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Jan 27, 2019

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Joined: Jan 27, 2019
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Jemini · Author · Nov 23, 2019

Well, I feel better about going on hiatus right now. It looks like almost all of my other favorite series have gone on hiatus at almost exactly the same time, and I can only imagine it's for the exact same set of reasons. School nearing finals + family stuff for the approaching Holidays.

(Other people in the United States also dealing with Thanks Giving, which is just around the corner.)

Jemini · Author · Nov 23, 2019

Well then, all that said, I'm off to read the latest chapter of World Keeper which seems to be the only series I'm following that doesn't have an author with the same life I have.

Szmiiit · Nov 23, 2019

And I was thinking that at least somebody gotta update soon... When are finals in US ending?

...also, you say World Keeper is good?

Jemini · Author · Nov 23, 2019

Thanks Giving is over at the end of the month. Finals under the quarter system (The US uses both semester and quarter systems depending on the school.)

As for World Keeper, I find it pretty interesting. It's pretty exploratory of new concepts but meanders a bit, kinda like my own series. Definitely has a feel of throwing out a bunch of different ideas and trying to work them into a narrative, and a lot of those ideas are very interesting.

Jemini · Author · Nov 23, 2019

Overall assessment of World Keeper compared to my series, it is the most similar series on the entire site to my own due to the fact that it's just so expiramental and original, but also at the same time very very different from my own series in that it takes both the ideas thrown out and the characterization in a VERY different direction. Objectively, the two couldn't possibly be more different. However, you will get a small bit of a similar feel, like the two series are cousins or something.

Help · Nov 10, 2019

Ya abandoned Van meets Ainz or forgot to set it to completed?

Jemini · Author · Nov 10, 2019

Kinda on the abandoned side. I still have plans for it, but I have a lot of trouble right now just finding time for sister of a goddess between work and school. I'm not off it completely, but I don't see it being updated any time in the near future.

Leegood · Aug 5, 2019


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