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May 17, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: May 17, 2020
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imakeit · Jun 6, 2024

Typing error in the chapter numbering. You are now back at Chapter 382 instead of 392.

Chapter 382 – Largely Eventless
Chapter 391 – Home Party

Divadends · Mar 5, 2024

This work is written on another site with heavy reader input and dice rolls.

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I couldn't find it on your patreon can you disclose where this is?

Funatic · Author · Mar 5, 2024 is the name of the site

Readerofharemandsmut · Nov 11, 2023

Greetings fellow cultured gentleman 

Funatic · Author · Nov 12, 2023


Fafulin · Oct 26, 2023

Whats going on with Drip Fed? 

Funatic · Author · Oct 26, 2023

Still on hiatus, I suppose I can put an update notice on the story for people wondering.

Ligma_Bolz · Jun 10, 2023

I haven't read your collide gamer story so is it the same of your The Gamer branch in chyoa? 

Funatic · Author · Jun 10, 2023

Read the Foreword.

Ligma_Bolz · Jun 10, 2023

Ohhh I now understand

Redgamer120 · Jul 23, 2023

Link to chyoa pls?

Season · Jan 4, 2023

Like the new cover for drip feed 

Crazy-hat · Dec 25, 2022

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you and yours.

Funatic · Author · Dec 26, 2022

Thank you and to you too~

Xeno_King · Nov 8, 2021

Hi would you like a cookieclear.png

Funatic · Author · Nov 10, 2021

Sure, I'll take a cookie

novelseeker · Jun 4, 2020

would like to know how i can read ur other works ? do u have a website ? i checked the patreon but that just left me confused

Funatic · Author · Jun 4, 2020

There are links in the description of my Patreon, they are bound into the names of stuff.

I would just send the links and descriptions here, but word limits

novelseeker · Jun 4, 2020

clear.pngclear.png oh now i feel dumb 

keep up the good work

Funatic · Author · Jun 4, 2020

No guarantees

Yelnats · May 20, 2020

clear.pngYou skipped a bunch of chapters 

LordRimuru · Oct 17, 2020

Yeah, 0-12 clocks are weird in that regard. (I know I'm butting into the conversation kinda late, but who cares)

UnratedX · Sep 8, 2021

F*k outta here with that mate, us brits came up with 12 hour clock DONOT GROUP US WITH those americans! check yourself canada australia INDIA work with 12 hrs YA GET IT? its simple as, ur weird like that if ur not even GETTIN THE SYSTEM YOU SIGNED UP FOR! simple mate get it! :D if you dont get the system ur using thats on YOU MATE! :D  :D

Funatic · Author · Sep 9, 2021

...I am German, I use the 24 hour clock.

I can blame the Brits tho, no problem :P

LordRimuru · Oct 10, 2021

Yeah, I'm dutch, we use the 24 hour clock as well. I'll blame all countries using 12 hour clocks though. Prevents me from being accused of discrimination.

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