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Jul 16, 2020

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jul 16, 2020
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Hey! I'm a trans woman trying to write stories and improve my writing.

Most of my stories will have some type of adult content, either from language or sexual explicitness.

Unlucy · · Author · Mar 24, 2023

Official Patreon post! Go check out for early access to Roommates chapters 4 weeks ahead, you can also vote in polls that will influence the story (what outfits will Dani try on? where will she go on a date?)! More than that, you can read some one-shots that I will be posting every few months (one is already up!) and even more fun stuff!

Give it a look if you want to support me a lil extraclear.png

Unlucy · Author · 15 hours ago

Invite for my new discord:

Join, say hi, chat about any of my stories or recommend other stories to people! You can also get a role that notifies you whenever I post a new chapter so you can be the first one to read it clear.png

Unlucy · Author · Sep 19, 2023

Check out my new story "Annette" on my series page! Preview for now but the full thing will be on Scribblehub eventually don't worry!

Unlucy · Author · Sep 9, 2023

I appreciate all of the new Roommates readers and followers! And ofc all the long-time readers as well clear.png

In other news, Scribblehub will see part 1 of a new story (it's trans, and a little sci-fi, and it used to be called "Matching Set") sometime next week, just waiting on a cover for it to be finished!

ZatannasLovelyAssistant · Sep 11, 2023

Thank you so much for your stories!

Can't wait to read more Roommates and part 1 of this new project of yours!

Unlucy · Author · Aug 31, 2023

Hey cool people! I have a lot of super fun projects ready to launch in the next couple months. If you click the link below, you can read a preview of my upcoming LGBT fantasy romance, Earthspring! The preview is completely public and you can read it for free without subscribing so check it out please!

Also, there's some cute art of Roommates characters, also available for anyone to see. That's all for now, but expect more in the following weeks~

Unlucy · Author · Jul 26, 2023

First fluff chapter for Roommates is live on Patreon! As of now I have no plans to bring it to Scribblehub, but it doesn't impact the overall story, don't worry. Just some fun side-events the people of Roommates get into~

It takes place when our trio was still in high school, showing us three different perspectives of a "typical" lunch. The topic of the next fluff chapter will be voted on this weekend by my patrons just like this one was!

Unlucy · Author · Jul 14, 2023

If you were looking for the best time to join my Patreon, I just put up a poll that will determine the next story I write!

And of course you'll also gain access to early chapters of Roommates, my current story "Matching Set," blog posts, and future polls! And not to mention the ethereal reward of supporting me, a cool girl clear.png

WitchOfPumpkins · Jul 14, 2023

Do it folks. Worth it. clear.png

Unlucy · Author · Jun 14, 2023

Roommates has been popping up on the Trending list since Saturday. Not much to say, just think it's cool clear.png Thank you to new and old readers alike!

Unlucy · Author · Jun 2, 2023

Part One (out of Three) of a new Sci-Fi story I'm working on is up on my Patreon!

Matching Set, a story about two people who hate themselves and their upbringing, getting their hands on some revolutionary technology. It helps with their body image issues but reveals some deeper problems they both have...

It's a big change of pace from my usual stories so check it out early here!

Unlucy · Author · May 26, 2023

Part three of Roommates' Halloween is up! Don't miss the draaamaaa clear.png

Unlucy · Author · May 19, 2023

Second part of Roommates' Halloween arc is up! Also, I officially count as a "Rising Author" on Scribblehub now! So yeah, watch out world clear.png

Unlucy · Author · May 12, 2023

The start of the Halloween arc has begun! New Roommates chapter is up :3

Unlucy · Author · May 8, 2023

Final chapter of The Heart's Reflection is up! I know most of you follow for Roommates but I'm still super proud to say I finished a story, even if already want to change stuff about it, haha.

Roommates will continue as normal for the time being. Not sure when a new project will be ready to post here but the time will come eventually, I promise clear.png

Unlucy · Author · Apr 28, 2023

New Roommates chapter is up! Please enjoy~

Unlucy · Author · Apr 14, 2023

New Roommates chapter! The short hiatus is over and regular chapter updates will be returning each Friday!

Unlucy · Author · Mar 31, 2023

New cover is up for The Heart's Reflection, as well as chapter 7! Look forward to regular chapter updates for it again!

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    Hey! I'm a trans woman trying to write stories and improve my writing.

    Most of my stories will have some type of adult content, either from language or sexual explicitness.

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