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Apr 27, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 27, 2020
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Will kill for turtles.

Kekw · Author · Jul 20, 2024

Been watching House of the Dragon for research about worldbuilding and political intrigue, learned a lot, ill be incorporating stuffs into my novel and a future planned novel that takes place 300,000 years into the future after the Reinovel

Chapter out in a few hours or tomorrow! Apologies for delays!

Kekw · Author · Jul 9, 2024

Shit I forgot I had a novel

Chapter soon

Yurekli_Kedi · Jul 10, 2024

Shit I forgot I had a novel

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Chapter soon

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not relatable

Kekw · Author · Jul 4, 2024

My fellow Ylenians

We need to come up with a more catchy and baity name for my novel, any suggestions?

FYI the current title is "From Fake Hero To Demon Lord"

Kekw · Author · Jun 30, 2024

Got to 3rd place trending, 50k views soon

Man, scribblehub is too easy kekw

Ruti · Jun 30, 2024


Kekw · Author · Jun 25, 2024

>doesnt upload for a year

>gets into trending after uploading twice

Yurekli_Kedi · Jun 27, 2024

📈 Stonks! 📈

Kekw · Author · Jun 23, 2024


Kekw · Author · Jun 23, 2024

I dont think I should start encouraging patreon again yet because I think I still need to pick up pace and get into writing more regularly

Kekw · Author · Jun 14, 2024


Yurekli_Kedi · Jun 16, 2024

Google Translate:

Chinese people are delicious

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Kekw · Author · Jun 12, 2024

Uploaded TWO chapters!!

(I actually wrote too much so I just split them into two)

Fritzer · Jun 13, 2024


Kekw · Author · Jun 12, 2024

I sound like a broken record right about fucking now but im saying this, the next chapter is releasing later today and the schedule will regularise to every 7 or 3 days, idk I suddenly got a jolt for writing

MemeDarg · Jun 12, 2024

the eternal mood, sit in bed all day or write 40,000 words overnight

Kekw · Author · Oct 21, 2023

I updated, my lovelies

Kekw · Author · Oct 8, 2023

'Rei said 'it's gluttony time' and proceeded to demon lord all over the place'

Kekw · Author · Oct 6, 2023

Chapter up my hungry children

Kekw · Author · Aug 5, 2023

Ive been busy playing eternal return but fuck yall new chapter 50% complete

Kekw · Author · Jul 28, 2023

Next reinovel chapter is 20% complete, and the newest one has been released like 24 hours ago I forgor to mention

Kekw · Author · Jul 28, 2023

We're so back Reibros

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    Will kill for turtles.

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