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Rising Author
Apr 1, 2020

Rising Author
Joined: Apr 1, 2020
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My spirit animal is owl, my spirit anime is Konata. I like girls and I like them even better when they're gay.

Gimme a yuri pic and we'll be best friends forever, guaranteed.

The2ndKid · Author · Sep 11, 2020

Update: chapter 7 word count: 1,712 words. Half done.

Estimated release: two weeks from now

Plan: double release. Estimated time: by end of September - early October

The2ndKid · Author · Sep 4, 2020

Clarification update regarding the status of the story "SVLCL"

SVLCL yuri book is indeed currently on hiatus for I can't promise the continuation of the story nor its release dates. However, SVLCL will continue to update chapters when finished and ready to be read. How long will it take? That, I don't know, hence I put the story on hiatus. 

That's all, thank you!

The2ndKid · Author · Sep 3, 2020

2/2 update

Been working on the original characters, improving them, and also adding other side characters to spice up my MC's personality. Also, I'm seriously thinking on the World Settings like traditions, beliefs, religion, etc, and improving the "magic" concept of the world.

Everything's so crude actually since I only made this story on a whim but didn't expect the support to be this influential to me.

I hope this update helps! Thank you very much for your support and patience everyone!!!

Alaster · Sep 3, 2020

clear.png glad to hear you'll be continuing your story looking forward to reading more once you feel you have fleshed everything out.

Thanks for the notice, honestly thought you might have dropped it clear.png

The2ndKid · Author · Sep 3, 2020

Yes, I'm far from dropping this story clear.png

I plan to do casual updates about my improvement for the story and also to alert chapter progress. Also, I'm once again asking for time to sort out my thoughts and ideas in the meantime clear.png

Alaster · Sep 3, 2020

no worries, take yer time clear.png, i'm just glad you will be releasing more chapters in the future clear.png

The2ndKid · Author · Sep 3, 2020

1/2 update

Hey guys, I don't know how many of y'all still has hope for the story I'm working on and hopeful for its continuation, so I'm just gonna drop a (probably) promising update for its situation.

As of late I've work on improving the plot and the "road" of the story, and still actually working on it right now. 1/4 of the 7th chapter is also done, though I met a little "author's block", so it'll take me some time to ease out the writing.

The2ndKid · Author · May 11, 2020

Sorry guys the next chap will be delayed for a few days. I just need to connect the dots and it'll need to take some time thinking to make sense (and also filter out all fillers) 😼😼😼

Alaster · May 11, 2020

looking forward to it clear.png

The2ndKid · Author · May 12, 2020

Arigatou clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

ViniPaiva25 · May 10, 2020

Dude, your novel should be translated into Japanese and published on Syosetu!

The2ndKid · Author · May 10, 2020

Ohh I just checked it out. I'm not sure I should just try to finish my story first and see if I can work on it after? 😅😅😅

ViniPaiva25 · May 10, 2020

Better finish it first

ViniPaiva25 · May 10, 2020

And it’s better if you hire a translator to publish it on SyosetuAnd it’s better if you hire a translator to publish it on Syosetu!

The2ndKid · Author · May 10, 2020

Oooh I see, I will focus on the plot first and when successful, maybe I can do just that. I can't promise though hahahahaha

The2ndKid · Author · May 6, 2020

Ok so I just wanted to share that on the day of uploading chapter 4, I mentioned that I was "late" on uploading it since it was like 1AM on Tuesday. But I come to realize that I was actually 18 frigging hours EARLY on uploading that chapter and my dumbass brain thought 6 hours late.

I could've used that 18 hours to update and recheck and reedit in detail but I have a dead fried brain instead

Alaster · May 6, 2020

you sound like your in serious need of a break, so here hoping you do because burnout is a terrible thingclear.png

The2ndKid · Author · May 6, 2020

Instead of writing chapter 5 I ended up finishing a whole chapter that is supposed to be released later on the seriesclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

AllendiaFarcrest · May 6, 2020

x3 GG well played.  :P <3

Alaster · May 6, 2020

LMAO, pretty funny that you managed that guess that means you have a lot of the story already planned out which is nice to know clear.png but sad no chapter 5clear.png

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    My spirit animal is owl, my spirit anime is Konata. I like girls and I like them even better when they're gay.

    Gimme a yuri pic and we'll be best friends forever, guaranteed.

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