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Sep 1, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Sep 1, 2020
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Hey, I write Melas and Salvos! Both stories can be read on ScribbleHub and other various sites.

Mr.Normal · Sep 1, 2022

Happy pre-anniversary!!! Hope you are doing well. clear.png

GigaDotti · Sep 1, 2022


GigaDotti · Aug 29, 2022

Hi, I am wondering what references Salvos was based on?

I have a school assignment in Game Design and one of the choices are "The non-human perspective". We have to write an Essay about it, but it is supposed to be a existing creature. I will post the description, but if you don't want me to write about it, then I can chose something else. (I am not sure if I will go for it or chose something easier. Because I might have to study Demonology).

GigaDotti · Aug 29, 2022

Your life as a non-human living organism, is threatened by

human presence, greed and unethical actions towards natural

GigaDotti · Aug 29, 2022

You are expected to develop a narrative showing how humans

affect your life, endangering your existence, but also humans'

GigaDotti · Aug 29, 2022

The research should focus and analyse in detail the non-

human living being of your choice: how they behave, how they
interact with other natural beings and with humans. You should
also think and research about the specificities of conveying a
narrative from the perspective of a non-human living being or
thing. This research must be informed by scientific literature,
as much as possible.

GigaDotti · Sep 1, 2022

No need to read this anymore. Chose something else to work on. clear.png

EternalDisko · Aug 10, 2022

Yo Salvos definitely needs a wiki, for basic/general details about the lore/background methinks. I think it should also be named after the library/archives of a famous school (I think) Just so you know. would be pretty cool if we could get more details on what is known about previous [Heroes] like Melissa or Alexander or maybe the lore of the lands, the [Kobold] Invasions, you know. 

LoathsomeHeart · Jul 2, 2022

Is Melas book 4 in the works? I know you write other series currently, but I miss Melas!

MelasD · Author · Jul 5, 2022

Sadly it's in the backburner for now. Maybe when I'm done with Tian book 2.

Mr.Normal · Jun 18, 2022

I love your work.

MelasD · Author · Jul 5, 2022


Trashlyn · Mar 6, 2022

Wondering what happened to Melas?

Previously I would buy all the epubs from amazon as they came out to support and for rereads and was following the story here for current updates. Today I was going through my reading list and noticed my bookmark of chap 128 was gone and the early chapters were back.

Will future chapters be here again or will they just be continued with book 4 on Amazon at some point?

MelasD · Author · Jul 5, 2022

Only 10% of each book is available on SH. I will be posting the new chapters on SH when I start pumping em out.

EternalDisko · Feb 21, 2022

Finished salvos in 2 days it was a great experience may your tales forever be echoed throughout the halls of history…

EternalDisko · Mar 4, 2022


MelasD · Author · Jul 5, 2022


· Oct 16, 2021

Hello MelasD. clear.png

Dreckons · Sep 19, 2021

very interesting the topic about the magic invocation problems. I think it's more similar to what happens in the novel








where the planets crash into each other once the giant dimensional rift connects both worlds. clear.png


LiTusK · Aug 22, 2021

Why don't you post Monster on scribble hub? I really enjoyed it.

FoxxieFox · Aug 26, 2021

The pinnacle of literature

SkyGaming224 · Jul 8, 2021

I'm pretty sure you titled Salvos 137 wrong the title on Patreon is different then the one here 

MelasD · Author · Jul 11, 2021

will fix, thank you!

Ninestar619 · Jun 28, 2021

Hey! I am your new follower and I am searching for followersclear.png Hope you follow me!!! 

Booper150 · Jun 27, 2021

Okie, so I read Melas a while back and put it on hold for other novels. I decided to come back to notice that the chapter I was reading, chapter 69, was deleted along with some others. Where can I pick up?

MelasD · Author · Jun 28, 2021

You can only read it on Amazon now. The link is here

Booper150 · Jun 28, 2021

Thank you!

0667923 · Apr 13, 2021

I hope salvos won’t be taken down

MelasD · Author · Apr 13, 2021

literally at the top I say "No, the story won't be taken down for KU" 

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    Hey, I write Melas and Salvos! Both stories can be read on ScribbleHub and other various sites.

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