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Aug 21, 2020

Joined: Aug 21, 2020
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A newbie author who enjoys BL.

TingTang · Author · Oct 10, 2021

Aiya, almost forgot to upload today~ clear.png 

Ahem, anyways, chapter 2 is out~! Please check it out~! clear.png

TingTang · Author · Oct 9, 2021

Ahh, i'm so sorry for not posting anything in so long!

However, I have good news~! I'm currently releasing a short story (BL of course) called Persimmon Pie~!

It's a heartwarming sweet little story so please check it out, it won't take up too much of your time. Also, I have finished it so no need to worry about me not finishing it or having to wait too long. clear.png

Anyways, please check it out~! clear.png

TingTang · Author · Dec 23, 2020

Hello~! I have a poll set up on my newest chapter for The Villian Is Healing. This poll is for deciding what i'll write for the Christmas special~ If you're interested, go check it out and maybe vote for what you want to read! Thanks to all who participate and read my bad writing~! clear.png

TingTang · Author · Nov 14, 2020

*cough* new chapter *cough* clear.pngclear.png

TingTang · Author · Nov 12, 2020

Oh my~ a new chapter of The Villian Is Healing is out~! clear.png

This chapter we get to know about Sheng Li's certain worries, and next chapter we get to know more on Xiu Mo's past~! clear.png

TingTang · Author · Oct 2, 2020

Lovely people~ I have come with a new chapter of The Villian Is Healing~ clear.png

TingTang · Author · Sep 8, 2020

Finally back from the dead~ posted a new chapter for The Villian Is Healing. Hope you enjoy~! clear.png

TingTang · Author · Aug 25, 2020

I won't be updating today! You see, I wish to redo chapter five as well as the outline I have for The Villian is Healing, so expect no update today. I am very sorry and thank you for being patient!clear.png

TingTang · Author · Aug 24, 2020

Dogs are often called good boys but what about hamsters? Anways, chapter five is done~! clear.png

TingTang · Author · Aug 23, 2020

Chapter four is finished~! clear.png

Tomiki · Aug 23, 2020


ZulimaIke · Aug 23, 2020

Can’t wait for it!!!

TingTang · Author · Aug 22, 2020

Whoops! Just realized that I scheduled the chapter to go up at the wrong time, oh well. I guess that I should pay better attention to that later~!

Anyways, I have finished chapter three and that will be going up tomorrow~ clear.png

TingTang · Author · Aug 22, 2020

I finished chapter two! Although it isn't published and is currently being scheduled for tomorrow, I thought to post about it.

So go check ot out after it's published~! <3 clear.png

TingTang · Author · Aug 21, 2020

I really wanted to try writing, so here is my book, The Villain Is Healing (BL).

I have already released chapter one so check it out~! clear.png

ZulimaIke · Aug 21, 2020

Just read the first chapter, and it seems like it’s going to be good.

TingTang · Author · Aug 22, 2020

Thank you for reading~! I don't really know if it will be any good but I will try my best! clear.png

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    A newbie author who enjoys BL.

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