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Well-Known Author
Mar 21, 2020

Well-Known Author
Joined: Mar 21, 2020
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Galen · Author · Jan 8, 2023

Update: Apologies to all my readers. The holidays were a complicated affair for me. Yes, I fully intend to continue to write the Dream Engine novel. I'm just dealing with life. I know you've heard this all before. But life is life. No update on when I get the next chapter. But I'll do what I can when I can. Once again sorry for the delay.

Baconbit1911 · Jan 10, 2023

Just glad to know you are doing ok. Take your time and deal with life. 

Donny_Manga · Jan 11, 2023

Life is quite a thing. Glad to hear from you and hope everything works out good for ya XD

Tonytoce · Jan 11, 2023

as always take as much time as you need :D

Ditz · Jan 15, 2023

If you have a choice, please choose Life. If you die, I’ll be really sad. But… IF you did happen die? Or… happened to fade away, and become a ghost? I’ll remember you... for A Time. 

Till we meet again! -Ditz

Tonytoce · Jan 1, 2023

HAPPY NEW YEAR! clear.png

Mmee123 · Dec 27, 2022

Hope you're doing well boss

Galen · Author · Dec 27, 2022

Still alive, The story will go on, it will just be a while. Sorry! 

Hello564 · Dec 25, 2022

Merry Christmas to you!clear.png

CobraQuantum · Dec 16, 2022

Hey man, happy holidays. How are your holidays going so far?

Galen · Author · Dec 16, 2022

Ups and downs, trying to manage spending for x-mas with what I want to do, with what I want to do. Plus it's cold. So all I want to do is curl up and wiggle about. 

King.J.Elias · Dec 12, 2022

You good mate?! We have not heard anything from you in a while! clear.png

Galen · Author · Dec 12, 2022

Holidays, and family stuff. But I'm alive, and the story lives on. 

Nysaheller · Nov 18, 2022

All I can say is that this story is good and that doesn't count in the fact that I have read your story from beginning to latest chapter a few times. Though I am running behind by four, five chapters because at this point I am just waiting for a decent amount to accumulate to start reading from the start again.

I would rate this 8.5/10 the missing 1.5 is just from the errors through out the entire story.

Galen · Author · Nov 18, 2022

I still don't understand how people can leave a review on a novel when they haven't gotten past chapter 50. 

DemeanCosmos · Nov 18, 2022

Don't know, love story cant wait for more, you had my five stars at like around chapter 30 when i started to read your work if not earlier, though doubt it from way sounds, but hope good review, though think about it probably someone impatient type. 

Grizzly18 · Nov 18, 2022

People have their opinions doesn’t mean that their opinions aren’t sh!t but they are entitled to their opinions. Ignore the trolls so what if a couple jackasses don’t like it. They can know find something else they will like. Dream engine is a popular story with a lot of followers who have read past 50 so chin up man.

Tirminaterj · Nov 24, 2022

Out of the billions of people on this planet many will be idiots. Do not stress over it I have been reading fanfiction for years. It is my primary hobby. Your story is easily in my top three. It is so good in fact that I could not say for sure what position it is in my top three. 

Galen · Author · Nov 16, 2022

UPDATE: 144 is up! clear.png

Ruiso · Nov 16, 2022

My precious!!!

CobraQuantum · Nov 16, 2022


georppy · Nov 17, 2022

Writer's block is over

CobraQuantum · Nov 10, 2022

Bro I thought you died!!!

Eternal_Night · Oct 31, 2022

Nice man

Keep up the good work yea

Galen · Author · Oct 31, 2022


werewolf1987 · Oct 31, 2022

Thank you

georppy · Oct 31, 2022

Let's go

Baconbit1911 · Nov 2, 2022

Fantastic!!! So good to see you back. This is one of my favorite stories. 

Ale1985 · Oct 30, 2022

Maybe Lash can go in the rift of Overman (Nazi´s Superman) in the rift of villains clear.png

Ale1985 · Oct 26, 2022

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