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Feb 5, 2019

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Joined: Feb 5, 2019
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Just a chill guy who likes reading novels

QQundeadwolfQQ · Oct 7, 2020

wow the first person in awhile that has more chapter comments than me...

Tsuru · Jun 19, 2019

I got a short fluffy poor to rich with system (lol) calming story:
Full chapters :
Or you can try to read online to only to 46 here :

Tsuru · Jun 18, 2019

THE series that can make anyone doubt any author (that broke my tilting point):

ULTRA MEGA FLUFFY HEARTWARMING wish fulfillment series until author decides to have the wife of MC being killed (but i guess there was some foreshadowing with the few deaths before her).

GhostKiller · Author · Jun 18, 2019

Extremely fluffy romance story, with magic and OP protagonist. Trust me it's pretty damn good, and If you like long chapters then the average words per chapter is 14k

Tsuru · Jun 18, 2019

In it, MC-FL even had 2 kids... i was depressed for a few days and dropped it completely as i felt no more wants to read more. It was a really fluffy and good wish fulfillment series. For some reason looks like author removed the "MC will encounter multiple lovers during second life" sentence in the summary.

Tsuru · Jun 18, 2019

Sexy childhood friend, i already knew it about it. But thx for reminding me about it and i switched computer and don't have anymore the tab open because i forgot about it. (I am still at the beginning when they leave school)

GhostKiller · Author · Jun 18, 2019

Oh you haven't seen anything yet. To be honest the MC has become so op lately that it's ridiculous. Imagine being so OP that you can regenerate as long as one of your cells is still alive? But they still fuck like rabbits, actually scratch that, rabbits can't even compare lol

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    Just a chill guy who likes reading novels

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