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Nov 10, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Nov 10, 2020
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U.S Marine and an avid writer. My works can be found on Wattpad and other popular writing platforms through searching 'LotsChrono'.

My Kofi website is:

Guess what? I accept donations and sell some stuff. Woohoo.

LotsChrono · · Author · Dec 25, 2021

Oi oi, it's Christmas! So, Merry Christmas! My Kofi's currently having a 15% discount on the current 3 books available for purchase because why not~

Shirokuma · Dec 25, 2021

Merry chistmas!

Dammy · Feb 28, 2022

Hello, just wondering if you are still continuing this novel?

SorrowGrim · May 4, 2022

I think it's in hiatus clear.png

LotsChrono · Author · Dec 29, 2021


LotsChrono · Author · Dec 20, 2021


Aaqil · Dec 21, 2021


SerikoLee · Dec 28, 2021

@Yairy you spying. clear.png

LotsChrono · Author · Dec 20, 2021

Oi I found a newly released book that's super well written.

Supersession · Dec 21, 2021

Omg thank you so much clear.png

SilverStars · Jan 1, 2022

@LotsChrono thx for the tip. You are right. And I love it.

LotsChrono · Author · Dec 18, 2021

New chapter of 'Eden of the Eclipse' is out. And why do I post this as a message? Cause the site said 'no' to me.

LotsChrono · Author · Dec 15, 2021

In preparation for getting back into writing soon, I opened up a Kofi website. Feel free to give me donations (aka free money) or buy the only thing I have up so far for sell. 

Don’t worry, my books will still be free to read here, I’ll most likely just be selling more professional versions with extra content and additional items, like the compilation of short stories currently up.

LotsChrono · Author · Dec 15, 2021

@Indream Why yes~

Booper150 · Dec 19, 2021

ok i will give you money

LotsChrono · Author · Dec 19, 2021

@Booper150 Thanks for the donation~

Booper150 · Dec 19, 2021

wait i actually did?

LotsChrono · Author · Oct 22, 2021

I’ve graduated boot camp today. And yes, it was military boot camp, specially U.S Marine boot camp.

Anyway. . .nah I’m still on hiatus, I only have 10 days of freedom before my next training.
Just wanted to say, “Yes, I’m alive.”
HumOfTheBunny · Oct 23, 2021

Good luck

SorrowGrim · Oct 23, 2021

Hehey my mans is still alive!!~clear.pngclear.png

Redeyeranger · Oct 24, 2021

Happy birthday 🥳

Valairest · Oct 29, 2021

Congratulations ✌ hang in there, once you are finished with basic the rest is pretty good... you will have to put up with being the new person once you get to your unit but within a year or two it will be easy .... 

LotsChrono · Author · Jul 24, 2021

Welp, this is goodbye for now. Since, by the 25th up, I won’t have time to say it. Hiatus on everything cause bootcamp.

Until next time.
Xeno_King · Jul 24, 2021

I wish u lucky and a nice day we will miss u

Shirokuma · Jul 24, 2021

Good luck! 

TheArtistWrites · Jul 24, 2021

how long on hiatus?

TheArtistWrites · Jul 24, 2021

wait, literal bootcamp? like the military??

GreenHexagon · Jun 22, 2021

I have evolved into an author-sanclear.pngclear.png

GreenHexagon · Jun 8, 2021


LotsChrono · Author · Jun 8, 2021

Oh hey yo, what's up.

GreenHexagon · Jun 8, 2021

Nothing yet, waiting for updates on Eden. Scratching my head and smacking my keyboard as I plan my first sh book

LotsChrono · Author · Jun 8, 2021

@playerofgamed And here I am scratching my head as I write the next chapter. Goodluck to the both of us~

LotsChrono · Author · May 25, 2021

‘Eden of the Eclipse’ will be back. I’ve left it on the back burner for a while but, now that I wrapped up the second volume of my main story, it’s about time I rework it.

I realized I didn’t like the way the story was headed, drifting off from its lighthearted start of goofiness, so amma rework it.

The beginnings should still mostly be the same when it comes back, however.

LotsChrono · Author · May 25, 2021

@Aaqil No where good. With the introduction of the guy, I kinda lost the ‘spontaneous’ edge of the story. Because, when I began writing it, most ideas for chapters came about with “What would be hilarious, silly, if it happened? What would piss Lucy off?” “I know. An annoying duck as a quest giver!” “

Anyhow, the guy added too much of an overbearing aura to the story by my taste, and, as well, one of the mechanics I introduced was also rather poorly executed

Aaqil · May 25, 2021

@LotsChrono hmm, ya it was "poorly executed", as well as less "light hearted", and more "someone's going to die".. ish clear.png

LotsChrono · Author · May 25, 2021

@Aaqil *nods* Indeed. Well, I'm not perfect, even I make mistakes and fail from time to time with what I'm writing. Thankfully, failure breeds learning.

Aaqil · May 25, 2021

@LotsChrono clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

KatherineFtw · May 25, 2021

What happend to eden of eclipse?

LotsChrono · Author · May 25, 2021

I’m reworking it. Realized what I first had in mind wouldn’t work.

LotsChrono · Author · May 24, 2021

Volume 2 of 'R. A. T. H is now completed at chapter 120, or chapter 49 vol.2

Good time to binge~

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    U.S Marine and an avid writer. My works can be found on Wattpad and other popular writing platforms through searching 'LotsChrono'.

    My Kofi website is:

    Guess what? I accept donations and sell some stuff. Woohoo.

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