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Jan 23, 2019

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Joined: Jan 23, 2019
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Just what you guessed!

Dtaco9775 · Apr 17, 2021

Any new AST in the pipeline???

TheBoredDreamer · Author · Apr 17, 2021

Sadly, none for the time being.

aurelias · Mar 30, 2021

Hello clear.png just dropping by to see if you're doing fine clear.png

TheBoredDreamer · Author · Mar 31, 2021

Hey, thanks for dropping by.

I'm fine and well. I was interrupted by a 'Family Arc' so my 'Novel Arc' was put on hold. I'll be back with new chapters in a day or two.

Stay healthy and safe clear.png

aurelias · Mar 31, 2021

Good to hear that you're good. Take all the time you need, a "Family Arc" can get pretty crazy and tiring so take the time to rest and have "Fillers". clear.png

Stay safe and healthy too clear.png

Novellover · Mar 22, 2021

Nice 69

TheBoredDreamer · Author · Mar 22, 2021

Yeah, that fits perfectly. Thanks for matching the numbers. clear.png

TheBoredDreamer · Author · Jun 12, 2020

Guys, I'm back.

Still there won't be any chappies until the next week. I'm recovering from the trauma caused by nurses of my country clear.pngclear.png

DragonkingKyo · Aug 7, 2020

are you going to continue the LLS fan-fic?(hope so)

TheBoredDreamer · Author · Aug 7, 2020

Yup. I'll be back soon.

Novellover · Mar 22, 2021


Kuma.Bear · Apr 3, 2020

I know it's super late but, wish you the best for your exam!

Was wondering why AST is in hiatus lel, super loving it btw, at the current pace and story i might say it's even better than the original! 

Sooo good luck in exam and wish your works continue soon~

TheBoredDreamer · Author · Apr 3, 2020

Uh, well, exam got delayed for obvious reason clear.png

And writing got harder for me since I wrote nothing over a month (novel writing, I mean). 

Good news is, there will be two chapters for AST today, I already have one and will release when the second chap is ready. Thanks for reading clear.png

AqimZan98 · Mar 14, 2020

Good luck for your exam.

TheBoredDreamer · Author · Mar 14, 2020

Thanks, I will do my best clear.png

TheBoredDreamer · Author · Mar 9, 2020


There won't be any further updates before 6th April as I have two exams.

Along with my part-time job and preparation classes its hard to get time for writing.
Late update because I tried to continue writing but even getting time to edit got harder lately.

Then, later again clear.png

TheBoredDreamer · Author · Mar 9, 2020

Note: The first volume of AST ended with the last update. I will focus on LLS after my exam. At least until Tian Lang gets his Human Form (the first volume).

TheBoredDreamer · Author · Jan 2, 2020

Happy New Year Everyone.

I guess, I was a bit too late...  clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Hopetoread · Jan 2, 2020

Happy New Year

Allchemic · Jan 2, 2020

Oh, right... it's new year '-' Had forgotten that.

Happy new year to you too clear.png

MisleadingCowman · Jan 3, 2020

Happy New Year clear.png

Arexio · Jan 8, 2020


Tsuru · Aug 7, 2019

Hi ! I am interested in your story. But how big will be the harem ? You already know ?

TheBoredDreamer · Author · Aug 8, 2019

Hey! Glad to know you are interested in my story :D
Well, it will be bigger than the original novel. But from now on it will be on slower terms.

Tsuru · Aug 9, 2019

Interested but didn't read yet. ^^" I am interested because i feel like that maybe this fan fiction is good.
Just fear that harem is too big or ton of arrogant young masters. Also didn't read the original (because of bad notes reviews).
The thing is i really got too many series to read.

Tsuru · Aug 9, 2019

For exemple lately i began to MTL syosetsu in hope of feeding fluffy/sweet series.

TheBoredDreamer · Author · Aug 10, 2019

I actually did the same once... but didn't last long, that grammar (oops, there's none btw) killed me.
The harem will be kinda bit too big as you already expected, the arrogant young masters will be vastly less than the most Eastern Fantasy novels, but they will still be there so don't get me wrong. I can't just change some arrogant masters no matter what I want...

TheBoredDreamer · Author · Jun 20, 2019

"I'm not back..." murmurs a random bored guy while shivering.
'Let's hope the stealth skill is working, I don't wanna write...' looking fearful, he hid inside a not-so-conspicuous bin of trash.

TwilightForest · May 31, 2019

I've posted the first two chapters of Blue Rose. You can read them now:)

TheBoredDreamer · Author · May 31, 2019

Great, I already got the notification but too tired to read now... gotta sleep
Umu, maybe tomorrow...

TheBoredDreamer · Author · May 31, 2019

Thanks for letting me know btw

TwilightForest · May 31, 2019

Good night~
Sleep well~

TwilightForest · Feb 15, 2019

*follows back* :)

TheBoredDreamer · Author · Feb 15, 2019

Sorry, who were you again? *checks list*

TwilightForest · Feb 15, 2019


shinikage · Jan 27, 2019

why are you deleting Absolute Strengthening Technique?

TheBoredDreamer · Author · Jan 28, 2019

Hmmm, well. I will just keep releasing... It's all good, I guess.

mrsimple · Jan 28, 2019

As the saying goes, "No news is good news." If no one with authority is telling you to take this down, you're right, it is all good. No need to second-guess yourself. ;)

shinikage · Jan 28, 2019

just a random guess, most of the that is the trigger

mrsimple · Jan 28, 2019

I gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. :D

Hopetoread · Jan 25, 2019


TheBoredDreamer · Author · Jan 25, 2019

I'm confused what should I say, thanks?

Hopetoread · Jan 25, 2019

If you wish , however the profile page if you click on it gives helpful info for ScribbleHub and the forums

TheBoredDreamer · Author · Jan 26, 2019

Yeah, I noticed, Thanks!

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