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Jul 11, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jul 11, 2020
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Overdrive2800 · Sep 10, 2023

When are you going to continue GOJO: A Sorcerer in the Soul Society?

HikaruGenji · Author · Sep 10, 2023

When one of my original novel end and I am less busy 

HikaruGenji · Author · Sep 1, 2023

Hello everyone! I am back with new original story. Take a look and judges for yourself. This story is Inspired from Gurren lagann and One piece.

Hope you will like it

NTR-NoTeRindas · Aug 14, 2023

Hey, are you going to continue lustful paradise?
HikaruGenji · Author · Jan 12, 2023

Here the Link 
HikaruGenji · Author · Jan 12, 2023

Hello everyone! How are you? I write today to share an incredible news.

My first work. Son of the Hero King finally appeared on Amazon.

For those who read my story, the Book 1 will go from Vol 1: The Maid to Vol 3: The knight.

I would incredibly be happy if you guys could support my work by either buying it on Amazon and or leaving reviews about the works.

Axcelmemory · Feb 3, 2023

Wait Your The Author Of Son Of The Hero King?😵Dame

Yu_ta · Jan 6, 2023

Hello are you still updating "midnight prince"?clear.png

HikaruGenji · Author · Jan 10, 2023

I do. But only on Webnovel 

Bappo_Chan · Dec 5, 2022

Did something happen with the Gojo I bleach story?

HikaruGenji · Author · Dec 5, 2022

Not really just don't really have the time. Focused on my main stories.

But I will still try posting at least once every week or two

HikaruGenji · Author · Dec 1, 2022

Hello everyone. I am preparing a new story. Though for some of my readers it's an old story. Name was Netori Prince though now it's called Midnight Prince.

The story will participate at a contest on WN. It should be out by Monday. 

Flygon178 · Dec 1, 2022

And chapters of Lustful Paradise?

Overdrive2800 · Nov 5, 2022

What are the characters on your profile?

Overdrive2800 · Nov 5, 2022


Mptheultimate · Oct 13, 2022

Why are you updating the SHK on webnovel though, why not scribble hun or something or the new website, I can't read it on webnovel, the chapters are lockedclear.png

HikaruGenji · Author · Oct 13, 2022

I am now contracted non-exclusive with WN.

You can still read my story on Patreon with just 2$ per month at minimum.

Or you can read on WN by using the app and using fast pass which are free 

Mptheultimate · Oct 13, 2022

Ok then

Marcos200666 · Sep 24, 2022

hello man, I wanted to know if you would continue updating LUSTFUL PARADISE: Shinmai cross DxD because I really liked it a lot

HikaruGenji · Author · Sep 25, 2022

??? Huh? I mean I update it regularly. 

HikaruGenji · Author · Sep 1, 2022

Hello everyone. The new link is out. Meaning that I will now began the delete the chapters here.

In order to avoid having bots copy the last few chapters of vol 9 now, I will set the last three chapters of vol 8: -253-254-255- (already did) to be accessible to public so that anyone can read them even if they don't pay to be my Pa treon. 
Of course they will only be available to public for 24h. 
venetisncrusader · Aug 20, 2022

Great work on the DxD novel

HikaruGenji · Author · Aug 21, 2022

Haha. Thanks 

loshi1505 · Jul 20, 2022

the worst part about your site going down, is i don't remember what chapter it left off at... and my desktop shortcut doesn't have the chapter number, nor does the URL. clear.png

HikaruGenji · Author · Jul 27, 2022

Don't worry it stopped at CH 239

loshi1505 · Aug 3, 2022

ugh.... it's been so long since a new SHK chap for us free readers... you like to watch us suffer don't you.

please consider mass uploading up to 239 or something. clear.png

HikaruGenji · Author · Aug 3, 2022

Haha. Mass updating two stories on two site is honestly a pain you wouldn't believe. Though don't worry, by the end of this week, everything should be up

loshi1505 · Aug 6, 2022

so, we finally gonna be up to date today? because sunday is supposed to be the start of the new week~! LOL

in other words~


get to work slacker! clear.png


JPky · Jul 16, 2022

Will you continue with "miracle child: slash the gods" from your previous account? It was a very interesting fanfic

HikaruGenji · Author · Jul 17, 2022

I am currently writing a different DxD fic. But I might rewrite Miracle child. I liked it very much as well 

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