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Well-Known Author
Nov 16, 2020

Well-Known Author
Joined: Nov 16, 2020
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Hello fellow kids, my name is [Redacted], but here I go by Plus1. (◠‿◕)
Veteran degenerate, experienced nerd, aspiring weeb and proud author—wait, switch those last two adjectives around.

22ratsydna · Oct 18, 2022

Jeff calm down lol The good story might be back eventually. On another note if an author was stuck with said story they could always throw a completed on there and say they are making a new or better version 

Plus1 · Author · Oct 18, 2022


Mynamejeff · Sep 22, 2022

You still writing?

Mynamejeff · May 13, 2022

Ang updates on 'wasn't going for a harem'?

Tsuru · Mar 16, 2022

Shoutout to my favorite authors that i found a really interesting R18 jp novel of a more comedy/wholesome genre :

I posted it, translating with only google translate.
Mynamejeff · Feb 13, 2022

Are chapters coming for wasn't going for a harem

Plus1 · Author · Feb 13, 2022

Sorry, not really. Perhaps in the future.

Ouroboros · Mar 22, 2022

It's a shame that you dropped it. I thought it had a lot of promise and your ratings on it have since gotten a lot better. With the right tools you could be pretty decent, but I think you need to develop some thicker skin. Some of those reviewers are just not fair and that's always going to be the case. The white knight crap was not even valid criticism to me. It's just people that are in actuality just tired of slavery in fantasy being used to show how good someone is.

Capt.Pooper · Jan 11, 2022

Are all your stories dropped?

Plus1 · Author · Jan 11, 2022 No. Just.... stuff. I actually have 11k words of backlog for Playboy System... I'll post one of these days

mitkopom · Jan 12, 2022

looking forward for next chap. it rare to find a story for true love here on scrubblehub as most of the crap that aren't good enough for royalroad are being published here

Mynamejeff · Dec 16, 2021

Is a new chapter for 'wasn't going for a harem' coming?

Mynamejeff · Nov 23, 2021

When's the next chapter for going for a harem coming?

Tsuru · Oct 17, 2021

"Heatwarming + other tags" = MC won't divorce the wife in your new series ? *_* (shining eyes)

Kinda wanting to see more "pure love" romance and hoping your series fit. But like lot of new series, i am scared to try when series got a "bad beginning so MC can [nirvana fire rebirth/begin his counter-attack]".

Plus1 · Author · Oct 17, 2021

I think you’ll like it then, haha. I’ll post a chapter on the other story in some time and use it to announce the new one once I get a few more chapters, too.

Mynamejeff · Oct 17, 2021

When's the next chapter coming?

Mynamejeff · Sep 19, 2021

When's the next chapter coming?

hayden.suslov · Sep 1, 2021

What happened to the serried you were doing did you drop it?

Mynamejeff · Aug 29, 2021

When's the next chapter coming?

Tsuru · Jul 7, 2021

Plz read the long comment i posted in answer to a comment reply you did in ch7. ^^


I think your series is probably gonna become my favorite number 1 in category of "english ero novel".

But be cautious i didn't read them for long time and i am not sure if i forgot a lot of them. But still 70% sure it trully is my favorite 1 for "english ero novel".

Tsuru · Jul 7, 2021

(Exagerated example) Imagine a rich man give money to poor people. It is perfectly normal if in the future, a past poor child now a rich adult suddenly wants to visit the rich man and give him useful gifts to rich man (because the person know it would please him). Basically i am like this poor person but wants to rewards too close people. But i can't as i got nothing trully useful to give or can't.

Tsuru · Jul 7, 2021

For example if you had patreon you could think i could give you money as i am an adult and it's proofed i really like you, no homo. But thing is i don't have control on my bank account (still living under parents).

Btw, do you want to discuss on discord ? i gave a link to a server slightly up !

Plus1 · Author · Jul 7, 2021

Ah yes, I must've missed it somehow, sorry. I can join, but I can't promise to be active on it or anything  ╮(^▽^)╭

Also, I feel you bro. I also do n't have a bank account yet.

Tsuru · Jul 8, 2021

I do have a bank account and i am decently old (maybe even older than you)  but it's just that my bank account/bank card can't do internet payments and i won't steal my parents' cards.

Black history : I did that when young, for multiple games, and used a small/decent sum (not big that it would cause problem to family) but luckily i didn't suffer the wrath of parents as it was my mom that discovered it.

Tori_the_Birb · Jun 28, 2021

Finally, you're back~~

Me is happy desu~~

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    Hello fellow kids, my name is [Redacted], but here I go by Plus1. (◠‿◕)
    Veteran degenerate, experienced nerd, aspiring weeb and proud author—wait, switch those last two adjectives around.

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