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Jul 9, 2020

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jul 9, 2020
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An Isekai trash collector just trying to write his own whilst juggling school and work.

Mynamejeff · Apr 19, 2021

When is the next chapter coming?

TachimeSan · Author · Feb 6, 2021

Feels good to be writing again!

Shadow_Tempest · Feb 13, 2021

Feels good to have you back. Also, like the new pfp.

TachimeSan · Author · Feb 6, 2021

Lo and Behold, I have returned! Along with a couple of surprises Ehehehe~~ Rejoice! 

TachimeSan · Author · Jan 22, 2021

Hell week is almost over! just a few more tests to goclear.png 


blackrockshooter · Jan 22, 2021

You should keep going, and you are not the only one with a hell like week.

Likentroup · Jan 22, 2021

get back to studying *whip sounds* yah, yah. go learn important things *whip sounds*

clear.pngclear.png Andale, se dépêcher, festinare, toropit'sya, and hurry up while you are at it

TachimeSan · Author · Jan 20, 2021

Hey guys, TachimeSan here. I'll be taking a short break from writing once again, sorry to say! My finals week is coming up and I really need to pass this semester. I'll also be taking some of that time to try and setup a patreon account, both to help in my finances and to give readers advanced chapters. Needless to say, I'll still be updating the story here, albeit at a slower speed. sorry for the inconvenience! and thank you for sticking with me! I appreciate you guys so much!

TachimeSan · Author · Dec 31, 2020

I don't know how it is in your guy's countries, but Happy New Year from the Philippines!!! May 2021 be kinder to everyone! clear.png Love you guys! And thanks for the support you've been giving me! You guys are deeply appreciated!

Rifleman369 · Dec 31, 2020

Happy fkin New Year. I'm ready for round 2! Jk.

Erlon · Jan 1, 2021

Happy new year, may zombie outbreak began soon ✨

Shadow_Tempest · Jan 1, 2021

Happy New Year!! May Juliette and Claudie have lots of fluffy moments with Larc.

blackrockshooter · Dec 26, 2020

Thanks for the follow.

TachimeSan · Author · Dec 26, 2020

Eyy, thanks for the follow as well! Hope you enjoy my novel heheh

TachimeSan · Author · Dec 4, 2020

It's my birthday today! Greet me, peasants! clear.pngclear.png 

Booper150 · Dec 4, 2020

I give you a birb. You can eat him or have him as pet. Eat... eat birb... tasty chicken...

Likentroup · Dec 4, 2020

happy birfclear.pngclear.png.  may much good come to youclear.pngclear.png

TachimeSan · Author · Dec 5, 2020

I thank thee for thy greetings! clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Dum-Dum · Dec 20, 2020

I'm a little late but  Happy Birthday clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

TachimeSan · Author · Nov 30, 2020

This is the agreement my friend and I came to. I've decided to accept @EducatedHomelessGuy 's offer. As such, the novel Chronicles of the black Prince will be deleted, re-written and re-posted by myself and @EducatedHomelessGuy. Hope you guys can support that too! 

Polnareff · Dec 2, 2020

Looking forward to it! I didn't know that you accepted co-writing with your readers, I think I want to co-write something with you too! clear.png

EducatedHomelessGuy · Dec 2, 2020

Looking forward to working with you as well, Author-san! 

TachimeSan · Author · Dec 3, 2020

@Polnareff I don't know, man. If you could send me a sample of your work, maybe I can see if you and I have some sort of compatibility when it comes to writing? That would be a huge help. DM me soon!

TachimeSan · Author · Nov 28, 2020

My internet friend who was co-writing my other story, Chronicles of the Black Prince, just messaged me after MONTHS of not silence and told me that he doesn't want to write the story anymore :<  as you all know, I'm so swamped with both school and work plus my other story so I don't think I'll be able to pick it up anytime soon. So I'm afraid that it's gonna be deleted from my profile, sorry to say! clear.png

TachimeSan · Author · Nov 29, 2020

Mhmmm, I don't know.. since it was a collaboration between the two of us, I don't think it's okay to leave it here when the other half doesn't want to write anymore? Something like that? 😅😂

EducatedHomelessGuy · Nov 29, 2020

@TachimeSan maybe you could get permission from your friend to continue the story? I mean, I'd love to help you out. That story has so much potential, I think it could surpass your other story Transmigrated into another world.. just my two cents

Shadow_Tempest · Nov 29, 2020

I'm sorry but For me it's great! you can wholly concentrate on Larc now... I still think Transmigrated into another world is better

TachimeSan · Author · Nov 29, 2020

I think I'm gonna consult with my friend again, thanks for the feedback guys!

TachimeSan · Author · Nov 17, 2020

Birds really do live long lives

Shadow_Tempest · Nov 18, 2020

But why post it now? and how is a bird's life long? The avg says 2 to 5 years and the longest was 21 years

TachimeSan · Author · Nov 18, 2020

Cockatiels live for up to 30 years, the longest ever recorded was a crested parrot, which lived to a ripe old age of 92. So yes, they are long lived animals.

And to answer your other question, I've been planning to get a bird for myself heheh, more things to distract me from writingclear.png but I just don't think I'm ready for that kind of commitmentclear.png

Shadow_Tempest · Nov 18, 2020

LOL I kinda love animals but dislike keeping pets... the are a lot of responsibilities to someone who procrastinates a lot like me

TachimeSan · Author · Nov 18, 2020

That's my main gripe as well, I'm already struggling in updating this story as is with my school and work, so an added responsibility will only further hinder me 😅

TachimeSan · Author · Nov 12, 2020

You miss all the shots you don't take

-Wayne Gretzky

-Michael Scott

LongshanksII · Nov 13, 2020

The office?clear.png

Shadow_Tempest · Nov 12, 2020

When will the next Larc be released?clear.png

TachimeSan · Author · Nov 12, 2020

It's up now!clear.png

Shadow_Tempest · Nov 13, 2020


TachimeSan · Author · Oct 12, 2020

More on that later, we just reached 30 chapters on Transmigrated into another World: Aim to be the Noblewoman's Butler! Of course I had a couple of announcements posted as chapters, but let's not get into the technicalities. We just reached 30 chapters and I'd like to thank all of you guys who have supported and read this little story of mine from the beginning! Here's to another 30 chapters of reading and writing! clear.png

LiterateIlliterate · Oct 13, 2020


TachimeSan · Author · Oct 12, 2020

School works are a painnn!!! Especially when the government wasn't really ready or prepared for the "New Normal" they just be doing shit to keep up appearances. It's hindering my releases by God!clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Shadow_Tempest · Nov 12, 2020

Lol I understand 

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    An Isekai trash collector just trying to write his own whilst juggling school and work.

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