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Rising Author
Feb 6, 2019

Rising Author
Joined: Feb 6, 2019
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To find out all my regular haunts online, and where I sell eBook versions of my story, go here:

queenofthefuzzybugs · Author · Jan 28, 2022

Hohoho, I'm writing. Working on Emperor chapter 144~

queenofthefuzzybugs · Author · Jan 6, 2022

HAPPY NEWS YEARS! Hope everyone's new year was awesome and if it wasn't, may the rest of the year shape up to be better!

queenofthefuzzybugs · Author · Dec 25, 2021

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy the chapters! :D

Reak · Jan 3, 2022


queenofthefuzzybugs · Author · Dec 25, 2021

Still alive. I'm still writing! Cross country move + major life happenings caused a lot of disruptions in 2021! Sometimes it's hard to write, but I don't quit because I know the key to writing is to JUST.KEEP.WRITING! So I do, even if I'm not posting anything or it takes me forever. 

queenofthefuzzybugs · Author · Jul 22, 2021

 For those wondering about From the System, that's on hold until I get a decent amount of chapters out for my main "baby". It was always a side project I did when I was stuck on EBFM. It's not dropped but it's also not a priority. I have half a chapter for that series already written, just fyi.

KatherineFtw · Jul 23, 2021

Yay~ At least you're back.

queenofthefuzzybugs · Author · Jul 22, 2021

Shockingly I'm still alive. I actually finished 2 chapters of EBFM and posted them on Discord over two weeks ago. I forgot to post them here. OTL I'm in the process of getting another 2 chapter written. They will get released in Discord first but hopefully the wait here won't be as long.

queenofthefuzzybugs · Author · May 8, 2021

I dropped off the face of the planet for a while there! But I come with a peace offering (and the reason I've been quiet):

This is the webtoon adaption of "The Good End for the Villainess", it has extra content written by me (huzzah) as well as by others (TM). Anyway, you're only seeing a the end product of enormous amount of work that went into making this.

Simonh1901 · May 12, 2021

The WEBTOON looks great! Can’t wait for more chapters!! Also really excited to read more of your other stories keep up the good work!

Simonh1901 · May 6, 2021

Hey! I hope you are doing alright with all that’s going on. I really loved from the system with love and I really hope you continue writing! Your work is amazing!

queenofthefuzzybugs · Author · May 8, 2021

I am definitely alive! I have not abandoned any of my stories. I have been helping with an adaption of a completed novel, which is a professional production that ate up all my writing time. I posted the links on my profile if you're interested. Now that I'm over the prep-phase of this, I can start writing my other stories. :)

queenofthefuzzybugs · Author · Feb 23, 2021

Finished chapter 138 of Emperor BFM clear.png I do early releases in my Discord channel Sometimes it's just a few days in advance but I've been known to forget and not post for up to 2 weeks after finishing a chapter <_<

queenofthefuzzybugs · Author · Feb 7, 2021

Yes! I've released both chapters! FTSWL almost killed me because of a last minute rewrite. I say this lovingly but: I'll be happy when I'm done with this arc!

queenofthefuzzybugs · Author · Feb 6, 2021

Oh, other big news! The Good End for the Villainess is being adapted into a webtoon! How cool is that? It's currently in the development phase, but once it's publicly available, I'll post a link here too! :)

queenofthefuzzybugs · Author · Feb 6, 2021

Emperor of Blue Flower Mountain also has a completed chapter (available on my Discord) that I'll post here soon too. I'm already working on the next chapter. Despite my abysmal release rate, I am still writing, consistently too!

queenofthefuzzybugs · Author · Feb 6, 2021

Chapter 23 for Arc 2 of From the System with Love is almost ready to post. I have to do a final pass on the editing and then I can post it. I had to do a lot of re-writes for this chapter (one section gave me an enormous amount of trouble), which is why it's taking so long. 

queenofthefuzzybugs · Author · Sep 12, 2020

I POSTED A NEW CHAPTER!!!! YAAAAY! Been working on it off and on for weeks now, and this last week I was finally able to sit down and just plow through it. I can't say when the next one will be out, but it's relief to at least get chapter 17 out of the way.

ReadingNovels · Sep 12, 2020

Awesome to have you back! ?

queenofthefuzzybugs · Author · Aug 23, 2020

I'm back home. My Dad is doing well. Right before I left my Grandma got pneumonia (we can thank Covid for that, though honesty if she'd gotten the flu it's likely the results would have been the same). She was hospitalized for a week and I just got the news she passed away today. 

I'm sincerely sorry about how long it's taking me to get anything out. I love writing, so it's not just you guys who are missing out. I want to write too. clear.png

ReadingNovels · Aug 23, 2020

You have nothing to be sorry about, dearie. You have a lot on your plate to deal with. My condolences to you and your family.

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    To find out all my regular haunts online, and where I sell eBook versions of my story, go here:

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