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Well-Known Author
Jun 26, 2020

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jun 26, 2020
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Just a guy who likes writing. A writing guy, some may say. There's probably a better word for that, but who knows. Certainly not I.

Curz_0 · Sep 10, 2023

Hey man, remember me? Probably not. I was rereading Harem protag's sidekick and decided to check out your other novel, but I couldn't find it. I'm just checking if you're still alive out there 

LonMair399 · Author · Sep 26, 2023

I do remember you! I’m very happy that you’re rereading HPS. That really does mean a ton to me! I’m alive, but having said that, I’m unfortunately nowhere near as active as I want to be. I plan to launch a side project I’ve been working on that has some elements in common with HPS come October 1st. Thanks for checking up!

Iamnotabot · Jun 30, 2023

Helo fellow human, i am here greet you a good day. clear.png clear.png 

LonMair399 · Author · Jun 30, 2023

Thanks for greeting me, fellow human clear.pngclear.png You have a good day too!

facebooknormie · Apr 9, 2023

Rereading Harem protagonist's sidekick and I'm wondering if you're still alive lol

LonMair399 · Author · Apr 10, 2023

Alive and kicking! I have been very busy between my job, studying, and preparing to move. I actually just checked this account because I'm hoping to start being able to maintain a consistent writing schedule again soon. Fingers crossed because I really miss being able to do this! clear.png

Really happy that you're re-reading it!

chryzoa · Jul 3, 2022

Hey, are you ok?

LonMair399 · Author · Jul 4, 2022

Yes, I am alright now. I had a stint in the hospital, but I am doing much better now. Thank you for checking in!

chryzoa · Jul 5, 2022

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that, I'm glad you are doing better.

Take the time to recover first before pushing yourself back into writing.

LonMair399 · Author · Mar 21, 2022

I'm back with a new computer and am good to go! Sorry if I worried anybody clear.png

Bodoncio · Mar 21, 2022

clear.png you got me scared for a second there

LonMair399 · Author · Feb 20, 2022

Just wanted to say that I have not dropped the story, but my computer has been broken since last week. Hoping it gets fixed by tomorrow, but we’ll see

Xyleroth · Feb 28, 2022

I was getting worried 

Bodoncio · Mar 20, 2022

Now I’m worried 

Erlon · Jan 7, 2022

Wait- since when are you coming back Sir 🤣 Nice seeing you update and well

LonMair399 · Author · Jan 7, 2022

Been back since the end of December. Everything had finally settled down for me, and I could get back to doing what I love. Glad to hear from you!

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    Just a guy who likes writing. A writing guy, some may say. There's probably a better word for that, but who knows. Certainly not I.

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