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Rising Author
Jul 14, 2020

Rising Author
Joined: Jul 14, 2020
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Updates every M, W, F.

iamaducklingwriter · Author · Jan 23, 2021

Duck not dead, but Duck dying.

Duck is in his Finals that is why Duck hasn't updated yet. Duck has one last exam on Monday. Until then, no updates yet. Sorry for the long wait. (╥_╥)(╥_╥)(╥_╥)

kareha · Jan 23, 2021

we understand! good luck in your exams~~

 we will be waiting for you to come back clear.png

iamaducklingwriter · Author · Jan 1, 2021

*bows down* I forgot to post the other book lmaoo. I enjoyed holidays too much.

BloodRed1 · Jan 1, 2021


iamaducklingwriter · Author · Dec 12, 2020

BUT here are the Xmas chapters:

[I Accidentally Became the Heroes' Lover] — 10 chapters (for volume 2) will be updated
[Biantai / Metamorphosis] — 10 chapters will be updated
That will be 20 chapters. My Wattpad, however, will have a special chapter for drawings and I don't know how to post pictures here in SB so I won't be including that.
Have a nice day, make good choices.
Gadis · Dec 16, 2020 nice.

Thank you

BloodRed1 · Dec 31, 2020


iamaducklingwriter · Author · Dec 12, 2020

You know how tough college is and I'm getting it hard (lol). 

Just so you know, I'll be updating chapters in Christmas. One, because I still don't have time and our Christmas break is late, some universities had theirs this week while ours is still next week (which sucks). Second, my hands are full and the activities aren't stopping at all.

Mishel · Dec 6, 2020

Wayting to updates on I Accidentally Became the Heroes' Lover,good story/novel btw.cant wait for the folowing chapters?

iamaducklingwriter · Author · Nov 25, 2020

Updates are:

Monday: I Accidentally Became the Heroes' Lover

Saturday: Biantai (Metamorphosis)

BloodRed1 · Nov 25, 2020

Gadis · Nov 29, 2020

Yeay....happy happy

iamaducklingwriter · Author · Aug 22, 2020

Please stay put. I don't know when I will be back nor if I will ever get back. I will do my best to overcome everything. Thank you ?

iamaducklingwriter · Author · Aug 17, 2020

I tried writing longer chapters because my writing capacity is only 1k and 2k at most. After 1k word count, I blanked and it never went any longer lololol.

iamaducklingwriter · Author · Aug 10, 2020

I update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. ˎ₍•ʚ•₎ˏˎ₍•ʚ•₎ˏˎ₍•ʚ•₎ˏ

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    Updates every M, W, F.

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