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Feb 3, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Feb 3, 2019
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Shove my story to the ground i don't care.
I'm building it!

taesijr123 · Author · Mar 29, 2020


DoctorWhoFan · Mar 29, 2020

drink plenty of fluids and keep tissues nearby.

DKnight · Mar 29, 2020

Be safe!

Evolto · Apr 1, 2020

Pray u for the best, taesijr-san

taesijr123 · Author · Nov 25, 2019

Holy shit can't believe I fucked up my patreon link  by adding a space.

Well, someone pointed that out for me.
[At least its fixed now.]

taesijr123 · Author · Nov 15, 2019

Paypal is a fucking idiot.

Never expected making an experimental account to get suddenly blocked off by their desire for personal information.
(Email confirmation is worthless since they ask for proof of your private information which is clearly confidential.
 Like seriously?) 

Usually they let us enter our account with email alone.
But this is too stupid.

taesijr123 · Author · Nov 9, 2019

What happens when I write.
This is me...

taesijr123 · Author · Nov 9, 2019


taesijr123 · Author · Nov 9, 2019

If there's one fact with writing a web novel.
Is the fact not everyone has the time to continue it...

Shii · Sep 7, 2019

Just curious, are you still alive, Author ?

@[email protected]

taesijr123 · Author · Nov 8, 2019

I woke up in november.

taesijr123 · Author · Jun 27, 2019

Gonna take a break for a while.
Drawing a blank on my head.
To those expecting more chapters.
Sorry. =3=

Hirame · Jun 6, 2019

I search, but can not find...
What is sauce of the pic you are using for novel?

Also, great work~

taesijr123 · Author · Jun 21, 2019

It's caliogroso picture...

taesijr123 · Author · Jun 21, 2019

Late response xD

luuzak · Sep 1, 2019

heh, i know from where he got it. If you want to see pm me ;>

Citsune · May 23, 2019

You're #1 in the half-human protagonist rankings, you managed to overtake Silver Amelia with views alone, despite it having more followers, chapters and a slightly higher score, Kyon~!
What can I say, congrats, Kyon~!

taesijr123 · Author · May 24, 2019

Oh lol...
I got sick.
so I didn't get it.

taesijr123 · Author · May 9, 2019

I need more time for next chappy.
[Note: the story will drastically change as it flows.
Look forward to it.]

taesijr123 · Author · May 2, 2019

Chapter delay.

I got dragged into a party.
With no internet and no keyboard to use.
So managed to do nothing the whole day X_X.
Good news is two chapters are already 1/2 done.

taesijr123 · Author · Feb 17, 2019

Still unsure who 5* my work despite its inconsistency...

ohko · Feb 17, 2019

Have faith! Take it in stride and write!

taesijr123 · Author · Feb 9, 2019

No update today.
After checking the draft i made in the past.
its full of holes that need rewriting.

It only is readable if you switched your brain off which is bad,

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    Shove my story to the ground i don't care.
    I'm building it!

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