatus or dropped?

Galen · Author · Mar 21, 2024

Writer's block.

So, Hiatus... But I fully intend, or rather I greatly desire to finish it. 

Cyeven · Mar 13, 2024

How are you doing man?

Galen · Author · Mar 13, 2024

I'm alive! I like your profile pic. Very dragon-esq. How are you?

Cyeven · Apr 5, 2024

I'm doing fine

Ale1985 · Dec 27, 2023

Merry xmass and happy new year 🎅⛄👌

Mountainwalker · Jan 2, 2024

Happy new year!

King.J.Elias · Dec 15, 2023

*wellness check*

Dude, you good? 

Galen · Author · Dec 16, 2023


Galen · Author · Oct 10, 2023


CobraQuantum · Oct 10, 2023


Baconbit1911 · Oct 17, 2023

Thank you very much for the chapter. I always appreciate and enjoy this novel a lot. 

Galen · Author · Oct 10, 2023

The frustrating moment of erasing 3,000 words from your latest chapter because you realize it doesn't make any sense! 

Demain_csomic_winters · Oct 10, 2023

Just gears grinding while you get back up to speed, nothing to be bothered by. We are willing to wait.

Ruiso · Oct 10, 2023

Take your time champ, we waited a bit for the chapter, waiting a bit more won't hurt much. Patience is key and your work is worth it.

Galen · Author · Oct 9, 2023

That awkward moment when you wish one of the books you are reading would update, when you realize you haven't updated your own novel in weeks and/or months. 

I should get on that. To the writing mobile! clear.png

Demain_csomic_winters · Oct 9, 2023


Unholy_Student · Oct 9, 2023

Lol, its good to know I now have an advantage over Galen since he reads my fic(s)

Donny_Manga · Oct 9, 2023



Dragonsfyre · Oct 9, 2023


Eternal_Night · Jul 30, 2023

Sighsss should we be expecting the next update by next year?

KodySarmento2518 · Jul 30, 2023

Don't be an ass

Hello564 · Aug 2, 2023

Be content you can’t rush greatness

Tonytoce · Aug 10, 2023

don't gotta be rude clear.png

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