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Jul 12, 2020

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jul 12, 2020
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Xeno_King · Mar 30, 2021

Hi .everyone I'm here to deliver cookies clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

tofu_moon · Author · May 6, 2021

@Xeno_King Thanks for the cookies! love me some gooey choco chip ones *nom nom*

Xeno_King · May 6, 2021

Your welcome clear.png

tofu_moon · Author · Mar 19, 2021

Update on the next release for Black Wing: I'm recovering from a slight fever(it's not rona, this stupid tofu didn't check the temperature forecast and wore the wrong clothes and caught sick), next chappie will be released hopefully tomorrow or the day after! Sorry bout the delay

tofu_moon · Author · Dec 18, 2020

Planning on doing a limited time daily chapter release for Black Wing soon..Bear with me while I get my stuff together before the holidays!

tofu_moon · Author · Jan 12, 2021

^this has been moved later on to the end of this month.

tofu_moon · Author · Dec 9, 2020

It's been a hectic few weeks! Thanks for waiting, and chapter 56 of Black Wing will be out sometime in the next 24 hours!

tofu_moon · Author · Nov 22, 2020

Thanks for your patience guys! Needed some time to get myself together haha clear.pngChapter 54 of Black Wing will be released tomorrow~!

tofu_moon · Author · Oct 23, 2020

Chapter 48 of Black Wing will be out tomorrow~! clear.png

Zoweyelpritty · Oct 23, 2020


tofu_moon · Author · Oct 4, 2020

Chapter 42 of Black Wing will be published sometime in the next 24 hours~! It took some time for me to gain the inspiration I needed for the next chappie:( Thank you everyone for you patience~clear.pngclear.png

Zoweyelpritty · Oct 4, 2020


Zoweyelpritty · Sep 14, 2020

clear.pngta cool la novela saludos de Panamá 

tofu_moon · Author · Sep 14, 2020

@Zoweyelpritty gracias! Me alegro que te guste la historia clear.png

tofu_moon · Author · Aug 21, 2020

Update on Black Wing: It's not dropped, I'm just taking a small break after the hustle of trying to meet the 40,000 word countclear.png

Zoweyelpritty · Sep 14, 2020

👌😁ta cool tu novela saludos de panama

tofu_moon · Author · Jul 24, 2020

Don't know if anyone can see this but here goes~

I'm very sorry but there will be no release for Black Wing tonight. I have a stomachache and not in a good condition to write right now :(

 I've uploaded a new chapter for TLOA that I'd previously written before I got sickclear.png

Next update for Black Wing will be next Mondayclear.png

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