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Nov 17, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Nov 17, 2020
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18+ Artist and Author Extroadinaire. I make lewd art and write lewd stories, and you should support my efforts to do so!

Follow me on Twitter for lots of art!

crownklown · Feb 1, 2023

Tried to find the reboot on amazon but failed do you possibly have a link or was it scrapped?  I decided on not reading the OG here since I saw it was going to be redone.

Aswad · Nov 15, 2021

Do you have a glossary for RotGM anywhere? I completely forgot who Meri is.clear.png

PunishedKom · Author · Nov 15, 2021

No I don't have a glossary because I expect people to remember the main characters lol unless you took a huge break or something idk how you would forget that. But if you did take a break or something then my bad lol

Dragoniod · Aug 14, 2021

Did draw your pictures?

PunishedKom · Author · Aug 14, 2021

I designed all the characters but a couple of the insert arts are drawn by a friend of mine. All of the official profiles are me though, yes.

Dragoniod · Aug 14, 2021

That’s nice

PunishedKom · Author · Aug 8, 2021

Y’all who follow me should leave more comments on chapters. It always improves my mood and motivation to keep on keeping on when I get more people talking!

Tsuru · Jul 8, 2021

Feeling like giving you a gift=novel recommendation with thereason that you were being friendly just now (there are unfriendly authors out there like : "whatsawhizzer", lot of good eroseries but damn he is ultra unfriendly and even saw another reader/commenter being bashed by the author, where i pm the guy and recomfortedhim that this author is a douche, and iswear we didn't attack him first). And also because i like befriending friendly internetpeople.

Gift (next post as this one is full) :

PunishedKom · Author · Jul 8, 2021

Thank you for the recommendations, you seem nice as well ♥️

I don’t actually read much other Webnovel stuff admittedly and these days I’m focused on reading lots of Warhammer 40k books haha but I appreciate it. My reading list is so slogged and I have only been able to read for an hour or two a day lately, so it’s disappointing. There’s like 4 different 40k series I want to be reading right now lol.

PunishedKom · Author · Jul 8, 2021

I have read a bit of Whatsawhizzer’s man of the house but as much as I loved the premise and how he initially handled it, it fell off the rails super quick. I respect him as a business man for being able to grind that many ero-series out and hope to one day have as many patrons as him, though. 

As for myself I’m generally very nice and do my best to reply to even criticism with a desire to improve.
Tsuru · Jul 8, 2021

Ignore the fact the website is (chinese website version. Both websites are controlled by chinese company). Don't think series is trash because it is on trash website. Author is a quite famous author. It's just that the english website was badly done. They just picked this famous chinese web series and translated there, trying to open western market.

Tsuru · Jul 8, 2021

The author is chinese but so strong that it doesn't feel he is chinese. I trully thought that he possibly was not, i swear.
And like i said, use coughpiratecough chapters hosting website to read the series. It is a masterpiece with half big focus on romance. TOP 10 in reviews of chinese websites ! Worth your time.
Tsuru · Jul 8, 2021

Kom ? Can you please add [R-18] or * / ** (ecchi/full ero) to chapter titles ?

Tsuru · Jul 8, 2021

AH ! BUT !

You could do write in new chapter/new author note chapter with the title saying it without needing to open it, that from now on you will do it (add R-18 or */**).
In preparation if you ever want to completely do it later.

furnace · Sep 5, 2021

@PunishedKom I am going to start reading your novel, and if you want, I can comment on every chapter which needs an R-18 tag to be added.

Please try to reply within 12 hours, as I will start reading tomorrow.

PunishedKom · Author · Sep 5, 2021

@furnace go for it, thank you!

Tsuru · Sep 12, 2021

Hurray ! Thumbs up furnace !

Also PunishedKom is a protagonist that got plot armor. XD

Ac3ye · Jun 16, 2021

Hey I’m having trouble finding the image of lord pimpington the 69th do you mind sending me it?

QWY · Jun 10, 2021

I can’t open the image since chapters 1. Is there any other way to see it?

PunishedKom · Author · Jun 10, 2021

That's odd. I haven't heard anyone else mention this. I can't spend the time giving you every pic individually but you should look at my twitter as they're all there along with dirtier ones I can't post here. I'd recommend making a thread on the forums in the help section. I just checked and they work for me.

QWY · Jun 11, 2021

Do you have discord instead? (i'm not twitter user).

PunishedKom · Author · Jun 11, 2021

You can still look at the art even if you don't have a twitter. Not much of my art is on my discord server and like I said I don't have the time to send it all to you directly, and I don't add much people on discord in general

QWY · Jun 11, 2021

Alright, i will check on it as soon as i go to my room alone clear.png.

PunishedKom · Author · May 25, 2021

New chapter as soon as the next one for Patreon is up~

PunishedKom · Author · May 20, 2021

Tomorrow I will start living in my new house! Furniture will all be moved, and the rest of the month will be taking care of minor things leftover. Next month I should be back to form and posting multiple chapters a week, once the dust has settled.

PunishedKom · Author · May 17, 2021

This move is so much pain, my body hurts and I want to write

PunishedKom · Author · May 5, 2021

You all are commenting way less during the sex scene... I wonder why... I’m happy you’re enjoying it, but the lack of attention makes me upset lol

TheHypocrite · May 5, 2021

Hello author, new commenter here. Personally for me, I think when the sex scenes go beyond 1 chapter, I will wait until it ends to comment

PunishedKom · Author · May 5, 2021

Hello new commenter! That makes sense lol. I was just making a joke that most of y’all are too busy with something else heh.

ColtWing · May 6, 2021

*frees up hand to type* awesome ?

PunishedKom · Author · Apr 26, 2021

currently have hacked discord and things are going shitty, check my twitter for the full details

Banana · Apr 27, 2021

pretty good English grammar too

PunishedKom · Author · Apr 27, 2021

for a russian troll lol

PunishedKom · Author · Apr 12, 2021

I had really low motivation last two days for whatever reason. Now I'm back at it and Cherry and Peri's first sex scene is about to start on the patreon chapters!

ColtWing · Apr 12, 2021

>.>..... dammit gotta catch up this sounds interesting, BTW don't let life drag u down yo

ColtWing · Apr 12, 2021

You got amazing talent clear.png

PunishedKom · Author · Apr 12, 2021

Thank you haha, it doesn't happen often. Usually my writing schedule is non stop but every so often I'll have a few days where I don't feel great. I'm doing better now.

ColtWing · Apr 12, 2021

Its good to take breaks, burn out sucks & is harder to get outta of then a rut so don't force it if your not feeling it. 

Taking time for yourself is the best way to know your writing will be at its best because you'll enjoy it rather than it just being an obligation.

PunishedKom · Author · Apr 10, 2021

Feeling stressed lately from lack of financial growth, bleh

ColtWing · Apr 10, 2021

:) Well I think your worth investing, so I joined up on P.

PunishedKom · Author · Apr 10, 2021

I really appreciate that much faith in me, especially considering you're still very early on. Thank you man!

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    18+ Artist and Author Extroadinaire. I make lewd art and write lewd stories, and you should support my efforts to do so!

    Follow me on Twitter for lots of art!

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