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Sep 16, 2020

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Sep 16, 2020
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AsadaUni · Jul 12, 2023

I think this story is sadly on hiatus if there wasn't an update 3 years.... IT WAS SYCH A GOOD STORY CONCEPT aaaaaaaaaaaaaa 

beaver · Jun 3, 2023

rip chapters lol, liked the story tho

theeggsquared · Dec 20, 2020

Any hope of resuming Returning to earth ... ?

I know people hated Chapter 18, i've read it and it's a bit harsh but i don't think you should blame yourself over a single mistake, whatever others say it's not that bad

Hope you continue :)

vaexis · Oct 27, 2020

I'm scared I'll get this wrong... but are you a hololive fan?

senchou17 · Author · Oct 28, 2020

*look at my username

No I'm totally not simping, I swear!

vaexis · Oct 28, 2020


It wasn't just your name either... the character 'Koro' in Magical Kingdom was a dead giveaway too clear.png

senchou17 · Author · Oct 29, 2020

Real 2D anime girls is evil. My wallet hurts just by peeking at a HololiveEn stream  clear.png

senchou17 · Author · Oct 25, 2020

Chapter 14 and 15 for Magical Kingdom is out! Future chapters will always have more than 2000 words.

senchou17 · Author · Oct 19, 2020

Chapter 13 for Magical Kingdom is out!

senchou17 · Author · Oct 13, 2020

Chapter 12 for Magical Kingdom is out! There will be an additional chapter in the day.

senchou17 · Author · Oct 7, 2020

Sorry for the delay guys, chapter 11 for Magical Kingdom is out!

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