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Jun 7, 2020

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SUPERGOKU Oct 29, 2023

I skimmed your Noble Son story and frankly I've never read a more openly gay novel in my life. Your MC is openly a Cuckold in that Andrew took everything away from him quite literally fiance, manhood, reputation etc.聽

Yet your idea of a story is instead of the transmigrated person rising above and exceeding his previous reputation and potential. His life's desire is to be a little bitch and even worse to be a little bitch to the person who destroyed him and to his group of followers 馃槼

Nezothecat Author Jun 25, 2023

Hey guys, Zo here, Ne is sick so I'm not sure if we can post later as well but come next month, I think our regular schedule will be back!

Novel_Fam Jun 25, 2023

Don鈥檛 worry about! Make sure that Ne is getting well

Nezothecat Author Dec 31, 2022

Happy New Year!

Sion_Dracul Dec 31, 2022

Happy new yearclear.png

Nezothecat Author Oct 6, 2022

Have you guys seen our new cover? ^^聽clear.png

Novel_Fam Oct 6, 2022

Haven鈥檛 caught up yet, but it seems he will be struggling behind documents聽clear.png

S10 Aug 10, 2021

Hope they get well soon!

Longhair May 14, 2021

I'm excited!聽clear.png

Nezothecat Author May 14, 2021

Thankss ^^

Nezothecat Author May 14, 2021

Hi guys, thank you for all the support especially to our patreons. Now we will be posting the novel's glossary all in public one by one!

To see them, you could follow the link below, or check the glossary tag on our Patreon
Nezothecat Author Apr 26, 2021

Hi thank you for the supporty guys, sorry we haven't been able to respond to all of you but yeah, tomorrow new update. ^^

Obi-1-Kanobi Apr 26, 2021


vic20 Apr 26, 2021


Nezothecat Author Apr 13, 2021

Gonna spend more time editing vol. 3聽

vic20 Apr 13, 2021

Ok, waiting for more

Nezothecat Author Apr 12, 2021

New cover art of TNBS.聽clear.png

Coheed27 Jan 30, 2021

Just sending positive energy for recuperation and recovery! Hoping everything is going well!聽

Nezothecat Author Jan 13, 2021

Zo here, I'm not sure if this will hinder our updates, but the test yesterday informed me that I am positive for coronavirus. We will still try our best to update weekly, but if we miss some weeks, I hope you guys will understand. As always, thank you for the support in our novel thus far.聽clear.png

blackrockshooter Jan 13, 2021

Please get better and survive.

blackrockshooter Jan 13, 2021

Somebody should聽 help you if you need it Nezothecat.

Obi-1-Kanobi Jan 14, 2021

Hope you all the best, get better soon!

Arash1 Jan 14, 2021

Hope you get well soon.

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