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Jun 1, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jun 1, 2020
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I am a writer, and have been for over twenty years. Unfortunately, I am also ADD, so I get bored easily. When I am excited about something, I can seldom put it down.

Edenstone47 · Author · Apr 14, 2024

The Ascension reached a 1000 readers, and though one dropped off again, I still released another chapter as a celebration of sorts.  Enjoy.  It will be a thousand again eventually, and I like doing things off the cuff.

Edenstone47 · Author · Feb 23, 2024

However, there is betrayal, drug induced states, past trauma, perversion, murder, and no justice to be had.  There is talk of the past violence, and all the MC had to endure to become who she is.  No graphic sex when she was a minor, just references to it.

Opinions?  Post, or do not post?  All lesbian sex, by the way.

Echimera · Feb 24, 2024

Plenty dark stories here, so as long as you make sure you have the appropriate tags and content warnings, I don't see why you couldn't post it.

Edenstone47 · Author · Feb 23, 2024

I had a dream so powerful, I woke up and immediately began to write a rough draft.  After fifty six pages, I started it all over again, and turned it into a short story with eight chapters, with the potential for dozens more.

Offensive?  Possibly.  Horrific?  Maybe.  Lots of stuff to nut too?  Definitely.

Edenstone47 · Author · Feb 4, 2024

I was able to revise chapter 96 of The Ascension to my satisfaction, and realign the story to its proper course.  Enjoy.

Edenstone47 · Author · Feb 3, 2024

There is a week's delay on The Ascension. I veered off the story, and have to correct the next ten chapters in order to realign it.

Edenstone47 · Author · Jan 20, 2024

The Empress is going on hiatus. Some commenters are giving me headaches.

Ashelia · Jan 21, 2024

I have not read it, at least not yet. But I wanted to let you know that your own feelings and thoughts about what you do is the most important. Constructive criticism is always good, but trolls and such are not worth your energy. I hope you can find a way to… well get rid of such a headache. 

Urkutz · Dec 13, 2023

Is Awakening on hiatus?

Edenstone47 · Author · Dec 16, 2023

It is. I work full time, and don't have the time I used to.

Urkutz · Dec 16, 2023

Understandable, glad to know for sure.

Teken · Nov 22, 2023

What's your patreon?

Edenstone47 · Author · Nov 22, 2023

I've discontinued it. Patreon now asks for photo ID, when they didn't before. I am unwilling to give an internet site access to that kind of information. Too easily hacked in today's world.

Edenstone47 · Author · Nov 5, 2023

Duality will continue, but slowly as the reserve chapters are quite low at this moment.  It might be three to four weeks before the next update.

Edenstone47 · Author · Sep 16, 2023

Due to the passing hurricane in my area, I have released Duality and The Empress early. Just in case I lose my power for the third time.

Edenstone47 · Author · Mar 24, 2023

My patreon page will be closing in four weeks. If you wish to leave tips, do so through paypal. Patreon will continue to receive updates for the next four weeks, only to serve the current subscriber base. In the future, any updates will be posted here. My job sucks a lot of my time, but I have enough material to keep the three major titles going for months, and others on a monthly basis.

Edenstone47 · Author · Dec 20, 2022

The highly edited version of The Goddess of Death and Her Empress has been moved to its own title. The original version will be kept intact, but for reference only.

Edenstone47 · Author · Sep 22, 2022

Patreon release schedule

Monday - The Goddess of Death, and Her Empress

Tuesday - Fafnire (Futa on Male version of Gamer & Goddess of Karma)

Wednesday - The Unloved (The Fallen has been shelved due to a lack of interest)

Thursday - Cybernetic Memories

Friday - Gamer & Goddess of Karma

Saturday - The Ascension

Sunday - Duality (girl on girl, futa on girl, early in development)

Edenstone47 · Author · Sep 22, 2022

There is a hurricane coming my way, so power may be out. I've scheduled tomorrow's release, Gamer and the Goddess of Karma, as well as Saturday's release for The Ascension. It only took me a few years to figure out the schedule system.

Edenstone47 · Author · Sep 20, 2022

This was painful to accomplish for an old guy like me, but I finally figured out how to setup paypal.

Be kind, people. I'm almost fifty, but I've been using computers for decades, and this is the first time I've tried to set up a paypal account. Bloody hell, that guy makes it so much fun to find a user name.

So, anyway, if you want to support the writing, and keep things going, patreon and paypal tips are available.

They are also appreciated. Now I need a drink. I've got a headache.

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    I am a writer, and have been for over twenty years. Unfortunately, I am also ADD, so I get bored easily. When I am excited about something, I can seldom put it down.

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