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Apr 27, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 27, 2020
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Will kill for turtles.

Kekw · Author · Mar 24, 2023

ahem the new chapter is out!!

Kekw · Author · Mar 22, 2023

also its a  bit different from the usual since its more focused as a cultivator story, so for those that arent turned off at this point and dont know much about the cultivator/martial artist tropes, i highly recommend scrolling through this when youre confused on a seemingly mysterious term that i use!

Kekw · Author · Mar 22, 2023

also im planning to just add something like in wikipedia where i add numbers next to the words and then have explanations for each at the end of each chapter, should i do that?

Kekw · Author · Mar 22, 2023

oh right, i released a new novel, be sure to join Mao the demonic pigeon in his adventure!

its also available on webnovel, and is a LitRPG!

Kekw · Author · Dec 18, 2022

chapter out, novel back, as expected from a master writer, a master artist, a master gamer, and a master bator!

Kekw · Author · Dec 18, 2022

now i go sleep, its 4am

Fritzer · Dec 18, 2022

Congratulations. I am very happy for you. Your novel is very based clear.png

Kekw · Author · Dec 18, 2022

who asked

Kekw · Author · Dec 17, 2022

new chapter will be out shortly

Fritzer · Dec 18, 2022

3 hours later 

Kekw · Author · Dec 18, 2022

we both have very different perceptions of "shortly" it seems

Fritzer · Nov 18, 2022

Back to hiatus? 

Kekw · Author · Nov 18, 2022

no, just busy with work

as in, "i have to wake up early for this kind of shit" busy

Kekw · Author · Oct 27, 2022

uhhhh wait, should i put the crossover tag of Vive La Villainesse? since theres a chara from Fake Hero To Demon Lord thats going to appear sometime in the story

Ilikewaterkusa · Oct 27, 2022

Yeah go ahead

Bingbongzz · Oct 27, 2022

Let's go?clear.pngclear.png

Chicabu · Oct 31, 2022

You can put that as shared universe 

Kekw · Author · Oct 26, 2022

ahem new novel chapter is out :yay:

Dreckons · Oct 26, 2022


Kekw · Author · Oct 24, 2022

how tf do i create a new novel on scribblehub again?

Ilikewaterkusa · Oct 24, 2022

3 bars in the side, create, new series

Kekw · Author · Oct 23, 2022

Thoughts on me just giving up on Fake Hero To Demon Lord (Unsightly Gluttony Revised) for now and just making a braindead average isekai that either features an edgy male protagonist with a predictable plot and harem or a female isekai where its an otome game with again one of the most predictable plots?

Turtlecat · Oct 23, 2022

otome clear.png

Lord_Grimm · Nov 2, 2022

Unsightly Gluttony the original was actuly prty good it a shame u drop it.well good luck whit those brain dead novels

Kekw · Author · Nov 4, 2022

ahem ahem i have not dropped it, if anything, the next chapter is for fake hero to demon lord!

Ilikewaterkusa · Sep 16, 2022

Kekwgowrite will become an account

SerikoLee · Sep 16, 2022


Kekw · Author · Aug 26, 2022

the retarded generic LN title is bothering me

should I rename it back into "Unsightly Gluttony Revised", or change it up a bit into "From Fake Hero to Demon Lord", or maybe just straight up change it only a little bit into "My Unsightly Gluttony"?

Other suggestions can be left out here in the comments, and if something intrigues me ill pick it out

also new chappie coming out soon!

Kekw · Author · Aug 27, 2022

well now you need to go revive and help me with smth

Lawrencium. · Aug 27, 2022

[Hold F to revive.]

Kekw · Author · Aug 27, 2022


Fritzer · Sep 1, 2022

Next chapter, when?

Kassel · Aug 9, 2022


Kekw · Author · Aug 9, 2022

no, ill beat the two of you up e.e

Kekw · Author · Aug 1, 2022

jeez the update is coming soon aite?

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    Will kill for turtles.

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