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Nov 5, 2020

Joined: Nov 5, 2020
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YourLocalChairCultist · Jan 27, 2024

Hello average mechanicus techpriest

ToasterForkerAnonymous · Author · Jan 28, 2024

Hello average chaos worshipper 

YourLocalChairCultist · Jan 28, 2024

I'm not a chaos worshipper! I just sacrifice hive cities to the Chair God!

TearCRF · May 18, 2021

Hey, I figured I'd give you a heads up since you were one of the main individuals that took notice of the flaws. I recently did an update to my series (changed the name to Forbidden Forge), and made several adjustments including massive changes to Evetta's personality. After giving my story a read, I definitely noticed how drastic her changes were and toned them down a lot. Thanks again for pointing out the mistake.

ToasterForkerAnonymous · Author · May 18, 2021

No problem. It typically takes a really good story for me to react, at all. So props to you for getting me invested enough to care .clear.png

TearCRF · May 18, 2021

Thanks for getting invested then, because you were right, the personality changes that happened to Evetta after chapter 6 were HUGE and needed some fixing.

TearCRF · Apr 12, 2021

Thanks for the feedback on my chapters. To some degree you are right, and the changes are not just caused by her body. I'm sorry the story felt too dark for you to continue. This story is a prototype and I plan on re-creating it in the future to clean up a lot of the mistakes. One being that "Mother" murdered Evetta, honestly that was just an oversight on my part, but thinking about it I agree; it should've been brought up. Anyway, just wanted to give my thanks for the feedback. Take care. 

ToasterForkerAnonymous · Author · Apr 12, 2021

No problem. Sorry I couldn't read more. Mind fuckery on MC and friends tends to put me off on stories. Since the murder was never brought up again my mind went full panic mode and turned all of the lovey dovey cuteness into cruel manipulation of a vulnerable person.clear.png

TearCRF · Apr 12, 2021

No worries, just another mistake by a new author, but looking at it from your POV, I can see the mistake, clear as day. THIS, for the feedback, is exactly why I started writing on SH. To improve my writing and try to start thinking about the story from multiple different angles. Don't worry about not reading the story, hopefully, when I redo the story, you'll give it a second chance then. clear.png

Businesssn · Mar 24, 2021

Fool, I’m to strong

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