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Mar 28, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Mar 28, 2020
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I'm an avid reader of Japanese mangas and light novels. I love to watch Animes too. If you have any good recommendations, please message me.

Blackout · Author · Mar 15, 2023

I'm writing the prologue for a new series. Might finish tonight, lastest Friday night. Stay tuned.

ghostphoenix · Jan 24, 2023

Are there gonna be no updates on any of your books author-sama? clear.pngclear.png

Blackout · Author · Jan 24, 2023

Which one?

ghostphoenix · Mar 15, 2023

The Hero who returned from another world...

Blackout · Author · Mar 16, 2023

There will be, but it'll take time since I'm busy these days.

Blackout · Author · Feb 17, 2022


Mynamejeff · Nov 20, 2021

Will a new chapter for mob from harem anime be coming soon?

Blackout · Author · Nov 20, 2021

It will, but I have to warn you, the update won't be as regular anymore since I'm really running out of ideas for that series.

YashAllen · Oct 8, 2021

So do you read " Protagonists are murdered by me "  if then what's your thought, like killing protagonist of novels.

Blackout · Author · Oct 8, 2021

I only read until the part where he killed the first guy. I supposed it's not bad so far. May have to read more before giving more comment.

YashAllen · Oct 3, 2021

Q2) Do you often use cliches in your novel or you make originality with unpredictable scenario and ending which is different than expected?

Blackout · Author · Oct 4, 2021

I prefer a mix of both

YashAllen · Oct 3, 2021

 Q1) When hero JIN gets transported back to his world , he sees that time has not changed, it feels like he send to past , So when Esty tries to find hero to avenge his father she comes to earth with same timeline as hero or to say past ,  whether Grand mage send hero to past but how Esty gett to past? Like it could be earth time zone is slower than ifezen but not zero then how ? It's like Esty tracked hero that got into past and she also travels in that exact time and exact place..

Blackout · Author · Oct 4, 2021

I'll be explaining this through the story, so please be patient until then.

YashAllen · Sep 30, 2021

I want ask something like you are writing every chapter long , at least how many many words or how much long i write for my first novel ,like long as your or can be short than yours what are your opinion on length of chapter?

Blackout · Author · Sep 30, 2021

I always make sure that my chapter is at least 3000 words long. As for how long you want yours to be, it's really up to you.

YashAllen · Sep 28, 2021

Is this story going to end at the end of second tempest competition ? 

Blackout · Author · Sep 28, 2021

hard to say. I have no idea how much more I can write until I end it. At least, I'll be pausing it since I had two other novels that I was working on.

YashAllen · Sep 26, 2021

I also want try to write novel but i want to ask your advice like you have whole plot set at start or you are writing like remembering or thinking on the spot or you make manuscript for this novel from start to end. What is your view ? Elaborate please if you can.

Blackout · Author · Sep 26, 2021

Here's how I write my plot when I'm starting:

1. Come up with a general storyline.

2. Expand the plot and try to make the characters as interesting as possible.

3. Make sure that the plot makes as much sense as possible. 

4. Sometimes, ideas will just come to you. Think them thorough before adding them to the actual plot.

5. I prefer to improvise instead of having the manuscript of twnety to thirty chapters in one go.

Hope this helps.

YashAllen · Sep 24, 2021

dungeon which seeks to derive those inside of sanity,  Can you tell me about it ?. I understand dungeon means school and part where school is cage or prison which helps people to learn sanity of mind or to learn to keep them stable .What about you Author? And  is your pen name,blackout .

Blackout · Author · Sep 24, 2021

1. For me, school was an absolute shithole. I have next to zero good memories of it. I felt like I'll go crazy every time I'm in there, hence the description.

2. Yes, my pen name is Blackout.

YashAllen · Sep 23, 2021

And one thing more i recommend you a series named " Protagonist are murdered by me" It is one most adventuring another world related fantasy novel to will never be bored to read this and will find it thrilling. 

Blackout · Author · Sep 23, 2021

thanks. I'll try to look it up when I have the chance.

YashAllen · Sep 23, 2021

You have written Jin POV but it's like narrative perspective like you write " he is" not "I am" that's why i ask ques about POV I understand that your meaning of perspective is not what Jin is thinking but by talking from Jin side like change in character-pov

Blackout · Author · Sep 23, 2021

Ah, you mean 1st person perspective. No, I want to try writing on 3rd person perspective for this one and try to let reader's know about the thoughts and actions of majority of the characters instead of just the MC. 

YashAllen · Sep 21, 2021

Will you write this novel from Jin Perspective also? Or will you Continue on Narrative Perspective. Because by Jin Perspective we can see what's in Jin mind whatever he is thinking.

Blackout · Author · Sep 22, 2021

I'm writing it from the perspectives of multiple characters, not just Jin.

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    I'm an avid reader of Japanese mangas and light novels. I love to watch Animes too. If you have any good recommendations, please message me.

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